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Session - is stressful for any student, evenif he is a good student. Among the students, there is a perception that if taken before a competition, exams Glycine tablet, you will be calm, like a boa constrictor or the elephant. Anyway, so speak about the preparation the students.

Stressful situations fills all our life. And the kids are very irritable, restless, inattentive ... and older people, this medicine may benefit. It turns out that it is a preparation for the whole family.

At Glycine many indications for use. Among them are such as helping suffering from alcoholism, hangover, Stroke, insomnia, Prone to emotional outbursts. Our website offers more familiar with the instructions of the drug to determine whether your medication is suitable, whether or not to accept it. Let's tell us about methods of application and some features.

Understanding glycine

glycine, depression, drug, nerves, stress, tablets

By purchasing a product package, you are in a boxfind 50 sublingual tablets of white color. Each tablet active substance is glycine, its dose is 100 mg. The use of magnesium stearate, methyl cellulose as a water-soluble excipients.

And what is Glycine? On chemical structure is glycine (aminoetanovaya) acid. The taste of this amino acid is sweet, and the drug and was named "Glycine" is translated from the Greek «glycys» means "sweet". Glycine, manufactured manufacturer PBMCs "Biotics", produced by a unique technology, which is based - technical solutions, patented in the Russian Federation. Pre-Glycine has passed all necessary in such cases, the cycle of clinical trials showing good results. In clinical practice, the drug began to be used to improve the metabolic processes in the brain. In other words Glycine builds and normalize metabolic processes in cells and tissues of the brain. All this allows you to get rid of feelings of anxiety, low mood, depression. Let's take a closer look at the impact that has on the body Glycine.

pharmacological properties

  1. Glycine is considered to be central neurotransmitters, ie a substance that transmits nerve stimulation, type of brake. He soothing effect on the CNS (central nervous system).
  2. It reduces emotional stress.
  3. It normalizes falling asleep, it promotes deeper sleep.
  4. It helps to easily pass stressful situations, to prevent serious consequences of nervous tension.
  5. It reduces conflicts, irritability, aggressiveness.
  6. It reduces the severity of vegetative-vascular disorders, such as in menopause.
  7. Able to reduce the symptoms of brain disorders in traumatic brain injury and stroke.
  8. It protects against the toxic effects of some psychotropic drugs.
  9. It has nootropic properties, focuses, improves memory, stimulates mental performance.
  10. Reduces harmful attraction to alcohol. It reduces withdrawal symptoms (so called condition that occurs in humans after a sudden cessation of alcohol).
  11. The positive impact by reducing the volume and power of muscle activity (this condition is called muscular dystrophy).

When can I apply Glycine?

Indications for use of the following drugs:

  • stress, conflicts, loss of loved ones, family illness, problems at work, delivery of examinations or defense of theses;
  • reduced mental capacity;
  • deviant forms of behavior of young children, adolescents, that is, when their actions are contrary to the generally accepted norms of behavior in society;
  • nervous system diseases accompanied by irritability, anxiety, emotional instability;
  • vascular dystonia. neuroses, The consequences of strokes and injuries;
  • different forms of encephalopathy, epileptic seizures;
  • ischemic stroke, susceptibility to spikes in blood pressure and meteozavisimosti;
  • after concussions;
  • alcoholism, rejection of the use of alcohol, accompanied by depression, outbursts of anger and other similar conditions.

Little restless and mischievous 20 minutesHour after becoming calm. In place of excitement, the desire to run, screaming, comes peace, the desire to draw, listen to a story, read on their own.

If medicine takes the student or a student,storing material is faster, increases the concentration of attention, mental activity. The student goes to the exam, test or quiz, without panic, anxiety, fear, nervousness, he manages to sleep at night and relax.

Neuro-emotional arousal in older adults often causes hypertension, stroke. To prevent such conditions, it is recommended for 30 days three times a day to take Glycine tablets.

methods of use

glycine, depression, drug, nerves, stress, tablets

Glycine tablets have to dissolve, putting them underlanguage. Such a method is called sublingual reception. Chew or drink should not be. Usually this means is prescribed for stress, behavioral problems of children, insomnia, irritability, three times a day one tablet. The course can range from two weeks to a month.

Younger patients are discharged up to three yearsfirst by half a tablet (this is 50 mg) was twice or even three times a day. Since treatment is carried out in the first two weeks. Then taken once daily for one or two more weeks. In some cases, repeat the course next month.

Pediatricians prescribe Glycine even newborns. Dose it selected individually, but before you give it to the baby, a tablet (or part of it) should be crushed and dissolved in water.

When violations of sleep medicine should be sucked in a dose of 50-100 mg (all depends on age) about 20 minutes before going to bed.

If the patient has suffered an ischemic stroke, thehim in the first six hours of the disease should be assigned to 1000 mg of the drug is also under the tongue, allowed teaspoon of water. Then for five days the dose should be 1000 mg per day. Further, for a month under the tongue it is necessary to dissolve one or two tablets three times a day.

When stress or weather changes, if behind this may be followed by a jump in blood pressure, take under the tongue 10 Glycine tablets (total dose of 1,000 mg).

Women in menopause can be done taking the medicine under the scheme: five tablets twice a week.

To bring people from binge in chronicalcoholism, drug experts give him a first one tablet under the tongue, 20 minutes - a second, more an hour later - the third. Then throughout the day need to take medication for another three or four times.

To remove the hangover syndrome, which is important after a long holiday feasts, glycine tablet under the tongue resolves one twice a day. And so for five days or more.

special instructions

our website warns that while taking in some patients may appear allergic reactions. In explaining the fact that the patient's hypersensitivity to this agent, Glycine overturned.

Patients prone to hypotension, caution should be exercised in the days of receipt and control your blood pressure. If it falls, the dose is reduced or treatment shall refrain from glycine.

Glycine reduces the severity of adverse effects at the joint reception with the antidepressants, sleeping pills, tranquilizers, anticonvulsants.

Glycine can help strengthen the nerves to doman calm and stress. But if you have a serious illness, be sure to purchase the drug at the pharmacy, consult your doctor.

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