How to reduce the pressure at home?

In recent years there has been a continuing trendfor the races (raising and lowering) the blood pressure. The sad thing is that the increase in pressure, inherent earlier elderly people or a small percentage of hypertensive patients, is now affected people under the age of 35-40 years. And the question "How to reduce the pressure at home?" excites more and more people.

Blood - an important component of humanorganism. It is the "guide", which delivers oxygen and nutrients to every cell, internal organs, skin, brain. As long as a person is healthy, natural blood circulation in blood vessels no burdened: blood arrives in time in the cardiac ventricles, the lungs, it becomes saturated with oxygen necessary for life, and carries it throughout the body.

What is blood pressure?

How to reduce the pressure at home?
Pressure blood pressure in the capillaries,veins and arteries is called blood pressure. Operating the heart pumps blood into the human circulatory system. Because the walls of blood vessels are elastic, they resist blood flow and stretch. Thus, a blood pressure. It has a different blood pressure values ​​for different types of vessels.

The blood entering the heart and into the aorta arteryextends the blood vessel walls when the heart contraction. When it is pause heart, arteries are narrowed, pushing part of the blood vessels. In this blood pressure greater than when the heart contraction and relaxation time below the heart muscle.

It is noted that in latelythere has been a constant tendency to jumps (raising and lowering) the blood pressure. The sad thing is that the increase in pressure, inherent earlier elderly people or a small percentage of hypertensive patients, is now affected people under the age of 35-40 years. Diseases of the heart and blood vessels younger - it's a fact. To date, more than 25% of the population suffer from hypertension, but after 15 years this figure is closer to 30%. What are the causes of such diseases and high blood pressure?

Causes of high blood pressure

How to reduce the pressure at home?
In adults, as well as many other speciesmammals, the rate of systolic pressure (the top) of 110-129 mm Hg. Art, diastolic blood pressure (bottom.) - 60-79 mm Hg With age, blood pressure rate changes somewhat. So, for people over 40 is considered normal blood pressure of 130/80 mm Hg. Art. For those who turned 50-60 years old, the norm will be blood pressure to 139/90 mm Hg. Art, older than 60 years -. to 150/90 mm Hg. Art.

Increased blood pressure can be bothtemporary and persistent. The reasons for a short-term increase in pressure is often a prohibitive exercise, not peculiar to habitual way of life. In addition, short-term increase in pressure caused by intense emotional state, excessive intake of food or soft drinks (tea, coffee), alcohol. This increase in blood pressure is not considered a pathology, as relates to the compensatory reactions of the human body.

arterial hypertensionOr persistent increase in blood pressure,It occurs either by increasing the amount of blood pumped heart, or as a result greater resistance that meets when moving blood through the arteries. In other words, in order to ensure constant circulation of blood on the narrowed arteries, the heart has to work with the increased load.

Imagine for a moment that the deepest riverIt flows through the free smooth riverbed, carrying its waters to the sea. If the path of the river in a few places more than half fill the channel with stones, forming congestion, quiet water flow is disrupted. Water flow will overcome obstacles, trying to get around them.

Similarly, our blood is trying to "circumvent the barriers": arteriolar narrowing, thickening of the vessel walls, "clogging" of the blood "highways" of plaque. These are some of the causes of hypertension. Increased pressure can be caused by disease of the internal organs, such as kidney failure, age or hormonal changes.

On this basis, distinguish primary hypertension,also called hypertension, and secondary hypertension, called "essential hypertension". As the medical research, hypertension can also be caused by genetic abnormalities or inclination of both parents to the disease.

Incidentally, hypertension isoccur against the background of a sedentary lifestyle, with excess weight, as well as a permanent mental or emotional stress. But factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption and too salty food can become not only a cause of high blood pressure, and other serious diseases - ischemia and atherosclerosis.

Thus, the reasons for high blood pressure:

  • thickening of the vessel walls;
  • cholesterol plaques;
  • diseases of internal organs;
  • age-related changes;
  • hormonal changes;
  • genetic disease;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • overweight;
  • emotional (or mental) capacity;
  • smoking;
  • excessive alcohol consumption.

How to deal with such a serious disease like hypertension? What if high blood pressure does not normally live and work?

How to reduce the pressure at home?

If you have blood pressure has risen, do nothurry to take daily doses of drugs, as there are plenty of other ways to overcome the manifestation of the disease, without resorting to drugs. An alternative to pills and potions has always been nature - herbs, fruit trees and some bushes, twigs and kidneys, vegetables and fruits.

What herbs are capable of such a miracle, as the lowering of blood pressure and normalization? Here are some of the fruits and herbs that lower the pressure:

How to reduce the pressure at home?
Wild rose and hawthorn. Good stimulant of the heart isrosehips and hawthorn. These fruits can be found in virtually every pharmacy or collect on the plot straight from the bush. Each of these fruits separately and in combination to help reduce blood pressure. Hawthorn effective at elevated diastolic pressure. Such properties of hawthorn and dog rose berries are based on the ability to help the work of the heart muscle, improving blood flow throughout the body and clean the arteries from unwanted entities.

Stevia, flax seed, and valerian. An excellent natural remedy to reduceBlood pressure is stevia. Its extract can be used as a sugar substitute. Based on these properties, stevia human stabilizes blood sugar, so its use is shown in patients suffering from diabetes. In order to stabilize the pressure in folk medicine used as a seed and flax oil, extracts of valerian (which is a sedative).

Attention! Before taking decoctions of herbs, consult with your doctor! Observe the dosage indicated on the packaging with herbs. Remember that every person is different, so do not risk it.

Increased motor activity and normalization supply. In addition to therapy with herbs, you canuse and purely physiological methods. For example, an increase in activity during the day, little physical activity, walking outdoors. These physical "exercise" is more important than taking the drugs, they eliminate the extra weight, make the heart "exercise."

Many high blood pressure condition known asAfter the pressure was lowered rapidly strong physical exertion, while diabetics still falling blood sugar levels. Presses himself moderately, gradually increasing the load level. Then you can control your blood pressure by alternative methods.

Attention! Sudden exercise for people suffering from hypertension, are contraindicated. With strong pressure surges can overload and even angina. For this reason, making the schedule for another day, remember that it is better not to rely on "maybe" and keep to yourself nitroglycerin. It is especially important to remember the elderly. Do not risk your health and life.

Review your diet, eat not onlycereals and meat dishes, but also fruits and vegetables. In every house there is a miracle crops - beets. Beet juice, boiled beets and beet salad with the addition - lowered systolic and diastolic blood pressure. This vegetable should regularly be on your desk.

How to reduce the pressure at home?
Impacts on the acupuncture points. It helps fight the effects of increased pressure on acupuncture points. There is a way to lower the pressure acting on theline ranges from a deepening of the ear lobe and to the clavicle. Attach your index finger into the groove under the ear lobe, tap and drag the line to the middle of the clavicle. An imaginary line should be almost vertical.

Pressure on the line is not strong enoughjust stroking the skin with a finger. Spend 8-10 times on each side of the head, to partly pressure dropped. The result will be fixed on the blood pressure monitor, measuring the pressure to massage and immediately after it. Try it - and you will succeed!

Be healthy!

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