Suspicion of appendicitis in a child: what should alert parents?


Suspected of the child's appendicitis: What should the parents alert?The child is nervous and worried, anxiously and sleeps badly, then vomiting and nausea appears, liquid stool with mucus, pain on pain in the lower right quarter of the belly, around the navel. He collapses with a camber and tries to stay in one position without movement, because the change of body position causes pain. Mom notes that the belly of the baby swells, the gases do not depart, the color of the skin is changing, it becomes a grayish shade, the child is frightened, and parents in panic, damage themselves with a thought-suspicion of appendicitis in a child.

I must say, they are not mistaken, and all these signs were alerted not in vain — even without analyzes in appendicitis in children, a competent mother is able to suspect the inflammation of the Apendix and urgently call a doctor. Here the main thing is not to miss the time and prevent a serious mistake, trusting the people's recipes about the enemas and washing the stomach, when the child has a stomach hurts. In order not to erase the true picture of the disease should not be applied to the stomach warm height, and quite the opposite, it is necessary to apply it with ice or cold water, you do not need «Wash the stomach» With the help of the enema and laxative, do not need to give painkillers. It is necessary to wait for a doctor and understand that self-treatment and delay — fraught with dangerous and terrible consequences!

How to diagnose appendicitis in a child?

The gradual principle starts with the appearance of abdominal pain, it rarely happens in babies, the inflammation of a worm-like process is more often in children after 3 years. The clinical picture is manifested by pain, vomiting, refusal of food, diarrhea, increasing body temperature and changes in blood tests.

It is especially important worth classifying local signs when the child feels pain in his stomach and, as maybe, evades palpation — This is a symptom of Filatov. The growing muscle tension is observed, and is observed with a symptom of brush-blubumberg with a characteristic pain of pain after a sharp take-off hand from the anterior abdominal wall. All this indicates a pediatrician on manifestations of acute appendicitis and the need for surgery.

How to diagnose appendicitis in a child?In modern surgical hospital is not a question «How to diagnose?» Appandycitis in a child is almost always characteristic of high leukocytosis, but sometimes the number of leukocytes increases very slightly, therefore, in addition to the analysis of blood, the ultrasound of appendix and abdominal organs, laparoscopic examination, if necessary.

The complexity and severity of the disease depends on the duration of its current, so the mother should reliably inform the doctor about the time of the beginning of the attack in the child. Timely appeal to the doctor — The key to the success of treatment and the opportunity to avoid complications, sometimes very serious. The spread of inflammation to a significant part of the peritoneum can occur as a result of gangrenes or perforations of the process, which is directly related to the deadlines for the development of the disease. Peritonitis — Pretty frequent and serious complication of acute appendicitis in children. He can be local — In the form of appendicular infiltrate, as well as spilled, in the case of the spread of purulent exudate along a significant surface of the peritoneum. The complications of appendicitis include complete or partial intestinal obstruction, the abscess of subcutaneous fluid tissue, pelvic and intercircuit abscess, and also a rather rare complication of pylephlebit or inflammation of the portal vein. This is extremely severe purulent inflammation with a serious forecast and high mortality is characterized by a rapidly increasing fever, an increase in liver, tachycardia and a drop of arterial pressure. Among possible complications after appendectomy, the adhesion process should be mentioned as the cause of intestinal obstruction, thromboembolic complications, pneumonia, a possible pathology of the urinary system.

Today is children's surgery — This is an arsenal of modern methods and techniques for carrying out not only traditional surgical operations with the execution of a cut in the right iliac region to remove the inflamed duct-shaped process. Qualified children's surgeons perform seamless appendectomy or laparoscopy using high-tech equipment through small punctures, having the opportunity to inspect the entire abdominal cavity for pathology.

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