How to get a quote for surgery

A growing number of seriously ill people,according to a special document have the opportunity to undergo free medical examination and treatment in specialized clinics. Most often, the card allows you to receive financial assistance for the operation. How to make the quota for medical care and that the need for this?

Quota - This financial aid, whichthe state allocates a sick person to carry out a costly operation and inspection. And we are not talking about the standard surgical procedure, but the expensive treatment with the use of special technologies. For example, you can get a quote for the treatment of cancer, complicated operations on heart and vessels of the brain, joint replacements, for in vitro fertilization. Review of the documents by a specialbody - the state system of high-tech medical care. This assistance system VMP (high-tech medical care) institutions provide Russian citizens in more than 160 clinics in the country. Each year, funds for the work of specialized clinics are allocated from the federal budget.

The procedure for obtaining

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To get a quote for an operation, the patient must visit such specialists:

  • Physicians 'primary' level;
  • Health Fund in its region;
  • Federal health institutions professionals.

Passage of the three commissions will allow expertsfederal hospitals to take a positive decision on the issue on the operation of quota. Then, the regional health authority experts will issue an electronic ticket "to help" and people are very able to track the fate of the quota over the Internet on a special website.

In addition to visiting professionals should have on hand the following documents for registration of financial assistance:

  • a statement of the treatment;
  • test results;
  • statement of appeal;
  • photocopy of your passport or birth certificate (if the child is in need of assistance);
  • a copy of medical insurance policy;
  • a copy of the insurance policy of the pension (for persons with disabilities and senior citizens);
  • a copy of the individual insurance numbers.

In addition, the state provides funds for a free ride to the institution, where the treatment will take place.

To get a ticket, you need to prepare the following documents:

  • a copy of the insurance certificate of the pensioner;
  • a copy of medical insurance policy;
  • copy of the first page of the passport and residence permit;
  • copy of the document for free treatment;
  • the direction of the medical institution with the signature of the head physician (or specialist) and the seal of the institution.

Nuances at registration quota

State support, quota, quota for an operation, the operation of all the surgery, get a quote, benefits

Get a quota for an operation as possible and at the Department of Health of Russia.

The procedure for obtaining permission as follows:

  • you need to come to the reception to his doctor. He will issue a referral to a comprehensive examination and analysis;
  • after checking it will give you an extract from the case, will the survey results and analyzes;
  • Chief Specialist of the medical institution shall certify a statement signed and sealed;
  • Make sure to guide the medical institutions has sent a package of documents for consideration by the Department of Health. To be safe, remember, and better write that date;
  • be prepared for the fact that you may be invited toconsultation. Do not be upset if it did not happen. Each case is considered individually and maybe your documents do not require the personal presence of a positive decision;
  • two weeks go to the reception to his doctor and ask, the answer came or not. Usually to the documentation given to 14-20 days;
  • If the quota is received, your documents will be sent to the clinic, which has a high-tech medical care. If you place it lacks, will bring you automatically to the queue;
  • in case of emergency operation upon receiving the quota may be accelerated. For this statement is attached to the doctor's conclusion that surgery is not urgent.

On the treatment abroad

State support, quota, quota for an operation, the operation of all the surgery, get a quote, benefits

If you can not perform complex in Russiaoperation, then the patient may be referred for medical treatment abroad. To get a quote for treatment abroad, you need to go through several medical commissions. Waiting for response from foreign experts may be delayed for a few weeks and in case of refusal of a quota you have to offer an alternative treatment in their own country.

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