Most symbolic gifts in Year of the Horse 2014


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  • In preparation for a major winter holidays, thinking throughfestive menu and look in the New Year's Eve, do not forget the gifts Year of the Horse 2014 Well if you know exactly what to give each of their favorite and expensive, if they have already hinted about their wishes and even expressed them directly. But what if you will soon crack head by thinking about presents? Or if you can not stand to think out what to give, and relatives as having agreed not recognized what they want? Take advantage of our ideas, carefully and lovingly assembled especially for those who do not know what to give. Gifts for the New Year Horses - special case, and there is where to turn.

    Gifts for the Year of the Horse 2014 children

    Most symbolic gifts in Year of the Horse 2014Children will be delighted to everything: what they asked Santa Claus and surprises, bright and unexpected.

    The smallest suitable rocking horse, and thoseand who can not sit still for a minute - the stick-horse. The coming year is special - this year the wooden horses. Therefore it is especially important to give each other all that is made of wood. How perfectly fit eco-friendly wooden toys for children.

    You can also give children toy setsanimals: they are now also made of natural wood, covering non-toxic varnish. The look is such toys is expensive, pleasant to the touch, serve long and will not cause any harm to the kids.

    If you decide to pierce the ears of the girl, let the first real earrings in the coming year will be the golden horseshoe Horses: they bring baby good luck and happiness.

    The boy can give cowboy attributes: hat "real" boots and toy Colt. Although careful with the weapon: Many psychologists advise as long as possible to safeguard children from imitation pistols and rifles. So, experts say, the longer children remain innocent.

    Gifts for women 2014 Year of the Horse

    Women on this New Year should bringjewelry with aquamarine and onyx. Of course, the expensive rings, earrings and bracelets will give to your loved ones just a very close men - fathers, brothers, husbands and sons, independent adults. If you want to please other women - friends and colleagues - give them a wooden jewelry. Beads made of Karelian birch, pine wood and overseas now done so skillfully that they are not ashamed to appear at the office or go on a visit.

    Please do not give each other unnecessarysouvenirs that will gather dust and take up space. The only exception in this regard, the horseshoes: they can give without limits, because the more there are, the better luck you will help the gift recipient court.

    Gifts for the Year of the Horse 2014 men

    Gifts for the New Year Horses menMen are always hard to please. They are indifferent to souvenirs, if they do not indicate a high status (such as souvenirs are usually very expensive), comfortable with the symbolism and generally more valued good spirits and generous table, rather than stand-exchange of gifts. (But if your man will be glad bottle of brandy or whiskey, do not deny yourself the pleasure to put under the Christmas tree only pre-wrap in a blue wrapping paper -. The color of the horse, 2014.)

    Let's not trivial! You can certainly bestow men the attributes of true cowboys - high quality leather belts and gloves. And you can wake up the children, who love fun and noisy fuss.

    Give the man ... horse mask! Are you shocked? Look at the picture. Really serious your husband or father would refuse to play in a crooked horse? And if the pre-push third wife a glass of champagne, then, dear women, you might get on New Year's Eve is not snoring hog and hot stallion.

    Entertainment and surprises gifts for the new year Horses

    Of course, if you are important material manifestationslocation and love, you'll be sure to give others gifts and wait for responses become gifts. However, think about the fact that getting the best gift and remember all his life. Of course, it thrills!

    In one fell swoop you can bestow the whole familyunforgettable experience: riding on horse rides on Christmas Eve or one of poslenovogdnih days! Bring a bottle of champagne, sparklers and warm coupling. You do not want to finish this evening, full of mysterious lights in the winter darkness, the magic bell and knocking dimensional horses' hooves on a snowy road.

    By the way, a similar festival on horseback, you can startromantic New Year's Eve together. Or even New Year! Just hurry - after a walk you want dinner and a table in a good restaurant at the end of December must be booked in advance.

    Arrange a "horse," an adventure for children and myself: Give the kids and each other a trip to the horse farm. There you can not only take a couple of riding lessons and feed carrots and apple grateful horses, but also to get a real session of hippotherapy. Communication with horses shown not only in the treatment of children with autism, but also to everyone - to get rid of depression (including seasonal), calming the nervous system, and lift the mood.

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