The use of hydrogen peroxide

In medicine, the use of hydrogen peroxide is foundthanks to her antiseptic, deodorizing and hemostatic properties. 3% hydrogen peroxide solution is used for treatment of wounds, abrasions, scratches, and other nasal stop capillary bleeding small, as a rinse in angina, stomatitis.

Folk wisdom says "Nothing is more colorwoman as hydrogen peroxide. " Without it, there would not be such a Hollywood sex symbol Marilyn Monroe. But the question in this article goes on blondes, Hollywood and hair painting, and on the medical use of hydrogen peroxide.

The properties of hydrogen peroxide

The use of hydrogen peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide, more precisely, hydrogen peroxide,It has the chemical formula of H2O2. Enters into chemical reactions of oxidation and reduction to form atomic oxygen. Externally, the effect of these reactions is shown in the form of bleaching colored substances and pigments. On the microbes that atomic oxygen acts as detrimental. For a man concentrated solutions are dangerous because they can cause burn skin and mucous membranes.

The medicine is used a 3% peroxide solutionhydrogen. There are pills gidroperit where hydrogen peroxide has a concentration of 35% and is in the complex with urea (hence the name of the international "gidroperita urea peroxide"). One tablet corresponds gidroperita 15 milliliters of 3% hydrogen peroxide.

In professional stores for hairdresserscan be purchased 6% and 9% hydrogen peroxide solutions that are used to prepare the hair dye. Hydrogen peroxide was mixed with the paint prior to application to the hair. The same solutions are applied to paints and sold in usual cosmetic shops, and paints were applied to earlier tablets gidroperita (accounted for by the measure the water and dissolve the tablets in it). MipCovetov encourages its readers to choose the paints that contain natural ingredients that reduce the harmful effects of hydrogen peroxide during the application, carefully comply with the instructions for use, use shampoos and conditioners designed for colored hair.

Also hydrogen peroxide is a part of meanstooth whitening, but these funds are not completely safe, so should only be used by professional dentists. Bleaching properties of hydrogen peroxide are used in industry, in the paper and textile industry, and disinfectants - on the lines for the production of milk, juices in tetra pack.

The use of hydrogen peroxide in medicine

The use of hydrogen peroxide
In medicine, the use of hydrogen peroxide is foundthanks to her antiseptic, deodorizing and hemostatic properties. Applied for the treatment of wounds, abrasions, scratches, stopping nose and other small capillary hemorrhages, as a rinse at sore throat. stomatitis.

Contraindications to the use of hydrogen peroxide is an idiosyncrasy.

Instructions for use externally in the form of irrigation andtampons. For gargling and mouth need to prepare a weak solution of 0.25%: this tablespoon of 3% solution (1 gidroperita or tablet) dissolved in a glass of water. The solution of hydrogen peroxide helps to painlessly remove a stubborn wound dressing. Use of hydrogen peroxide and in the management of umbilical wound in newborns, it is treated the wound before applying the brilliant green solution. Effects of hydrogen peroxide on the microbial short-lived, so a further antibacterial treatment.

Compared to other antiseptics, such as5% iodine solution, 1-2% brilliant green solution, 3% hydrogen peroxide solution compares favorably with the fact that it does not pinch the skin, which is important for treating children. In addition, the solution is not colored, so there is no chance of staining it with anything. Conversely, a hydrogen peroxide solution discolors spots left after using a solution of potassium permanganate on various objects. Of all antiseptics, hemostatic effect is only in hydrogen peroxide. Therefore, we advise our readers to have hydrogen peroxide in a home medicine cabinet.

Forms of production, price

The use of hydrogen peroxide
Producing hydrogen peroxide in glass bottlescapacity 25, 40, and 100 ml plastic bottles with a capacity of 100 ml. There are bufus hydrogen peroxide - original plastic containers with 10 ml quantity of 1, 2, 5, 10 in the package.

The price of hydrogen peroxide is in the range 20rubles. Vials bufus more expensive package 5 bottles within 60 rubles. Hydrogen peroxide is currently included in the list of vital and essential drugs (VED), and therefore the prices are subject to state regulation.

whether the use of hydrogen peroxide is possible inside?

Currently, a lot of noise caused a book IP Neumyvakina "hydrogen peroxide. Myths and Reality. " The author offers a "healing" technique on the use of hydrogen peroxide inside. The author refers to the fact that hydrogen peroxide is produced in the human (and animal) the blood cells responsible for immunity, and also considering the hydrogen peroxide as an additional source of oxygen entering directly into the cells. The technique consists in receiving includes receiving hydrogen peroxide, diluted in a spoonful of water from the droplet 1, increasing to 1 drop every day up to 10 drops, and then the course is repeated in reverse order. The author promises healing from diseases such as cancer, AIDS, diabetes, Atherosclerosis, branding and official medicinepharmaceuticals for the fact that they have not won all diseases, but only earn money. The author argues that such research "trehkopeechnogo" drug such as hydrogen peroxide, will not be made due to uneconomical. As a powerful argument the author cites letters of thanks from cured.

Opinion official medicine is: hydrogen peroxide applied topically.

Firstly, research is being conducted in, for exampleInstitute of Biomedical Chemistry, RAMS, scientists have proved that the use of hydrogen peroxide into the aggravated ischemic damage to the heart muscle and increases the risk of atherosclerosis. A intravenous serum treated with hydrogen peroxide causes in healthy animals mammary cancer.

Secondly, with regard to the formation of oxygen atdecomposition of hydrogen peroxide, besides it produces free radicals which have damaging effect. With the action of free radicals have been linked causes and mechanisms of development of many diseases, ranging from allergies to cancer, even the free radicals cause aging of the whole organism that is most noticeable effect on the skin.

Third, the hydrogen peroxide solution can cause burns of the mucous of the gastrointestinal tract even in minimal dilution and kill intestinal microflora, causing difficult to treat dysbiosis.

Fourth, even if the hydrogen peroxide suckin the gastro-intestinal tract (which is unlikely because most of it will go on causing mucosal burns), its contact with the blood can lead to embolism - oxygen vascular occlusion, which can result in death.

Fifthly, the technique of using hydrogen peroxide has nothing to do with homeopathy, Which like to refer to the followers of IP Neumyvakina.

Sixth, all the "miraculous" cures can bedivided into two categories: the delayed action of the previously applied treatment methods, which coincided in time with the reception of hydrogen peroxide and the "placebo effect", that is, a person's desire to recover and faith in the success of treatment can be cured, this effect is generally up to 5-10%.

Our website recommends not to use peroxidehydrogen inside. Belief in the treatment success and optimism to life - that is what is needed for the successful treatment of any disease. A hydrogen peroxide is let in home medicine cabinet just in case. Or turns brunettes and brown-haired women in blondes.

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