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    Gifts for the New Year
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    Gifts for the New Year
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  • Gifts for the New YearWe always think that a lot of time before the holiday and we
    We have time to come up with not only gifts, but also to buy or make them. But more often
    it turns out that no time is left, nor the energy to creativity, nor the desire to somewhere
    go and look for something. Come to the aid of the simplest ideas sincerely congratulate
    friends and loved ones a Happy New Year.

    new Year presents

    Let's not reinvent the wheel.

    Almost everyone loves sweets - in one form or another.

    It is best if you have at least one free night before
    New Year. Open the cookbook recipe on the simplest of cookies,
    knead the dough a double portion, and bake! Affairs on the hour.

    For pedants: in every supermarket sells multicolored
    Powder for cookies and cakes. One small package will be enough to
    decorate a couple of kilos of domestic delicacies. Wrap the cookies in paper
    for baking, tie up the beautiful ribbon and put in a gift bag - and is presented with the wishes of health and happiness. You - at least cares, labors, and
    cost destination - positive sea and heat. Everybody is happy.

    Gifts for the New Year

    New Year - a universal holiday. So gifts are
    be anything - from Christmas decorations to the most unexpected surprises. And it is not necessary
    I spend a lot of money. The main thing - to Present was nice.

    Buy a pretty penny notebook to anyone who want to
    congratulations, write New Year's wish, tie the front page
    ribbon - and enjoy the fact that your debt by gifting others

    If you are not against gift, give to friends and family
    small pictures, calendars, funny magnets, toys and Christmas tinsel.
    Universal candles - the good they can buy on every corner, and the variability of their
    performance is such that your biggest problem will be the choice of flour
    hundreds of shapes, colors and flavors.

    Gifts for the New Year

    If you are against the useless dust collectors, give the dishes and
    all kinds of household stuff, which is always quoted as the consumables.
    Cups and wine glasses (even if one per person), teaspoons and Strainer
    brewing tea.

    Combine useful and tasty as follows.
    You buy a kilo and a half of different fruits (eg, tens of mandarins,
    a couple of apples, pineapple, a few bananas), fold them into a beautiful ceramic
    bowl, wrapped in a transparent plastic bag, tie up bow - and you're done!
    Instead of fruit can be different variations: Egg Bank, a bottle of champagne
    or sparkling wine, tea, coffee, various utensils, and even - as a complement to
    set - a beautiful Christmas pack napkins.

    General tips

    Whatever you're going to give, remember the most important:
    gift can and should beat so that the people considered him personally Prezent
    him. Then appears a festive mood by itself. Presenting tea, mention that,
    how pleasant was the last tea in the gift recipient company. presenting
    notebook, remind the person about how important it is wise to write down the thoughts that
    he so generously shares with you.

    And again, the packaging - the key to success. A decoration of gifts on New Year's Eve is almost
    that the sacred meaning: not by chance, in the West present a symbol of a long time ago
    a bright box with a bow. No most expensive and delicious smelling
    candle, presented without the wrapper, can not be compared with conventional candle, but lovingly
    tied with red ribbon and placed in a tiny shiny bag. the
    thus you will give to understand that the gift was not purchased for five minutes before the ceremony
    (Even if it is!), And was prepared with tenderness and desire to please. After all
    every man is pleasant, when for him to spend time and effort.

    And for the future: make a list of gifts for the New Year in advance. Then you do not
    You have to grab his head at the last moment.

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