Perinatal psychology

We still know little about human lifewomb. We did not imagine that he feels and how. It opens this mystery perinatal psychology. She appeared not so long ago, incomplete forty years ago. This science is the study of the mental life of the child in the womb (fetal) or only that which was born (newborn).

In ancient times, the pregnancy was considered a kind of miracle, a special status, the gift of God
In ancient times it was considered a kind of pregnancywonderful, special status, the gift of God, and labor - something mysterious and sacred. There are still tribes who worship a pregnant woman as a goddess. In our civilized society we are not so reverent attitude to pregnant women, but still do not know much about human life in the womb. We did not imagine that he feels and how. It opens this mystery perinatal psychology.

Perinatal Psychology appeared not so long ago,incomplete forty years ago. This science is the study of the mental life of the child in the womb (fetal) or only that which was born (newborn), its relationship with the mother, its influence on the psychological state of the child.

Scientists claim that the fetus has a mental life and long-term memory.

It turns out that the perinatal period hasa huge impact on the future of man. The subconscious human postponed what was happening to him in the womb, during and after childbirth. In the future, these events affect how it will behave in certain situations, how will.

Perinatal events can be divided into the following stages: pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.


At this stage the life potentialman, his ability to adapt to different conditions. Mommy, learn to love the baby in his tummy, even if his appearance was for you a very pleasant surprise!

The fetus in the womb

Many scientists argue that basic mentalphysical potential and the desired child is much higher. The children who did not want to, sleep poorly, easily upset, and for a long time can not calm down. They tend to be physically weaker than desired children.

Have you ever wondered why pregnant womenasked not to worry and avoid stressful situations? The fact that a child is in the mother's tummy, very sensitive to her mood. He sees, hears, feels taste and touch. The child sees the "big world" through the eyes of my mother, sees it through the prism of her emotions.

How does he do it? Partly - with the help of hormones that come to the baby through the placenta. Partly - with the help of electromagnetic fields mom.

Scientists believe that the mother and child communicate with each other by means of electromagnetic waves in the millimeter range.

Probably, some of the information transmittedvia the aquatic environment of the mother. However, the baby in the womb can show independence. He has the touch (about the tenth week of the fetus feels the touch). On the eighteenth week of pregnancy, the baby begins to drink amniotic fluid and distinguish taste. Carefully watch your menu. You can teach your child to eat the future "not."

The hearing aid is formed by about twentythe second week, but outside noise children hear bad. They interfere with the noise of the internal organs of the mother. But they hear a very great mother. So that readers recommend our site and part moms read aloud, singing songs and just talk to your toddler. This is a better deal, when the baby is awake. During his waking hours to determine easy. Usually, at this time the child is actively moving. It will be just fine if every day in one of the periods of wakefulness kid you talk to him in this way: to touch any point on your stomach and say something to him like, "Hello, baby." Gradually, your conversations will be longer, and to touch the baby will respond to its jerks. This game can bring dad and older kids. Just keep in mind that everyone should have "own" part of the abdomen to the touch and "its sound code." This game is, firstly, developing the sense of touch and hearing the baby, and secondly, a positive effect on his emotional development. It is not born, he knows that he is loved.

By the twenty-fourth week of the child's pupilsbegin to respond to light. Some scientists believe that the uterus gets the red part of the spectrum, others think that there is complete darkness reigns. But the smell of your baby learns to distinguish only when born. In the womb he will trust your sense of smell.


This perinatal determines who will be thechild in the "big" life (is he a victim or a winner), both will fight for a place under the sun (actively moving to the target, or waiting for the weather at sea).

Scientists believe that natural childbirth as well as possiblebetter influence the future of your baby in the outside world. Much of this process depends on the mother's ability to intuitively understand what, when and how to do it, the ability to feel their child. Stimulation of labor breaks the interaction of mother and fetus, speeding up the process against their will, causing the child to feel like a victim, why resort to it is only for medical reasons. When a planned cesarean section still occurs painless for the baby, he does not feel fear. However, many scientists believe that a fighter your child in this case, most likely, will not, and do not recommend to resort to caesarean section unnecessarily.

Do you want your child to be a fighter? Behave correctly when attempts, and then the baby will be more assertive in carrying out its tasks objectively perceive and act appropriately in different situations in their lives.

Behave during labor and vain attempts as desiredhelp breathing. It can help you reduce the pain. Correct breathing at birth can learn on their own (now there is a huge amount of literature on the subject) or courses for pregnant women. During labor, try to listen carefully to what you said the midwife, and as accurately as possible to carry out her team. The huge help and support during labor may have a husband (or other relatives, such as mother). Joint labor have many advantages. First, during the battles you will not be alone with the pain. Next you will be close to the person who will be able to draw, maintain a kind word and to help control the situation. Secondly, it is no secret that a loved one is easier to take than a stranger, especially in a stressful situation, and childbirth - it is still stressful and word midwife repeated by your husband, will reach up to your consciousness. The main thing that a man whom you take with you in labor, was really reliable.


Parents with newborn
At this stage, according to scientists, is formedthe relation of man to freedom, their powers and abilities. That is why the natural birth the baby immediately put on the mother's abdomen. He sees his mother, feeling her warmth. In a word, the baby feels secure and gradually get used to freedom. She was not scared. Immediately after birth, is not taking the breast, the baby looks at the mother's face with wide eyes. He seemed to be re-acquainted with her. This process is called bonding. Psychologists say that it was during this scrutiny of form strong emotional bond between mother and child. Just great if next to a newborn at this point would be and dad, which previously only heard the baby - he will also be involved in the bonding process - the establishment of the first emotional contact. Let Dad take the newborn in his arms and kiss to my (best if it will contact "skin to skin"), talk to him. Our site should be noted that particular importance is the presence of the father in the case of caesarean section. While doctors "conjure" over the mother, the child will be in charge of the pope.

If so will arise the circumstances, that a childfor an extended period after childbirth can not be with his mother, in the future, any independence for it may be prove to be a burden. However, this situation can be corrected breastfeeding up to one year, good care, tenderness and love.

Breastfeeding - a very important point,that affects the physical and emotional development of the child. For infants there is nothing more useful and nutritious mother's milk. No one, even the best mixture will not be able to fully meet its needs for nutrients. Breast milk - the best prevention of various diseases.

The composition of milk is unique and ideally suited to only one child. The composition of this varies throughout the day and days of newborn life.

From the viewpoint of emotions - a thread whichIt connects mother and child. They still make a single whole, but not in the physical, and psycho-emotional terms. Newborn very sensitively feels the mood of the mother. Often, when my mother upset about something, the kid also behaves restlessly, shouting naughty. Try to be as calm as possible. To avoid mood swings may not succeed, but they will help to soften the auditory training, care and support loved ones (especially the husband).

Another very important factor inemotional development of the child is attentive, responsive attitude of his parents to him and to each other. Spend as much time together, smile his crumbs, often keep it on hand. Newborn is experiencing the so-called "tactile hunger", so try. Your touch is vital for him.

Scientists have proved that the baby is developing rapidly,if from birth a lot of contact with, you communicate through touch parents. Those. touch with each dressing, bathing, feeding, worn on the hands, massage, exercises are of great importance.

Perhaps some hypotheses perinatal psychology seem questionable. However, the science of forces thoroughly think about what's inside pregnant woman It is not just the fruit, and growingpersonality. The child inside the womb - is not simply a physiological thing, it is a person with his psychic life, and to you, dear women, on how you behave during pregnancy, childbirth and the first few hours after them, depends largely on its future.

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