Hardening of children

If a child is often sick colds, and you're tired of listening to the Chief of discontent over regular hospital, it's time to change the situation as it is. Easy to say. But how to do it?

Are you ready for the baby literally everything: You buy him the best products, dress it up so that it was warm and comfortable, do not save on quality medicine, but do not take more than two weeks already, so that the child does not sniff. So, it's time to harden, to make, finally, work dormant immunity. Today, our site will consider hardening of children from all sides.

What is the essence of hardening

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Hardened child as a person, not at allterrible draft, and soaked in the pools of spring legs will not cause long-term illness. Why is that? Everything is very simple. Hardening - a process that results in the body becomes insensitive to some adverse environmental factors such as cold, moisture, temperature extremes, exposure to sunlight. To such immunity has developed sufficiently, it is necessary to systematically and continuously rather live in close contact with the most factors.

In fairness, it should be noted that the childis born fully prepared Mother Nature for a meeting with a variety of physical phenomena. And if not for our sometimes excessive parental care would not take no tempering. Unfortunately, our present pace of life is organized in such a way that for tempering procedures have neither the time nor the conditions. Our children spend most of their time indoors, not outdoors. Workload, computer, television, and as a result - there is little traffic, a sedentary lifestyle and poor health. What to do? And whether it is possible to change the existing way of life?

our website claims - it is possible and even necessary. This will require a little bit:

  • reconsider day regimen and diet;
  • plenty of walks;
  • to equip a children's room in terms of health benefits;
  • gradually accustom the child and to accustom himself to the simplest exercises in the morning, but better - jogging;
  • properly dress the child;
  • spend a weekend outdoors with family.

Now, first things first.

Where to begin

air baths, hardening, tempering water, tempering children, healthy lifestyle, health, immunity

Daily Diet invented solely for the convenienceof people. It is not necessary to do everything strictly by the minute, but some issues need special punctuality. For example, going to bed, it is necessary to organize such a way that to the morning lifting the baby slept well and was awake. It is not only time, but also a place to sleep. The air in the sleeping room should be clean and cool. Better to leave the vents open, but if it is very cold, restrict ventilation for 30-40 minutes.

Another important point of tempering - a daily walk in any weather. It is desirable that while walking a child to move a lot. Rest assured, if the kid running around and jumping - it does not freeze.

If we harden often ill student,We reflect on the appropriateness of the teaching load. Of course, in our time without the knowledge can not do, but the child must be time for walking and sports, because you can not buy health.

Now let's talk about what should be poweredhealthy child. The answer is obvious. The diet should be organic foods - cereals, milk, cheese, cottage cheese, meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. But chocolate, crisps, sweets and pastries not benefit children's health. If a child refuses to eat - do not force it. Appetite - a direct measure of energy consumption. He does not want to eat, so not hungry, so do not spend the right amount of energy. However, exposure to fresh air and physical activity is required to bear fruit, and appetite returned to normal, you'll see.

Pay attention to the children's room. It is advisable to remove all the dust collectors and thus facilitate the implementation of a daily wet cleaning.

If you have seriously decided to temper the child, you need tothoughtfully attributed to the choice of clothes. Suffice it to adhere to simple rules - to dress the baby in such a way so as not to sweat, and that the clothes are not restrict movement. A great way of tempering children - walking barefoot. So down with warm socks!

This way of life has to a large extent containstempering time. Parents need not only material resources, but also the desire and time for walking and joint physical exercise.

Terms of hardening of children

air baths, hardening, tempering water, tempering children, healthy lifestyle, health, immunity

  1. Tempering procedures should be associated withgood mood, even with pleasure. The main emphasis is on the procedures that are most popular right for your child. He likes to tinker in the water - excellent, use water games as tempering measures. I like to run barefoot - a wonderful, albeit tempered way.
  2. Quenched load should be a gradualcharacter. For example, are accustomed to sleep with an open window, starting with the fact that we open the window for 5 minutes before going to bed, and then at 10, 15, 20, and so after a while we sleep with an open window all night. Or hardening by water treatment. Today, the kid jumped at bedtime in a warm some water, but tomorrow we'll do a little colder vodichku, six months later the child runs around in the puddles - and no colds.
  3. Systematic. We can not limit ourselves to only one kind of tempering procedures and essentially change nothing in the way of life. If you every evening poured cold water on the child, but he spends most of his time watching television, such tempering has no effect.
  4. Intensive tempering procedures - walking onsnow, contact with the frosty air, pouring ice water can be started only after long-term use of traditional tempering procedures. As an intermediate step - often recommended contrasting procedure (douche, Russian bath).
  5. Age to start hardening the baby in principle irrelevant. The earlier start, the stronger will be health.
  6. If a child is ill, active temperingthe procedure can be resumed only after complete recovery. Start have from the beginning, but you can increase the load more quickly, paying attention to the child of the reaction.

Benefits hardening

air baths, hardening, tempering water, tempering children, healthy lifestyle, health, immunity

It should be well understood that hardening does notwill protect the child from infectious diseases, but it certainly will make the body stronger and fitter. This will significantly reduce the risk of colds and speed recovery from any infectious disease.

As a rule, those families where children temperingIt pays special attention to strengthening the health of all family members. After all, children will not harden in themselves, it is necessary for us, adults, to adjust their lifestyles and make healthy choices.

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