What is diadardherapy

Diafalimiteherapy is the treatment of various electric current diseases. With the help of electrothetia you can get rid of most diseases. Only a qualified specialist knows what force and the frequency of the current should be put up to influence certain organs and restore their work.

Diafalimistherapy, treatment with electricity, therapy, physiotherapy

Electrical current treatment - this method was widely used at the end of the last century. This technique is not a novelty in the field of medicine, doctors have long known that electric current treatment can improve the patient's condition. Power, shape, voltage and frequency of currents are regulated purely individually.

Diadinamic currents were first modulated by scientists from France. Pierre Bernard has developed a unique electric flow treatment program. The term is more common in medicine «Toki Bernara», So if such treatment is offered to you, do not worry - Diad Depaitherapy and Treatment on Bernard - this is the same.

What is the treatment on Bernard? French scientist in the course of numerous experiments tried to connect several frequencies of currents and got a good result. For the first time, a new technique was tested - treatment with current frequency 100 and 50 pulses. Such currents are called semi-sinusoidal, and the frequency is calculated 50 and 100 shots per minute.

What is the advantage of current treatment

Dydinancial Current Treatment Efficiency High. As a result of exposure to currents, there is a reduction in muscles (smooth and skeletal muscles), and this is an excellent stimulation of all corset muscles, as well as muscle fibers of internal organs.

During the procedure, the patient practically does not feel anything - maybe easy tingling and heat. Nervous receptors are irritated by currents of low frequency, so no pain. Total 100 Hz allow you to save the patient from pain already in the first seconds of treatment with currents. The mechanism of developing an organism of its own anesthesia is very complex, you can only say that the specified frequency (100 Hz) allows you to slow the nerve cells and Improve blood circulation fabrics.

To achieve rhythmic muscle contraction, as well as strengthen the bloodstream, the current frequency is used in 50 Hz.

What are the form of currents

Diafalimistherapy, treatment with electricity, therapy, physiotherapy

Our site will tell you at what diseases can not be treated with currents:

  • at cachexia;
  • the presence of tumors;
  • leaning to bleeding;
  • if high skin sensitivity;
  • With severe patient and acute inflammatory processes;
  • with individual intolerance to the procedure;
  • pulmonary tuberculosis (active phase);
  • Epilepsy and other mental illness (aggravation stage);
  • tendency to the formation of thrombas and thrombophlebitis.

In addition, there are a number of contraindications in which the patient is currently denied the procedure:

  • purulent formations, as well as umnical and furuncula (surgery, after which treatment is possible);
  • Cardiosimulants and metal implants in the body;
  • Disturbance of the integrity of the skin in the field of treatment with currents.

How the procedure is performed

Diafalimistherapy, treatment with electricity, therapy, physiotherapy

Treatment with currents is carried out in a hospital or physiotherapy office with special instruments. Control the operation of devices feeding currents - Qualified specialists (doctors or nurses).

If there is a need, the procedure can be performed at home if you purchase a portable mini-machine. It is only very important that the course of treatment appoint a doctor to independently perform procedures without indications, it is impossible.

Currently, there are integrated devices that are able to produce different types of currents. It is not only about dilation: but also other types of currents: galvanization, sinusoidal treatment, electrostimulation, ultrasound treatment and laser and therapy.

How diadardherapy is carried out? Electrodes are applied to the patient's body, they can be large and small, have a different form. It depends on the field of exposure.

The device turns on and current flow through the electrodes. The health worker using the regulator controls the strength of currents. Current feed - minimal so that the patient does not feel pain. First, it is easy to teeling, and with a gradual increase in currents, maybe easy burning. A few minutes later these sensations pass, a person feels a light ripple, especially in the place where the electrodes are installed.

The patient before proceeding with treatment, notify the possible sensations. If there is pain and a person is not able to tolerate the procedure (sensation of gravity, strong tingling and tingling of the skin), then the treatment of currents do not conduct or regulate the intensity and are observed for the patient.

An increase in current force is gradually carried out, and the health worker controls the patient's condition. Above the limit of permissible mark You can not submit current strength.

Diafalimistherapy, treatment with electricity, therapy, physiotherapy

After completing the procedure at the point of supplying the current of the negative field «minus», It is possible to strengthen redness of the skin.

Generally accepted current treatment for currents:

  • On the source of pain exposure to currents should not be greater than 10 minutes. This is the maximum procedure time;
  • It is necessary to change the polarity of the electrodes if «a plus», then you need to put on «minus» and vice versa, if the treatment is assigned long and short currents;
  • The course of treatment is no more than 10 sessions (minimum 4);
  • so that there is no addiction, you can repeat the treatment after 14 days.

Consider on a specific example, how to get rid of migraine. Sensors are installed on the temporal artery and top cervical. The procedure is performed by continuous currents (two-contact), duration of 3 minutes for cervical nodes and 2 minutes - for the temporal artery on the right and left. In each case, the current strength is selected individually. The patient should feel easy tingling and pleasant vibration.

Now you know all about dilation:. Be healthy and let you not have reasons to resort to current treatment.

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