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This is a fairly common and painfulphenomenon as a boil (in common it is called a boil), often finds a person unawares. And there is just a series of questions: how to treat, why did? In fact, the causes and treatment methods have long been known. Let's look at them in detail.

What is a boil?

treatment of boils, skin care, boil

Furuncle - an acute inflammation of the hairsac (follicle) and the surrounding tissue. Inflammation necessarily purulent, the surrounding tissue deaden - this is called necrosis. Inside boil browse the web - a painful red nodule with necrosis in the middle.

The main difference is that the boil, that hearises only where there is hair growth. That is, it can not occur on the palms or soles. Most often appears on the face, head, neck, groin, on the back (usually the affected area - loin). Quite often found on the hands and feet.

Inflammation of the hair follicle begins to itch,pain, inflammation in the affected area. Then, above the skin appears red painful nodule, accompanied by itching and pain are felt pretty. As soon as the boil grows, the amount of infiltration inside rises, the area becomes red, joins peripheral edema.


The list of reasons for which the skin mayformed a boil, it is quite extensive. Even in ancient India it was believed that a boil appeared on the human body, informs him about the problems in the body, and exactly where inflammation appears. There are several most common causes of this disease:

  1. Poor hygiene and getting the rules in microtrauma pyogenic bacteria, most often - stafillokoki.
  2. Slagging of the body decay products of animal protein.
  3. Immunosuppression.
  4. Hypothermia.

If the first and last cases, everything is more orless clearly, in the second it is important to reduce the consumption of meat, and in the third it is best to see a doctor. Not dangerous single event of the boil (regardless, you treated him in the hospital or at home), but if it appears again and again - be sure to consult a doctor for advice, it may be necessary to conduct a full examination of the body.

When you need to go to the doctor?

treatment of boils, skin care, boil

You can also try to cure the boilhome, if you can not go to the doctor. Treat the inflamed area with antiseptic, and then apply a bandage with ointment "Levomekol" and seal the plaster. This ointment is able to kill the germs and remove the pus from the affected area. our website reminds us that if you see no improvement over the past two or three days, then you need to go to the hospital.

It is necessary to think about why there wasfuruncle. Pay attention to your diet, lifestyle. Perhaps small changes in it can fix many things - warm clothes, reduce the consumption of meat, carefully follow the hygiene.

Folk remedies of treatment

treatment of boils, skin care, boil

Treatment tortilla dough.

Furunculosis - a very ancient disease can besaid that appeared with mankind. Because there are so many recipes, how to beat it. Let's start with the treatment of tortilla dough. The people believed that it is a magical tool that can get rid of the inflammation literally overnight.

Take a raw egg yolk, one tablespoona spoonful of honey (if he thickish, heat it in a water bath, but do not overdo it - from heating the honey loses its properties), one tablespoon of melted butter and a little flour. Mix all ingredients and knead the dough until it is medium thickness. Roll out and attach to the boils, fixing bandage. Remains put in the refrigerator. Change bandage three times a day. Treatment spend over two days (no less), even if you see a noticeable improvement.

Treatment of onion.

One of the most simple and proven for centuriesmeans. Clean the top layer of the husk from the bulb and place it in the oven until it zapechetsya until soft. Cool the onion, however, it should remain warm. Cut into 2 parts and half apply to boils, fix the bandage. Treatment is carried out until all the pus has drained. Between the dressing handle change skin hydrogen peroxide. A change 3 times a day.

For baked onions can add grated soap. Proportions should be 2: 1. Secure the bandage and plaster, change every day. Apply 2-3 days.

Cake made of buckwheat flour.

treatment of boils, skin care, boil

Take buckwheat and ignited it onpan until the moment that it will acquire the green. Then grind it into flour. Adding vinegar to it, knead until it does not turn into a dough. Next scheme is simple: securing the bandage, apply to the site of inflammation. Me twice a day. Treatment lasts 2-3 days.

Potatoes or carrots.

Rub any of these vegetables raw grated and apply to the boils, until it is cleared of pus. Change the dressing 2-3 times a day and be sure to leave at night.

The composition of the blood purifier.

One tablespoon of nettle flowers, pour a glass of boiling water, in a thermos for half an hour. The strained liquid to drink three times a day for half a cup half an hour before a meal.

Prevention boils

To avoid re-occurrence of boils on the skin of the body, it is important to carry out preventive maintenance. This is done very simply:

  • Follow the basic rules of hygiene;
  • watch out for the formation of micro traumas to the skin such as cuts, scratches, bruises - this should be avoided as far as possible;
  • avoid stress, debilitating body and nervous system;
  • make sure that the less exacerbated chronic diseases, especially gastro-intestinal tract;
  • dress warmly to avoid hypothermia;
  • follow the diet: it must be balanced and contain trace minerals needed by the body.

And good luck!

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