Overview of motion sickness

Many people at least once in their lives experiencedthe problem of motion sickness. It's so uncomfortable, rather, a painful condition to deal with that very difficult. Our website has prepared for its readers an overview of various means of motion sickness.

According to statistics, 10% of the entire population of our planetclose encounter with this problem, and only one percent of the serious violations of the vestibular apparatus. Newest without the help of the doctors do not in any way, and the rest can take advantage of our tips.

Self-hypnosis - the best doctor

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Psychologists say that in most casescauses sickness lurking in our heads. Many people in the childhood parents, without knowing it, have created the wrong associations. Some adults get rid of long-standing problem, simply distracted by their own subconscious. Often the way we see the children, to whom parents from the very beginning of the trip held "wake-bag." A sort of a reflex à la Pavlov - there is a packet to be content. Knock with a positive attitude and questions "You're not bad?" Or "If it is bad, say it." Holding the bag close, but out of sight, and instead of unnecessary questions skillfully distract the child.

Help a child himself

vestibular apparatus, kinetosis, motion sickness, nausea, motion sickness

I think many people expected to see in this articlespecific name of the miracle pill for motion sickness. But, unfortunately, in this case any medication individually and it should appoint a doctor. It is important to know that the vast majority of medicines for motion sickness have a long list of serious side effects. In addition, when using drugs is very easy to overdose on them, because the unpleasant symptoms at frequent intervals. Therefore, do not self-medicate, especially if going to give medicine to a child.

Safety of the drug can only be called homeopathic remedies. Enough common in the Russian Air-SeaVertigohel. They are in different price ranges - the second is much more expensive, but is compatible with alcohol. But many of these drugs do help. Air-Sea is available even in the form of candy, so the kiddies just love it. Because many drugs suitable Dramina (enabled with one year of age), provided the correct dosage according to the instructions. Again, the dose of the drug can not be increased. Plus Dramina considered light sedation - you or your child just fall asleep on the road. A dream, as we know, the best remedy for motion sickness.

To distract from unpleasant thoughts in a way to helpmint or regular sour candy, cool acidified water without gas (to drink small sips), favorite song or audio book. Many travelers escape of alcoholic beverages, but it is rather a joke, rather than a recommendation.

Hard to believe, but prolonged masticationmatch effectively prevent motion sickness. Just be sure to remove the sulfur ball. It's hard to explain, but the method works! Even more inexplicable remedy for motion sickness may be called conventional adhesive gluing navel crosswise. Positive reviews are so many, it's worth a try. In addition, according to chiropractors, it is the navel is the energy center of the body. Since ancient times, sailors, fleeing seasickness, Tied her wrists elastic bandagesand then we forget about pitching. Apparently, by displacement of vessels or magic points on the hands somehow balances the vestibular apparatus. By the way, in the pharmacy network has motion sickness patches that are attached behind the ears or on the same navel. The price of them, to put it mildly, bites, but quite contradictory reviews.

What to do when still seasick

vestibular apparatus, kinetosis, motion sickness, nausea, motion sickness

If the unpleasant situation you did not pass side, follow the recommendations MipSovetov:

  • as soon as you feel unpleasant symptoms, try to lie down. There is nothing to underlay under your head, located on the back seat of a car or bus. This will bring relief;
  • if you became ill from the smell of fuel, be sure to provide fresh air or create a breeze newspaper (eyes closed!);
  • really helps a cold drink. But it does not need to drink. Wrap the bottle with a drink in a handkerchief and embrace with both hands so that the cold touch of the heart area. Very effective procedure. It helps when the nausea caused overheating;
  • eat something sour or salty. This may be a slice of lemon, kiwi greenish, regular sour candy. I helped a child is pickles. Only now I understand why. Nausea often causes lower blood pressure. And if you go quickly, the pressure starts to recover and there blush. A salt of cucumber water retention in the body, which also increases the pressure.

Take care of yourself! Successful road!

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