There is a method of physical therapy, referred to as magneto. But not everyone knows about it. It is clear that the magnetic fields on the human body and animals have a certain influence.

Many noticed that in the period of magnetic stormshealth condition worsens. And yet we know that there is electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, wires and various household appliances, which abound in modern apartments. And so it seems as if these magnetic fields only bring harm to health. It turns out that many of the phenomena of nature can be used for good.

Currently medical industrylaunched production of small-sized, easy to use, robust and useful devices that can affect the human body produced by magnetic fields. their parameters can be very different. And these devices are endowed with biological activity. The man first obtains advice from a doctor, gets such a device and it can be successfully treated at home.

General information about magnetic therapy

magnetic therapy, therapy, physiotherapy

So, at the heart of this modernPhysiotherapy techniques inherent effects on the direct or alternating magnetic field of low frequency. Scientists have found that such fields can cause biological tissue in a number of physical and chemical changes. The magnetic field is inside the person, that is, as it were, is a direct part of the body. Therefore, when the violation is changing for the worse, and health. Correction of this field - it is a natural method, it does not introduce anything foreign into the body, toxic. Magnets, according to scientists, the human body to return what he loses by nature because of the recent weakening of the total geomagnetic field. This is what can make a positive magnetic field:

  • restored normal, correct polarity of the cell, which varies in pathologies;
  • in the affected area is significantly reduced blood viscosity;
  • dilates blood vessels;
  • in damaged tissues improves trophic (food), gas exchange, because better blood circulates in the vessels;
  • It has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effect;
  • enhanced enzymatic processes, regenerative mechanisms in tissues, especially in bone and cartilage;
  • decreased blood pressure and pulse indicators;
  • myocardium is saturated with oxygen;
  • increases immunity;
  • stimulated available within the organism biological reserves that can protect against adverse external factors;
  • decreases in blood glucose;
  • normal work of the internal organs and systems.

Particularly sensitive to magnetic fields brain. In the cortex activated proceeding very well there metabolism. Moreover, if the process is a continuous exposure mode, the detected acceleration of the braking process. But when pulsed (intermittent) mode is strengthening the processes of excitation. It was noted that people who consistently used the method of magnetic therapy for five months got rid of the long torment of their arrhythmia.

Magnetic therapy is a fairly young industryscience, but there is evidence that its principles were used in the days of antiquity. For example, Avicenna tried to treat magnet spleen disease, liver. But Paracelsus magnets healed bone fractures, hernia and bleeding.

When magnetic therapy is recommended?

magnetic therapy, therapy, physiotherapy

Now our website provides a list of diseases and conditions for which you can not use magnetic therapy treatments:

  • purulent inflammation in the acute stage, fever;
  • hepatitis and other viral infections;
  • acute forms of coronary disorders or cerebral circulation;
  • any tumors;
  • predisposition to bleeding;
  • vascular dystoniaFlowing on hypertonic type;
  • angina during rest or stress;
  • Severe cardiovascular disease;
  • Heavy flows hypertension, when the pressure is very elevated;
  • some endocrine disorders;
  • pregnancy.

Machinery and medical procedures

magnetic therapy, therapy, physiotherapy

There are many devices that allow magnetic therapy sessions.

For the treatment of degenerative disc disease, arthritis and otherdiseases of the musculoskeletal system (ODE), you can use a portable device developed in Russia under the name "MAG-30." The device produces a low-frequency field, non-uniform, variable, and it will have a therapeutic effect.

The device "Alimpiy-1" is recommended for the treatment ofosteochondrosis, hit the lumbar and thoracic spine, deforming osteoarthritis of joints (hip or knee), intercostal neuralgia. This device allows you to work on the vast area of ​​the body. The therapeutic effect may last for a year and a half.

The device "AMO-ATOS" capable of producing runningmagnetic field, he has a very pronounced immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, vasodilator, regenerative effect. The unit is actively used in hospitals, clinics for rehabilitation therapy after complex operations, for the treatment of cerebral palsy, radiculitis, osteochondrosis.

More used machines "Polus" series. Inductors put a small gap on the impact area. First session lasts only five minutes, gradually increasing the time and brought up to twenty minutes. The course consists of 20 treatments. Note that the elderly quite procedures 10 or 15, the duration of which is not more than 15 minutes.

Another device that can be easily used at home, the staff developed the Burdenko hospital. He was named "AMnp-01."

magnetic therapy, therapy, physiotherapy

our site offers readers before proceeding with the procedures of magnetotherapy, read the rules:

  1. Try to carry out the procedure at the same time.
  2. You can not proceed to conduct the procedure on an empty stomach.
  3. During the course of treatment is forbidden to drink alcohol.
  4. If you feel unwell, for example, by raising the temperature or pressure, the session can not be done.
  5. Be sure to obey all the recommendations specified by the manufacturer in the instructions.

Magnetic therapy is successfully combined with otherMethods of treatment: galvanization, massage, electrophoresis, physical therapy. Magnetic therapy - effective method of physiotherapy that can improve your health. But before getting down to it, get medical advice.

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