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Time is so fleeting that sometimes we justlost in its cycle. Minute changes to hour, day - a week, a month - year. After winter comes spring, and after the night time necessarily daybreak.

Biological rhythms are very strict and responsiblesee to it that everything that happens in the world, it was cyclical, and had a clear line changes. The human body is susceptible to these regulatory processes - all biorhythms, too, thanks. Remarkably, the female body is more sensitive to this concept as the fair sex of cycles and cycling can not resemble. our site will reveal all the subtleties of the human biorhythm.

Biological rhythms - what is it?

Human biorhythms, health, body

Every person there is availability -He can do this or that work, but the ability of this action is very limited (after all, not a robot, but a living organism). Most often these changes that occur periodically, subject to biorhythms.

Each person has a different set of combinedvarious biological rhythms - someone more of them, and someone - less. There are three most common human biorhythms - is the physical, intellectual and emotional.

Biological rhythms appear at birthman, they grow and develop, and then slows down and start to decline from this point on. Then rise again and again reduced - all of this is cyclical.

These changes occur from time to timeand, for all biorhythms. Rates and times they are completely different. Most often, the cycle lasts about 30 days - with the physical biorhythm is repeated approximately every 23 days, but the emotional - after about 28 days. With regard to the intellectual, then this biorhythm period takes 33 days.

Depending on where the biorhythm - at the peak or in decline, a person changes ability to perform the work, which is closer to a particular type of jet lag.

If you examine your biorhythms, a person can quickly identify favorable and unfavorable time for the job.

What prompts the Moon

Human biorhythms, health, body

Our ancestors lived in harmony withnature and, of course, guided only by their biorhythms. She got up early - as soon as the dawn, and went to bed not too late - as soon as the sun went down and darkness falls. But civilization has destroyed the fragile idyll and life rhythms are subject to modern technology, electronics and nanotechnology.

However, in order to know ourselves andto find out their abilities and capabilities, please refer to the lunar calendar, because the inside of each person are their own hours, which "know" about us absolutely everything - this is the biological clock.

The theory that the human body is exposedthree cycles (physical, emotional, intellectual), there was more than one hundred years ago. Its true she received confirmation then, as one of the major airlines began to apply it in practice, and by calculating the biorhythm of each person individually, the company on certain days has become to reduce the physical, emotional or intellectual strain. The result exceeded all expectations - pretty soon plummeted percentage of injuries and accidents that have occurred previously exclusively the fault of the staff.

All this is again due to the fact that sincebirth all three cycles (physical, emotional and intellectual) to begin to develop until they reach climax, and then again the decline begins.

Biorhythms: the image for your own forecast

Human biorhythms, health, body

Each person has their own daily routine -it is associated with work, school or family lifestyle. We all noticed how during the day may appear cheerful, but can to roll drowsiness and melancholy. This is the "failure" of biorhythms that it is during these periods were set to indices "+" or figures "-". If the condition is not so hot: I want to sleep, everything goes wrong, there is irritability and nervousness, we often have enough for the coffee - a famous drink gives energy. But do not forget that from an overabundance of caffeine can begin problem with blood vessels and heart.

Is it possible to learn how to “be friends” with your biorhythms? Of course, this is the only way to improve the nervous system and your appearance. It is enough to study the daily routine and, focusing on it, you can get the result that is needed.

Most often, the person mode is as follows:

  1. 05:00 - despite the fact that at this time of deep sleep, the body is ready to rise since beginning to work all the internal organs.
  2. 06:00 - an increase in the release of adrenaline, which is why many wake up at this time.
  3. 07: 00-08: 00 - starts activity of the stomach, so this time it is desirable to have breakfast, a time when it is useful to apply cosmetic cream - the procedure will bring the desired effect.
  4. 09:00 - decline in activity, so it is time to pull the "cup of coffee", at least, try to do things very easy.
  5. 10: 00-11: 00 - "lift" performance - a good time for physical and mental work.
  6. 12:00 - The first fatigue, you can relax a bit and enjoy a coffee or tea.
  7. 13:00 - lunch time and that says it all, during this period produced a large number of gastric juice.
  8. 14:00 - the highest demand, as at this time increases the maximum performance.
  9. 15:00 - the highest activity for the internal organs, especially of the bladder (cleansing teas can be drunk).
  10. 16:00 - another rise in activity - this time a physical, but mental activity is declining - it is desirable to take a walk or do exercises and relax a little.
  11. 17:00 - "favorite" time for a kidney, since it is at this moment they are working as much as possible and recycle In the body fluid.
  12. 18:00 - rush of nervousness and conflict because of increased blood pressure during this time.
  13. 19:00 - the phase of rehabilitation and physical activity (exercise can be done).
  14. 20:00 - the active work of the brain.
  15. 21: 00-22: 00 - the body is configured to rest.
  16. 23:00 - considered to be the ideal time for going to bed, but at the same time awakens the appetite, so it is all the same to go to sleep than to check that is in the refrigerator.
  17. 24: 00-04: 00 - the time necessary to devote to sleep, as there is cell renewal and reconstruction of destroyed structures, so it is best to spend those hours alone.

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