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  • Voluntary medical insurance

    "Voluntary health insurance" - the conceptwide enough. Therefore, the price of basic outpatient care for an individual ranges from $ 300 to $ 1,000, depending on the clinic and breadth of the program.

    Medical insuranceA second optional part - inpatientservice, have the opportunity, if necessary, go to the hospital by the insurer. This service costs an additional $ 100-400. In Moscow, about a hundred hospitals, and most of them are cooperating with insurance companies. The policy often includes emergency hospitalization, and not indications for elective surgery. Require emergency hospitalization or acute exacerbation of chronic diseases (unstable angina, acute myocardial infarction, acute cerebrovascular accident, acute pneumonia, acute cholecystitis, acute appendicitis and TD), injuries, poisoning (except for alcohol and drugs, which are exceptions to the insurance coverage).

    The decision to accept such hospitalization physician"Ambulance" or physician clinics. In the event of emergency hospitalization insurer pays for all medical care, including surgery. But in the standard health insurance exception is major surgery: reconstructive surgery on blood vessels, heart, transplantation of organs and tissues, etc...

    The third part - Ambulance. In the case of the treatment the patient will arrive the city, "ambulance", and a doctor from the clinic, to which it is attached, or special service (this is especially true at night or on weekends, when the therapist is not dozoveshsya). This option is estimated at $ 50-150 per year. On the call in the "ambulance" clock dispatching service meets qualified doctor or nurse. Will come to you "ambulance" or not - decides the doctor or nurse.


    Another important part of a voluntary policymedical - dental services, which provide a special department at general clinics and specialized agencies. The minimum value of this item of the contract - $ 200 (for the most simple treatment), the maximum - $ 5000 (for the opportunity to put a mouth full of teeth free).

    Many insurance companies offer thisservice as personal physician: you will have a curator, you will be able to call on the mobile at any time of day or night, and he will try to show you that your health is more interested in his own. This service costs from $ 300 per year, depending on the number and qualification of the doctor attached to it patients.

    It is also possible to include in the policy a permanent servicemedical surveillance for you in case of illness, ie sister-sitter home. price range here is great: from $ 100 to $ 800. The cost depends on the degree of probability that the service still have to provide. Clearly, a lonely 60-year-old widower soon find himself in a helpless position than the 40-year-old father, who is nearly always served a glass of water (except for very very severe cases).

    Separately, you can buy a rehabilitation program: a trip to dispensaries and health centers. The cost of it will be equal to the cost of sanatorium vouchers. Pay for treatment in advance, you can go to a convenient time for you, even without any evidence.

    This whole set of options you can combine inany variations. Many companies offer special family policy (from $ 1000 and above), programs for children from birth to 15 years ($ 600-7000), a program for pregnant women, including labor ($ 800-6000).

    But as a rule, the most popular combination - outpatient care and dentistry. It costs an average of $ 600 to $ 3000.

    Price policy

    The amount laid out for your policy does not dependonly the number of items for which you can claim the attention to the person, but also from the clinics where have the right to appeal. For example, out-patient treatment in a polyclinic of the Navy will cost an average of $ 300 per year, and in the clinic of the medical center of the Office of Presidential Affairs - to $ 1,300.

    Insurers explained that the price policyIt is formed from four components. The main thing - the actual costs of treatment, that is, the money that the company give clinics and hospitals: this component is 60%. In addition, the amount laid on the formation of reserves in the conduct of business, profit. In a specific example it looks like this: policy - $ 500; of which medicine - $ 300 $ 100 - on the formation of reserves, $ 70 - to conduct business. The remaining $ 30 - profits of the insurer.

    The increase in insurance rates

    Desire is the client for any insurerunder the age of 45 years, that is not burdened by many diseases and is not inclined to listen to your body, to once again not to bother the doctor; he is busy at work - go to the clinic, when it becomes unbearable; earns from $ 1.5 thousand. per month, then parted with the money without much regret. All other insurers - unwanted exceptions.

    Most insurers prefer to refuse patients with HIV and oncology, the disabled, drug addicts and people with mental disorders.

    Insurers have long enjoyed close increasecoefficients for the "problem" customers. Your age is more than 55 years? Multiply the price of the basic policy for 1,3-3. You have a chronic illness? Climb on the "x 1.2-1.5" calculator. Work or hobbies associated with the risk of injury? Ratio of 1.5-2.

    In some cases, when the insurer wantsexclude the presence of diseases that prevent the sale of the policy, he may appoint a medical examination or ask the customer to bring the patient card. If the cards you did not have a contract and is concluded without a medical examination, but during the period of its operation it turns out that the client is concealed from the insurer of the disease, because of which it would not have taken the insurance contract will be considered invalid.

    Keep in mind that increasing the playsloss-making contract for the past period. If you are an insurer unprofitable customer, you have spent the entire sum insured, in the second year will have to pay for the policy more. And not the fact that if you decide to change insurer, the policy will be cheaper, because your patient card will show: the whole of last year, you are actively attending physicians.

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