Feminism or matriarchy


  • And is there a difference

  • And is there a difference

    Feminism or matriarchyMost people, unfortunately, not wellwhich is the difference between the matriarchy and feminism. Many conservative and chauvinist-minded researchers generally equate these two phenomena, considering them equally harmful, and almost identical to each other. However, it should be noted that the matriarchy as a form of social and family structure, and feminism as a social and political movement for women's rights - they are completely different phenomena of life, and not related to each other.

    Feminism is the product of a patriarchala society in which a woman was deprived of many opportunities available to men, such as freedom of movement (in the classical patriarchal societies, women can not leave his place of residence without the permission of owning her men - father, husband or brother), freedom of marriage of choice (the power of the main men in the family - father allowed to dictate the choice of spouse), freedom of expression, access to education, to hold a senior management position or just work somewhere other than at home, the freedom to dispose of its assets. As a result of this situation and clear legal bias in favor of men, preferences and gender discrimination, and there was a public political movement known as "feminism". The ultimate purpose was to erase any legal and social differences between the sexes for the sake of universal justice, as well as the separation of women from the "family of slavery."

    However, matriarchy is a form of devicesocial life, dating back to ancient times, which does not provide for the destruction of the social and legal differences between the sexes. Men and women still exist various family and social roles, different, but equally important rights and responsibilities, and the importance of family and fertility for women is leveled as it comes under the influence of feminist ideas, but on the contrary increases. As well as the personal responsibility of women for the family and his race. It is also not correct to assume that matriarchy implies legal discrimination and the low social status of women in society.

    Some opponents and critics as a matriarchyforms of social organization, and most of them are conservative men extrapolate patriarchal order in which women are dumb "attachment" to her husband, was a kind husband assets, and did not have any rights, except that it will be released a senior in the family man, themselves. matriarchy Opponents are very matriarchy "patriarchy in reverse", where now the man will be in the role of the oppressed sex. However, it is fundamentally not true. matriarchy does not mean "family power" someone over someone else, and the more oppression. studies show that customs have survived to our time, nations with matriarchal way of life, men in a matriarchal society are not a small degree of freedom and respect, even greater than the patriarchal order, as the family care there is not a question of personal responsibility of one particular male head, and sphere of the collective responsibility of the entire family, including women, its components.

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