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  • Where to find a pediatrician
  • In addition to the pediatrician
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  • One of the main advantages of the present time - it is an opportunity
    selection. A woman can choose your obstetrician-gynecologist who will
    watch her pregnancy, to give preference one way or another
    preparation for childbirth, can be defined in advance with the hospital. And so
    Finally, the light appears the long-awaited miracle - your baby. Many of
    We have the opportunity to find a doctor who will monitor the baby with
    birth. By choosing a pediatrician for the baby should be approached with the utmost
    responsibility, and it makes it all the more important, if we have the first-born.
    Marina Lantsburg. counselor for 12 years, own
    maternity and 9 years of experience working with young parents worked out their
    medical selection criteria and which shares with our readers.

    Where to find a pediatrician

    Some mothers become acquainted in the hospital with good
    doctor-neonatologist, I want him to watch their child in the future.
    Note, however, that neonatologists are specialists
    newborns and to follow-up the child, you may
    pediatrician need more generalists. It is possible to conclude an agreement with
    insurance company or medical center on subscription
    service during the year. The contract is usually given
    the number of scheduled departures pediatrician and specialists, conduct
    vaccinations and laboratory tests, emergency medical
    help. But such an agreement is not cheap, so enter it
    It makes sense only when the child is not healthy and needs
    constant skilled supervision. If you have a healthy baby,
    you can save money by contacting a pediatrician at the site of
    regional children's clinic. Find a doctor can also be on the recommendation of
    girlfriend or a course of preparation for childbirth, you've visited.
    Some mothers in serious cases are trusted services
    consultant pediatrician, and with all the routine procedures (planned
    vaccinations, tests, etc.) apply to the district clinic - it gives
    excellent opportunity to reduce costs, but be sure
    that will be provided, if necessary, qualified child

    Choosing a doctor for your childUsually, we resort to the help of a pediatrician, when the baby is ill. it
    wrong. Good treatment - personalized treatment, so try
    invite the doctor to the child immediately after birth. acquainted with
    healthy baby, the doctor will be able to develop adequate prevention
    measures in the future for diagnosis and selection of effective
    treatment of funds will be based on knowledge of the characteristics of the child. Good
    pediatrician learns how leaked your pregnancy and childbirth, to cope
    the health of the parents to know about genetic factors that could
    affect the condition of the child. It will help to establish and maintain lactation
    and explain how to care for your baby.

    It is very important your observation of a doctor at his first visit, and here it is necessary to take into account all the nuances. before
    than to go to the baby, the doctor is obliged to wash their hands. Some pediatricians
    also remove their shoes, but many primary care physicians do not have instructions on
    this bill.

    Note that, as a doctor touches
    your child and takes him in her arms. Pediatrician by calling set
    with crumbs emotional contact, communicating with them via sight,
    Smile, touch and kind words. A good pediatrician is able to approach
    the kid with love and to establish contact with him (except, perhaps,
    certain periods of 4.5 or 8 months, when the baby
    It is attentive at the sight of strangers and can dramatically protest).
    However, there are high-class specialists and a very harsh
    character - well, then you have to accept the fact that to deal with
    them will not be easy.

    How does a pediatrician to you? Doctors have
    dealing with the kids, you know that you can help the crumbs, mainly
    referring to his mother. Therefore, they seek to establish contact with
    parents, taking into account their lifestyle. It is known that the baby
    need not a perfect mother and reliable, that is, loving and predictable.

    It happens,
    the doctor is trying to remake you, dictates its own requirements, and gives
    categorical recommendations, contrary to your inner feelings and
    understanding of the child. If you will follow these recommendations, and
    after some time, come back to what you closer, the baby will
    a loss and confusion, which is not the best way affect the
    the state of his nervous system. Follow all the doctor's recommendation, but
    listen and to his mother's intuition. Closely watching
    her baby and consultation with a specialist, you will certainly find
    the optimal solution for each case. In the end
    responsible for the welfare of the child, as well as for the consequences of one or
    other actions in relation to his or her health, falls on you.

    In addition to the pediatrician

    In the first year, your baby will require not only a pediatrician, but also
    professionals more narrow profile. Ask if your doctor is associated with
    other doctors that you may need: a neurologist,
    podiatrist, ophthalmologist. You might want to invite to the house
    masseur or vaccinations. Sometimes a pediatrician himself owns a massage, and
    Mom comes in handy when she uses the recommendations of your doctor and
    she did not have to ring up medical service or acquaintances in search
    specialists. Usually you with your pediatrician schedule a few meetings
    during the year (eg, monthly or quarterly). However, to
    clarify the doctor's recommendation or report hall of treatment, it is useful
    operative communication with the doctor, so it will be good if he tells you
    room work, home and mobile phone. ask
    Departure pediatrician possibility in case of emergency call. Sometimes
    refer to it only during the day on weekdays, at other times - at any

    If you find your pediatrician and have decided that full trust
    that person, try to establish cooperation with them and clearly
    follow its recommendations. Some moms like to consult with
    a number of experts. However, it is necessary to realize,
    the doctor responsible for the consequences of their prescriptions only,
    if you really observe them. So do not talk to one
    another doctor appointment IPT rush from one set of medicines and
    treatments for other, depending on the recommendations of friends or
    relatives. Only a specialist is responsible for its
    destination and gives them based on the constant lookout for it
    your child. The doctor can make a mistake and make adjustments in the course of treatment,
    but for this he must clearly know about all taken by us in the process
    effects of treatment.

    Other options

    When the family comes baby, every young mother in one way or
    otherwise you have to learn the basics of psychology, pedagogy and medicine. AND
    Be prepared for the fact that among the many ways that are
    professionals in these fields, you have to understand and make your
    own choice. In absolutely the same disease one doctor
    prescribe antibiotics, other less drastic medical advise
    means third confidently offer homeopathic treatment, and
    fourth recommend herbal teas.

    Now entered into the everyday life
    a new concept - "family doctor"That is, a doctor who treats all
    family. This makes some sense: each family has its own traditions
    habits and health promotion, as well as in
    parenting. According to these traditions and you should
    choose a doctor you trust your family's health.

    During the meeting, be sure to ask his views and
    preferences in the treatment paths. Some doctors used to
    rigidly adhere to a single system, while others are more
    flexibly using various means. For example, a pediatrician at the request of one
    Mom wrote out their respective tablets, and other mom recommended
    grass, knowing that in the strength of their convictions to the unambiguous chemical
    means it uses only in cases of extreme necessity.

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