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Often, despairing of traditional opportunitiesmedicine, people are turning to alternative therapies. For one of them applies to homeopathy. Our site is about the essence of homeopathy, the specificity of treatment and the principles of selecting a homeopath.

Often, despairing of traditional opportunitiesmedicine, people are turning to alternative therapies. For one of them applies to homeopathy. Our site is about the essence of homeopathy, the specificity of treatment and the principles of selecting a homeopath.

What is Homeopathy

homeopathy Treatment
The main principle of homeopathy was formulatedmore than 2,000 years ago by Hippocrates. It sounded this principle as follows: "like cures like." As you know, this is the exact opposite of classical medicine, which headache cures spazmalitikami and temperature - antipyretic.

As a method, developed by the German doctor homeopathyGanneman. He did it during the terrible epidemic, and using homeopathic medicines reduced the mortality rate from 80% to 16%. While conventional medicine has failed to achieve even the slightest results.

Homeopathy - a fairly common methodtreatment. And, despite the fact that many do not recognize it, in Russia it is already recognized as a traditional method of treatment. In the United States for more than a hundred years, there are homeopathic clinics. Many people are healed through homeopathic medicines. Homeopathy is often confused with phytotherapy, believing that only the extracts from plants used in the treatment. But no! The basis of most drugs are actually plant components. But along with them are used practically all the elements of the periodic table, minerals and even poisons. As you know, the uncontrolled use of such drugs can have very sad outcome. But under the supervision of professional homeopathic remedies are harmless and highly effective.

"Pros and cons"

"For" and "against" homeopathy
Against homeopathy, however, like to support it, the mass of written papers. Classical medicine denies the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment. But the facts speak for themselves.

Pros homeopathy.
Because homeopathy is based on the method ofrepeated dilution (a tiny fraction of the active substance is diluted with water), homeopathic remedies do not accumulate in the body, does not cause allergic reactions, virtually no side effects (in the way of drugs such effects are listed by tens). Based on this, homeopathy is suitable (and only available) for the treatment of pregnant women, nursing mothers, the elderly, is ideal for the treatment of children. Homeopathic medicines have a mild effect, very effective (in severe cases, the effect is noticeable already after 10 minutes), combined with medication therapy.

Of course, if you have insulin-dependent diabetic,none homeopath will advise sharply move to homeopathic treatment, completely abandoning drugs. This "neighborhood" and encouraged those who still doubt the effectiveness of homeopathy.

Cons homeopathy.
By cons include expensive servicesHomeopath. As a rule, a good doctor should have many years of practice behind them, and it's worth it. But when you consider the low, usually the price of homeopathic medicines, the cost of treatment in homeopathy does not go in comparison with spending on traditional, medication. Another disadvantage is the importance of the timely and proper use of a drug. We want to warn readers of our site, that the self in this case is absolutely unacceptable! And another drawback - homeopathy does not treat serious pathologies in organs. That is, if you, for example, peritonitis, surgery, homeopathy is no substitute!

The specifics of the treatment

homeopathy Treatment
As mentioned above, homeopathy is based on thethe principle of "like cures like." But there is one fundamental difference from its traditional medicine - while the conventional treatment the patient is given the maximum dose of the active ingredient, homeopathy uses minimal. It does not play a minor role and the degree of dilution of the active substance. The more diluted the substance with water, the greater the effect it gives. Moreover, the degree of dilution affects the susceptibility of the individual. There are people who perceive all disease on an emotional level, they have a story about the currentthe disease is accompanied by epithets and metaphors, they can even draw a scheme in which one symptom is replaced by another. And all my other problem can be described in two words. For example, a "stomach ache". And for the first and for the second has its own, completely different rules of dilution. So once one of the main principles of homeopathic treatment is highly individual, careful selection of drugs.

Homeopathy is not compatible with such procedures as the acupuncture, Physiotherapy, any manualnomu interventions. If you plan to use such treatments must inform your homeopath!

I must say that scientists long agoinvestigate the mechanism of action of homeopathic drugs on the body. It turns out that homeopathy does not fight with the disease, and increases the vitality of the body. How? Ever since childhood, we know about living water. Only now it is clear that all this is not a fairy tale. Water has a kind of memory, and is able to learn from the information that carries the substance dissolved in it. And it is not strange to many sounds, it works!

My aunt suffered from migraine 10 years. And when even the potent spazmalitiki stopped shooting pain, she went to a homeopath. Treatment lasted for a long time, but after a couple of weeks she noticed a clear improvement. As has found out the doctor, the cause of migraine was frightened and head trauma (ten years ago my aunt had an accident on his car). And the most interesting thing is that no special hope for the healing of the woman did not believe, because they do not believe in it initially (to the doctor persuaded her to go to daughter).

And it noted that the year of the disease with homeopathy is treated within a month. That is, if you're 3 years, for the full treatment, provided the correct choice of drug will need 3 months.

Incidentally, homeopathic medicines are not testedanimal (like medication), and in healthy people without harm to the latest health! It is possible to most accurately determine the efficacy of a drug.

Much has been written about the fact that homeopathyworks on suggestion, that is, there is a placebo effect. It is fundamentally not true. After nursing babies, people who for years are in a coma, and even animals suggestion, as you know, do not give in. But they recover!

For the specifics of the treatment can be attributed to the unusualthe process of receiving homeopathic medicines. If an ordinary tablet, we often drink while eating, drinking plenty of water, then the homeopathic granule resolves in the mouth, not drinking water at all. At the same time to take these granules should be 30-40 minutes before or after 30-40 minutes after eating. By the way, at the time of treatment you will have to forget about the coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, as well as spices. For each drug may require a special diet, it will tell you about the doctor.

What homeopathy cure

homeopathy Treatment
Yes, almost everything! This migraine, central nervous system disorders, sleep, immunity; Various depression, phobias, obesity, diabetes, psoriasis, acne, goiter, diseases of the digestive and cardiovascular systems. With the success of homeopathy is used to fight colds, flu, ARD. Treatment, or at least visible and amenable to adjustment of status such serious diseases as arthritis, Multiple sclerosis, many serious hereditary diseases.

The son of first tooth in 7 months. And if all the kids tooth cut 2-3 days, we will "grind" it for 3 weeks. All this time the child was terribly nervous, with it just do not slazil, crying, temperature, periodically all this was accompanied by diarrhea. Next the tooth is no different from the previous one. I was scared to look like a child suffers. Our pediatrician advised one homeopathic medicine company Heel (Dentokind), told us the schedule reception. While these drugs have been very difficult to find, but we did it. Already after the second tabletochki sonny has changed markedly, to adjust sleep, moodiness gone, the child finally pulled his hand out of his mouth (previously it constantly biting). The drug we take is not always, but only when necessary. Now we have all the milk teeth, and the first two I remember with horror!

As you can see, homeopathy is taken for treatment of anydiseases, even cancer. But there is one "but." Efficacy and safety of treatment will only be under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced homeopath. How to find it, we'll go on.

How to choose a homeopath

Despite the fact that almost everypolyclinic conducts reception homeopath, rush into the pool with his head is not necessary. It is important to find "their" doctor, one that you trust, and who would understand you without words. Homeopath - is 100% psychologist. After all, before you assign a drug, it will be a long time to interview you. And the doctor questions may seem strange to you. One complaint can not do here. Homeopathy is important to know everything about the patient: his daily routine, eating habits, behaviors, systems, your thoughts about the disease, the background of its occurrence. He may even ask you about your mother's pregnancy. All that you need to vyrisovalas complete picture of the disease. As you know, for the first reception the doctor will need an hour or even two. If the first reception of a homeopath is different from the above picture, try to find better!

Qualifications homeopath does not depend on the number ofcertificates and diplomas. Important knowledge necessary for treatment, he gets directly in the course of practice. So try to find out how long a practicing doctor.

Please note that only registered in Russia in 1500 homeopathic medicines. A doctor has to choose only one! Therefore, experience in this matter is in the first place!

So, if the reception homeopath you feelcomfortable, quiet and completely trust the doctor - you're in luck! Before you is "your" doctor. He will prescribe the right medicine, talk about diet (if necessary), and the dosage regimen. And you are sure to get well! It happens that the treatment effect is not immediate. In a few weeks or even a month before you notice results (mainly in the treatment of chronic diseases). Do not immediately find fault with the doctor. A good doctor will leave you my phone number, and will adjust the treatment if necessary. And if you do not feel better or there were any complaints, you report them to the doctor immediately, who in turn take action. Doctors, too, are not gods, and a homeopath is often approached by people with a "bouquet" of diseases, disappointed in traditional medicine, and it is difficult to cure. And sometimes it happens that one way does not give the desired result, so the homeopath will choose another treatment regimen and another drug. The fact that homeopathy treats the patient "as a whole", and even the correct diagnosis is not always possible to find the ideal means as an individual process.

Before you make an appointment, please specifythe cost of each consultation. It can range from 100 to 1,500 hryvnia. And keep in mind that at least once a month you will see a doctor immediately prior to a full recovery. By the way, is not always the doctor, taking a cheap, inferior specialist than those who price "ache". Focus on the recommendation of friends, and not on the price of admission.

Another point. Where to find a homeopath? If the doctor clinics do not accept, ask around among acquaintances, friends, and their recommendations are very important when choosing a doctor. You can enter any search site "Homeopathy city N», usually serious practitioners have their own pages on the Internet. You can also consult with a homeopath online. But this version of our website encourages its readers, but if you're not going to treat chronic disease (for such only individually prescribed mono-preparations), and planning to treat a cold or similar disease. Ready complex homeopathic preparations, which are sold in almost all pharmacies can assign even an ordinary physician.

Do not be ill!

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