How to bathe?


  • Food and Drink
  • Relaxation
  • Security measures
  • Keep track of time
  • How to start?
  • When to go to the steam room
  • A broom forgotten?
  • Breathe
  • Cooling
  • after cooling
  • Drink after a bath

  • Food and Drink

    How to bathe?Often the bath combined with the abundant feast and
    libations. So: do not go to the bath on an empty stomach, because the
    a hike in the bath, people spend a lot of calories, and therefore banal can fall into
    hungry fainted. But to go and bathe after you ate and drank bull
    a bucket of liquid, is also contraindicated. This is also an excessive load on the
    body. Especially forbidden to drink alcohol before the bath.


    Hiking in the bath has a strong psychotherapeutic effect.
    Simply put, a person is resting in a bath. So forget about the hustle and bustle in the bath day.
    Put on the back shelves all the problems and concerns. To the nervous system in the bath
    recovered, you need to complete relaxation. It is best to lie in the bath, then
    body relaxed as much as possible and get maximum from the bath. allowed posture
    Turkish, if there is much to lean back.

    Security measures

    Watering your head while you are not logged in the steam room for the last time
    day, it is impossible: you can get overheated. Before you go to the bath, it is necessary
    wash, wipe dry, and only then go to the steam room. Wash with
    I need without soap, since detergents are removed from the surface of the skin fat
    layer that protects the skin from burns while in the steam room.

    In order to protect the head from overheating, it is necessary to wear
    on his head a felt hat, or even wrap my head a small towel.

    Keep track of time

    Even if you are very comfortable in the steam room, it is not necessary for one
    remain set for more than 10 minutes. This is followed by a rest in the dressing room in
    During the same time. It is a mistake to believe that after each call should be
    dipped in cold water. Take a cool shower or swim in cold water
    should be after two or three visits. After that, it is desirable to lay to rest in
    dressing room.

    How to start?

    Going into the steam room should not immediately rush to the top shelf.
    Sit for a few minutes at the bottom, let the body warms up gradually. that
    reduce the burden on the heart, experienced bathers recommend lying on the middle
    shelf, turning from side to side.

    Climbing off the shelf, do not make sudden movements, so as not to
    cause dizziness.

    Between the calls in the steam room, you can drink a glass of warm
    tea kvass or juice.

    When to go to the steam room

    The best time for a bath - the morning after your body
    a little rest after a working day. Because during bath procedures heart
    receives an increased load, it is better not to hold it after heavy physical
    operation. Consider that the bath - this is another full campaign in the gym with a full

    A broom forgotten?

    Broom act as a fan, the hot air to be brought in
    body. Sweating broom can be only when the body is well warmed up
    previous calls in a steam room. Begin
    fan body with the feet, moving to the side of the neck. Fanning the body to
    the appearance of sweat, then you need to turn over and repeat the procedure. During
    the second call, you can just touch the tip of the broom body. Immediately after steaming
    with a broom can not come out of the steam room, you need to sit on the lower level and


    Breathe in the steam room should be open-mouthed, calm and measured.
    Is focused on the state of health: if dizzy, too much
    beating heart, you need to stop the procedure and return to the waiting room.


    If you guys are going after diving into the snow, in the cold
    water or become a cold shower, the body should be warmed up as much as possible, while not
    It will be the danger of catching cold. When swimming in cold water should be avoided
    sudden movements, preferring smooth and calm. Anyway
    more than two minutes to cool not worth it.

    after cooling

    It should be 10-15 minutes after cold soak in procedures
    dressing room, take a warm shower, and then dry. It is better not to wipe
    towel, so as not to trigger a new surge of perspiration. Wipe only need the head and
    face. Dress should be only after a stop in sweat.

    Drink after a bath

    Usually after a bath very thirsty. Quench your thirst should
    non-carbonated soft drinks: water, fruit drinks, kvass, juice or
    strong tea. Beware only need to drinking too cold. Admitted
    alcoholic beverages, but in very limited quantities, no more than a glass
    beer or wine.

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