Preparing for gastroscopy

More and more people are concerned about the problems withstomach and digestion. Someone there is belching, heartburn, among other - burning, discomfort (distension, severity) or pain in the place where the stomach is placed. In such cases, in order to properly diagnose and then prescribe the effective treatment, the doctor gives direction to gastroscopy.

Understanding gastroscopy

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Examination is assigned in case ifdoctor is suspected damage or serious violations of the gastrointestinal tract. It dispels doubts physician, helps to clarify the diagnosis. To gastroscopy was effective, it is necessary to properly prepare for it. To start will explain exactly how this procedure takes place, because many patients are hearing about a gastroscopy, is very experienced and quite literally lose the peace, waiting for something terrible. In fact, the survey is simple, you just need to recognize it and positively set yourself. During gastroscopy specialist to whom the patient is enrolled in advance at reception, on the appointed day and time through the larynx will introduce a special modern device called gastroscope. Next priborchik be lowered through the esophagus directly into the stomach. Gastroscope like a cord of medium size. At one end is a miniature video camera. This cord is attached to the main unit. Gastroscope allows you to explore in detail the state of the fundus, its walls. The image is shown on the screen, you can zoom in if necessary to thoroughly examine and study, and burn to disc. If necessary, an expert can immediately take a sample of tissue in one or more areas of the stomach wall, then to send the material to the laboratory. Along the way, the expert will examine whether everything was in order with the esophagus and duodenum. With this method manages to detect changes in the mucous erosion, inflammation, bleeding, gastritis, Ulcers, polyps and cancer noted in the initial stages, when only just begun the degeneration of cells.

Before the procedure

gastroscopy, gastroenterology, stomach, intestines, Survey

Going for an examination, dress inloose-fitting clothing so that it does not stop you from relaxing and breathing normally. No ties, tight collars, belts and the like! Take along a large towel, a change of shoes, wet wipes, a medical insurance policy (and a photocopy of it) and a referral from a gastroenterologist (or therapist), a medical card and the results of the examinations that were done earlier, a passport.

A few important points:

  1. 3 hours before gastroscopy smoking people absolutely must refrain from cigarettes.
  2. If you really want to drink in the morning, you can swallow no more than 100-150 ml of water, but notify your specialist who will carry out the survey.
  3. In the morning, before the procedure, try to talk less.
  4. If a woman is pregnant, she should communicate their position endoscopist.
  5. People with pulmonary or cardiac illnesses should also be notified of their diagnosis before beginning the procedure. In the presence of allergies on any medication also tell it in his office.
  6. If you have been prescribed the drug, reducing the acidity of the stomach, the survey day (before the start), do not use them.
  7. Empty your bladder before you will come to the survey.
  8. Before you lie down on the couch, remove dentures, glasses, contact lenses (if any).

How is the procedure?

gastroscopy, gastroenterology, stomach, intestines, Survey

Gastroscopy conducts qualified, so no harm and complications should not be afraid to health.

The patient lies down on the couch, on your left side. Under his head enclose the towel, which he brought with him. During the examination, there is a saliva, so the towel is very useful. We must try to relax, close your eyes. The oral cavity is irrigated by means of local anesthetic (usually lidocaine). the mouthpiece is inserted between teeth. Now we must try to make as if an imaginary sip and breath, while at this time the doctor quickly protolknёt long tube gastroscope through the esophagus. Follow all recommendations of medical staff, then the survey will take place quickly, without complications and curiosities. After the procedure, a gastroscopy, the patient may feel a tickle, discomfort in the throat, tongue numbness. Sometimes it happens regurgitation air. All these events will take place shortly. Can eat in 30 minutes. If a biopsy was performed, then for 48 hours can not take hot food, only warm.

On average, ordinary examination takes 10 minutes. If the specialist performs more any manipulation (takes samples of mucous cells, stops bleeding, removes polyps), the procedure can last 20-30 minutes. Yes, the sensation can be unpleasant, but it should customize itself that gastroscopy purpose - to help people. We hope that the above recommendations and explanations will help you to easily transfer this informative diagnostic tests. Do not delay visit to the doctor because of fear, than before an accurate diagnosis, the more effective will be measures to overcome it will be delivered.

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