Treatment and prevention of allergies

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to at least temporarilyeliminate one or the other reason causing the allergy. And some can not do. What, then, should be your action in the event of an allergic reaction? And let us ask, is it possible to completely get rid of the allergy and, if so, how?

Treatment and prevention of allergies
Tatiana and Olga - sisters, but they livequite differently. Tanya morning engaged in cleaning the house and whisks away the dust from his collection of figurines. Then she goes for a walk in the park with his dog enjoying the breeze carrying the smell from the nearby fields and the forest. In the evenings, it is arranged in a comfortable chair in front of TV with her fluffy cat, which is so like to sleep on your lap hostess.

Olga, on the contrary, feels completelymiserable. Even at a considerable distance from the dusty blankets she begins to choke and sneeze. Even a short walk in the park makes her eyes tear and blush. She misses her pets - they now live with Tatiana.

Where allergy is taken

The difference between sisters that one of themallergy. Do people like Olga, the immune system reacts to normally present in the air (and for all other harmless) particles, such as dust, mold, pollen and animal dander.

Typical allergy symptoms include sneezing, itchy nose and coldas well as swelling, redness and itching in the eyes,sometimes a rash on the skin. Whether you have an allergy, partly depends on what genes you got from your parents, and partly on the environment. If one of the parents is allergic, then the risk of developing an allergy in a child is approximately 30-50%, if both parents are allergic, the risk for a child increases to 60-80%. In addition, contact with high concentrations of allergens (e.g. citrus fruits, chocolate) In early childhood increases the risk of allergy in the future.

Provocateurs, called allergens, eachits sufferer. However, they are not necessarily in the air and enter the body through the respiratory tract, as in hay fever. Sometimes food allergies (eg citrus fruits, shrimp, peanuts); contact allergy (for cosmetics, nickel); allergic to a substance to penetrate the skin (such as when a bee stings) or directly into the blood (for example, injections for penicillin).

Preventing allergies

What advise their doctors-allergistspatients who suffer from allergies? Avoid allergy culprits and deal with its symptoms. Here are some recommendations from our website, which will help people with allergies to breathe easier.

dust mites

Dust mite
It is extremely dangerous for people with allergies dust mites,tiny creatures feed on dust, skin flakes and other microscopic particles, accumulate in the bed, the furniture and curtains. A good way to limit contact with ticks - put on your mattress and pillows Polyethylene covers.

We also encourage you to seal the tape on the mattress zipper, closing the way for mites.

dry air

Mold and house dust mites themselves wellfeel the warmth and humidity. Therefore, in order to prevent, to reduce the amount of mold and dust mites, keep a dehumidifier in the bedroom and one in the common room.

However, remember that the air dryer should be cleaned at least once a week. Otherwise, it will mold to divorce.

If you have the opportunity, includefan when taking a shower. In a humid atmosphere unventilated bathroom greater develops mold. Once finished, open the door wide open to the bathroom weathered all the moisture.

Get rid of all the excess

To stop sneezing in the room, you need tofree room from all the excess: carpets, statuettes, calendars, stuffed toys. All of these things accumulate dust, and, therefore, are breeding grounds for dust mites. It is recommended as prevention of allergy how to change the bedding often can be regularly washed or dry cleaned your pillows and blankets.

Home allergy

To the house you feel as well as the fresh air, get rid of carpets and rugs. Leave a smooth wooden floor.

All books and documents stored on shelves behind glass. But not on the bedside table and not in the chest. Books and paper - excellent storage harmful to your dust.

Continuing to maintain order in the house. The mountains of unnecessary things lead to the accumulation of harmful dust, moreover, all surfaces should be easily accessible for cleaning. Regularly wet cleaning of the house.

The best style for your home interior becomes minimalism - leave only the most necessary. Simply but tastefully.


Allergies and Pets
It used to be that people are allergic to animal hair. However, if you have forged a bald cat, from constant sneezing it will not save you.

The fact that the allergic reaction is not wool pets and their dandruff - small skin flakes.

Surprisingly, allergies may also startpets, but only under certain prophylactic rules. Dogs and cats should not sleep in the master bedroom, highlight them in the corner of the kitchen or in the hallway. Once a month, wash their pets with a special shampoo for animals. Throw away from home all carpets and rugs.

However, if you are not sure that will be able to meet these conditions, it is better not to start at all the dogs and cats. Have you thought about fishes or turtle?

allergy Treatment

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to at least temporarilyeliminate one or the other reason causing the allergy. And some can not do. What, then, should be your action in the event of an allergic reaction? And let us ask, is it possible to completely get rid of the allergy and, if so, how?

Rinsing the nasal saline

A good way to liquefy the mucus isnasal lavage with saline. Doctors Allergists recommend to use sprays salt solutions, which are commercially available. However, the salt solution can be prepared by. For this half teaspoon salt must dissolve in a glass of warm water. Rinse nose resulting solution with a blower, leaning over the sink, so there dripping liquid flowing from the nose. The rubber bulb can be purchased at the pharmacy.

Cool compresses to the eye

Cool compresses to the eye
If the eyes are itchy, red and swollen eyelids, take a clean soft cloth, soak it in cold water and hold in front, until it gets warm. If necessary, repeat the entire process again.

At the moment there is a huge amountOTC medical devices that eliminate allergy symptoms. But most of them are ineffective and not suitable for all allergy sufferers. So before you go to the pharmacy for medicine, our site encourages zapishisatsya to the doctor. Only allergist, taking you the necessary tests, will be able to identify the allergen. Then, on the basis of the results obtained and the type of allergic reaction in your body, he will prescribe a treatment. antihistamines and hormonal agents are typically used.

But almost all hormonal preparations have unwanted side effects, so youin consultation with your doctor, you can use natural antihistamines. For example, nettles, which contains substances that suppress the activity of histamine - a hormone that triggers the development of allergic reactions. Take the infusion of nettle leaves or capsules dry extract 500 mg three times a day.

Treatment and prevention of allergies
Perhaps, in order to accustom your body toadequate reaction to the allergen, the immune system to develop it as a treatment will be made allergen injections, but in small quantities. This method is inevitable, if you constantly have to be in the places where eliminate the causes of an allergic reaction is not possible. Injections are done every week for about 12 months, until the response to the allergen becomes less problematic for you.

You should see a doctor yet because it is often the root cause of allergies are diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Do not delay visit to the doctor in the following situations:

  • you find it hard to breathe, you sneeze, cough, despite the fact that regularly taking medication for allergies;
  • you are unable to determine the cause of allergic reactions.

With allergies must learn to live. And we hope that after reading this article you will be a little easier to cope with this difficult.

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