How to cope with seasickness

Seasickness - specific state whenperson feels nausea, drowsiness, dizziness, and discomfort due to vibrations monotone. This name syndrome was because the first time people are faced with it, while on board the ship. However, motion sickness can occur as water and in the car, or even a swing plane.

What is motion sickness?

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Kinetoses or motion sickness appears asconsequence of the contradictory signals coming from different senses. The main conflict is the perception of sensations between the receptor and the information coming from the vestibular analyzer. As a result of this discrepancy nausea, dizziness, weakness, which leads to a temporary loss of efficiency.

The vast majority of people susceptible toseasickness, but this condition can be easily adapted and your body after a few days, the person will be comfortable to be on board in a sea pitching. There are also two small groups of people who are diametrically opposed to each other in their sensitivity to kinetoses. Some do not feel it at all, and the second - on the contrary, are not amenable to any treatment and adaptation.

Experts identify a number of factors that increase the susceptibility to motion sickness. MirSovetov proposes to consider the main ones:

  • conditions of stormy weather;
  • fatigue;
  • work with cards, reading;
  • fear;
  • chaotic, intense pitching;
  • stress;
  • unpleasant smell of food.

Causes kinetosis

vestibular apparatus, kinetosis, motion sickness, vomiting, nausea, motion sickness

Proper nutrition.

The very feeling of nausea when there is motion sickness due to the reception of dense, fatty foods. Try to eliminate from the diet of animal food and fats and replace them with vegetable salads and light breakfast.

Also keep in mind that on the eve eaten dinnerIt plays a significant role. The best option would be to supply all kinds of fish and seafood -. Octopus, scallops, mussels, squid, crabs, etc. These foods are quickly digested and nutritionally completely replace meat. Remember that prolonged digestion will only aggravate the manifestation of seasickness.

Experienced sailors are advised to eat a lemon andGinger - natural cures for motion sickness. Also it is necessary to abstain from coffee, alcohol, overeating and not possible to drink as much as possible of ginger compote. This product is superior to many pills, while not having any side effects. In general, any acidic foods will benefit.

The benefits of vitamin C.

Hungarian experts in the course of their researchWe established the fact that vitamin C has a pronounced positive effect on the human body undergoing seasickness. Therefore, try to eat as many fresh vegetables, fruits and salads as possible. Avoid smoking because nicotine neutralizes the effect of the vitamin.

vestibular apparatus, kinetosis, motion sickness, vomiting, nausea, motion sickness

Using skopolaminovyh patches.

A very effective remedy for motion sickness -skopolaminovy ​​adhesive which has as active ingredient polyacrylate iron. This component allows you to cope with the hypersensitivity of the vestibular analyzer and prevent the onset of motion sickness. It must be glued behind the ear, so an external patch does not cause discomfort.

The effect of treatment is provided bycontinuous flow of the drug in the human bloodstream, bypassing the liver and gastrointestinal tract. Thus, the collapse of the iron polyacrylate completely eliminates the damage to internal organs cells. Dosage will depend on the area of ​​the patch, t. E. You will be able to adjust the intensity of the impact, changing patches of various sizes.

Manipulations on the acupuncture points.

Each of us on the left wristThere is a special acupuncture point, a slight pressure which can eliminate seasick. To describe its exact location is almost impossible, so massage the toes entire area of ​​the wrist. In any case, you definitely get to it. By the way, the sailors of the British navy default given special wristbands. Pressing a button activates the product, and it starts vibrating, massaging the arm.

vestibular apparatus, kinetosis, motion sickness, vomiting, nausea, motion sickness

Acceptance of drugs.

To combat seasickness use two types oftablets - and homeopathic antihistamine. First Action is based on the oppression of the central nervous system, resulting in a person falls into a drowsy, it becomes sluggish and fall asleep. However, their effectiveness is questionable, because you can go to sleep without taking pills, and the result is the same.

The second type of medicine - homeopathic pills,which operate quite differently. In their structure there are certain ingredients that cause vomiting. The minuscule doses they produce the opposite effect. Such drugs do not have side effects or contraindications, but their intensity is not too great. In any event, rely solely on the tablet is not necessary, because the methods of dealing with seasickness is much more effective as described above.

Enjoy rocking!

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