The child in the country: security training


  • Familiar with habitat
  • We talk about the rules of behavior in the street
  • We are warned about the flora and fauna of the shallow
  • To protect the child from the sun

  • Security training children in the countrySecuring your child in the country - yourcare. And if the kids parents and grandparents to keep an eye, the older children are in need of clear rules of behavior. As they say, "that was not killed, killed and killed." Just understand this sentence is not necessary. But learning the safety of children in the village environment, field, forest and river bank - your first responsibility. Only then will a summer holiday full of positive impressions.

    Familiar with habitat

    The first thing to do when you bringthe child to the country, - to show him to the last corner. The toilet and the place where the baby will sleep and eat, where to wash their hands and take a shower, where to look for the adults, if something is needed. Where are the dogs and cats, where the chicken coop and barn, both open the right doors, and you need to walk for some tracks. You name it.

    In the process of dating you must tellchild about the plants, which can not be touched, not to be poisoned, about places that are fraught with injuries. It is better if your story is about the dangers and colorful illustrations. (You can show your child in advance on the internet a couple of pictures nettle burns and dog bites.) Just do not over-exaggerate: the child simply intimidated to the point where he would refuse to go out. You also only need to make it clear that your warning - not just empty words.

    We talk about the rules of behavior in the street

    If your summer cottage or near the villageHousing danger only local, and grown side by side, on the street, when the child goes to the company that it can meet a variety of surprises. The main rule of child safety training - explain about where you can get help. The child needs to know the number of persons that will support it. It would be nice to acquaint the child with them in the first two days after arrival.

    The child should be clearly understood that if heenters the contradictory situation (an uncle, like, good, but my mother told me not to go with strangers), my mother's words - the law. If mom was strictly forbidden to go beyond the "third house", it is not discussed.

    The child must be available. If it is not already at that age, to have a mobile phone, he is obliged to play on the distance at which he will hear your call. Such a rule - a guarantee that the child will not get into a difficult situation too far from home.

    Warn others of the dogs and other animals. Tell us about the behavior of the pet friendly mood, but as - aggressive. It is best if the child will communicate only with familiar animals.

    We are warned about the flora and fauna of the shallow

    The most important thing - the safety of your childSecuring your child is not plotonly limited interaction with living beings. Child should be warned about the plants, which can be dangerous in themselves, but also to hide in their density is not the nicest of insects or reptiles.

    Well, if you arrange child thematicwalk to the botanical bias and tell and useful, and the Dangerous herbs and leaves. For example, plantain stops the blood and cow parsnip, spurge and other better get round.

    We should also talk about wolfberries andOther mouth-watering fruit. If the child does not know exactly what kind of edible berries it offers the same age, it is better not to experiment, and to clarify the first fruits of the harmlessness of adults.

    Special mention are mites. Make sure that the child did not take off his hat or cap, he stayed away from the thick grass (which often sit and mites), and if you feel that someone has bitten, would go home immediately.

    To protect the child from the sun

    The danger, which in Russia is not very acceptedI think - ultraviolet. The sun is dangerous not only to painful burns, but also by the fact that UV radiation increases the risk of cancer. Explain to your child about the dangers of exposure to direct sunlight, especially in the middle of the day, when it is the hottest. Teach him to walk in dress and undress only for bathing, after which cover with a towel.

    Smear baby sunscreen every two hours and keep in mind that even on cloudy days clouds passed 80% of dangerous UV rays.

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