First aid for bleeding

I think that each of you had to at leastonce in your life to assist in injury to yourself or to someone from relatives. Well, if you had a chance to deal with only minor wounds, when, say, you want to wrap the knee little minx. However, be aware of how to properly assist a person in distress, we must.

I think that each of you, dear readers,I had at least once in life to assist in injury to yourself or to someone from relatives. Well, if you happen to be dealing with only minor wounds, when, say, you want to stop the bleeding from small chopped inadvertently finger or knee bandage little minx. However, be aware of how to properly assist a person in distress, we must. Because of how quickly and competently we sreagiruem a situation sometimes depends on the health and life of another person, and in some cases, our own well-being.

How to determine the nature of the bleeding

First aid for bleeding
Bleeding can be external and internal.

External bleeding are the result of skin wounds, andin particularly serious cases, damaged, and the muscles and ligaments and subcutaneous fat, and even bone. External bleeding can be seen with the naked eye, as the blood flows from the wound or from the natural orifices of the body:.. Bleeding from the nose, ear, etc. In large wounds all efforts to provide assistance to the affected man are directed mainly to the fact to prevent a large loss of blood. The main thing is not to get lost and to act quickly and purposefully.

Bleeding internal not recognize physician is not so simple. Normally such bleeding are caused by severe blows in the stomach or in the chest. In women, abdominal bleeding may occur when an ectopic pregnancy. Condition of the injured person at the internal bleeding, usually quite heavy. Often there is a loss of consciousness, a man greatly pale, with bleeding into the pleural area human being suffocated.

How to help a person in case of an internalbleeding? Without qualified medical help is not enough. Before the arrival of the injured person should be placed in the medical half upright position with knees bent legs. If there is a suspicion of intra-abdominal bleeding, then the abdomen is put a cold compress. I draw the attention of readers our website: in no case do not suggest a person eat and drink, at least until the arrival of the brigade Ambulance. When the internal injuries of the chestcold compress applied to the chest area. It is important to bring the injured person to a medical facility as soon as possible, because the account goes on a minute.

Bleeding wound

First aid for bleeding
Depending on whether a vessel is damaged, the bleeding is separated into a capillary, venous and arterial blood.

Capillary bleeding. Danger to life does not count. Capillaries - this is the smallest vessels in the circulatory system. But despite the fact that they are so small, they perform a very important role - carry blood to all parts of our body. It occurs in the capillaries exchange processes between the tissue fluid and blood plasma. The most striking example of capillary bleeding - wounding a finger. Blood at the capillary bleeding may drip or trickle running from across the wound surface.

Venous bleeding. Vienna - these are the vessels that carry blood back to the heart, supplying organs with oxygen and all the necessary elements.

Most often damaged veins on the hands or feet. For venous bleeding is characterized by intense bursts of blood output. The blood has a dark cherry color. Stop venous bleeding is not difficult. Usually it is sufficient to impose a pressure bandage, and the blood will stop after a while.

Arterial bleeding It poses a serious threat to human life. Arteries - major vessels that carry blood from the heart comes and goes to the organs and tissues. In the lungs the blood picks up oxygen. Digestive organs into the blood supply nutrients. Arteries also acts as a buffer, smoothing pressure differences. If damaged large arteries, then immediately broken heart function. Arterial blood is bright scarlet color, follows streams. Sometimes it has a fountain in all directions. People urgently need medical treatment, as blood loss is very significant.

First aid for capillary bleeding

When it comes to capillary bleeding, then tothe wound should be accompanied by a piece of sterile bandage or adhesive plaster with bactericidal action. Blood quickly stops herself through clotting. Blood clot simply seal the broken capillaries. If you hurt yourself when working with the land, it should take the necessary precautions and even a small wound should be sure to handle an antiseptic, such as hydrogen peroxide or a solution of brilliant green, called in "green paint" people.

First aid for venous bleeding

First aid for bleeding
Venous bleeding occurs when the deepwound, cut or punctured. Dangerous not only a great loss of blood, but also the possibility of air into the blood vessels, which is fraught with the emergence of a deadly condition - air embolism. Stop venous bleeding is possible with the help of a pressure bandage. For this purpose, we impose on the wound clean and ideally sterile gauze or a bandage, but in any case it is impossible to impose cotton! Over the gauze pad placed pressing. If the hand is not oppressive special cushion, it is necessary to impose something suitable, for example, non-deployed bandage or even a folded in several layers of clean piece of cloth, and then a pressure bandage should be secured with a bandage. Do not bandage too tightly. The purpose of imposing a pressure bandage to press the bleeding vessel wall but not to disturb the blood circulation in the affected body area. If bleeding arm or leg, the limb should be raised up a bit. When wound the head or the torso, pressure bandage fix hand, it is not always possible to qualitatively bandage the injured place. What do you do when the misfortune occurred, and no first aid kit handy? Then press the edge of the bleeding vessel fingers. The blood will stop after a while. Further, we should make every effort to bring the wounded to the medical institution.

First aid for arterial bleeding

First aid for bleeding
It should be clearly understood that the bloodbleeding is not just a mortal danger to the life, but rapidly evolving situation where you can lose a man for 3 minutes, of course, if you do not quickly take aid measures. The first thing that is required - block the vessel above the injury site. To do this, press the artery with your fingers and prepare urgently harness. Remarkably, if the first-aid kit on hand and a special rubber band. However, in life, we are often faced with a situation where there is no first-aid kit on hand. Use in this case, any suitable means - scarf, shawl, belt, tear off a long piece of clothing. When applying the tourniquet readers should be aware of the important recommendations:

  • Apply a tourniquet is not over his naked body, and on a piece of clothing;
  • is contracted to tow until the blood stops oozing from the wound;
  • in the hottest time of the wiring can be kept for 2 hours in the cold and less than an hour;
  • if you were not able to deliver the injured to hospital for 2 hours, burn transfer to another place - a little higher or lower than the previous one, does not numb to the tissue;
  • try to put a note under the harness, which indicates the exact time of the blood stops.

When damaged neck artery, quickly squeezewound his fingers. After the bleeding stopped, it can be applied to a wound or a pressure bandage as much gauze swabs. Just do not do it to stop the blood, as a bandage or tampon immediately soaked with blood, and there is a danger of infection.

Do your best, as soon as possibleget expert medical care. Before doctors can drink soon anemic wounded warm liquid, except for this recommendation is a wound in the stomach.

First aid for bleeding itself

First aid for bleeding
What to do if you are alone and no one to help? Tourniquet requires time and energy, and force in the bleeding quickly lost. To provide medical assistance to yourself with arterial bleeding, you need to squeeze and pinch the main vessel, that blood loss was not wearing a fatal character. Bend your arm at the elbow and the leg at the knee joint. When wound in the groin, you need to bend the legs to the abdomen. And if the wound under the arm or in the area of ​​the clavicle, get his arm back behind his back. Then, of course, we have to wait for help, but the chance of saving increases.

All of these simple rules you need to be sure to remember, because they have already saved more than one life. If a timely response and the right things, everything will be well. Health to you, dear readers.

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