How is sigmoidoscopy

Sigmoidoscopy practice in Coloproctology -common method of research, which allows to know the state of the rectum and lower part of the sigmoid colon. Over the short name - rektoroskopiya. Do I need to prepare for this procedure? How is it going? On the device, used by professionals, and other important aspects of our site tells.

Understanding sigmoidoscopy

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This endoscopic examination is carried outUsing a special device, called rectoscope. It allows you to give a visual assessment of the inner surface of the intestine from the anus at a distance of 30 cm. The device is similar to the inside of the hollow tube having a small diameter, it is made of metal and equipped with optics. After entering the device into the rectum through the anus proctologist (or endoscopist) is an opportunity to inspect the intestinal mucosa, and capturing more of the sigmoid. Endoscopist certainly draws attention to the elasticity, color, moisture, shine and relief pattern, folds of mucous membrane, making conclusions about the state of vessels, tone and motor activity surveyed intestine. If you suddenly will be seen neoplasm, the specialist pinch off a small portion of it, then to carry out histological analysis.

When shown the procedure?

intestines, intestinal diseases, inspection, proctology, sigmoidoscopy

If the intestines clogged stool, it will complicate the introduction into the anus proctoscope, inspection will be impossible to carry out. endoscopist Work complicated if the patient has recently conducted irrigoscopy is present and residual barium. To survey was effective, has helped identify the causes of ailments, it is necessary to properly prepare for it. Long before the procedure, the physician should explain to the patient that examination of the intestinal mucosa intestine will be necessary to resort to a proctoscope, which have to be administered through the anus. Proctologist specifies whether an allergy in a patient, what medicines he uses, if he were not carried out in the last seven days with X-ray examination of the gastrointestinal tract with barium. Then the doctor will explain to the patient that the day before the procedure (24-48 hours), it will have to follow a diet, clean your intestines. At this time, are excluded from the use of fruits and vegetables, is given an indication - to drink more. On the day prior to the procedure, it is necessary to skip dinner, replacing it with a cup of tea. Most proctologists inclined to think that the procedure is necessary to appoint to the morning that it was done on an empty stomach. In some cases, it may be advisable for 3 hours prior to arrival at the procedure (or evening) the implementation of a cleansing enema, for which it is necessary to use plain water and a mug Esmarch. our website warns that the use of soapy water is not necessary for such purposes. Sometimes resort to purification tract with laxatives. Among them - Duphalac, Normase, Fleet, Fortrans. The patient is warned before the procedure that before the introduction of proctoscope is lubricated so it is best moved by the rectum, so many have false urge to defecate. Even during the movement of the endoscope gut is slightly expanded, it often causes colic. To straighten the intestinal mucosa, in the rectum air will be supplied. If the patient feels that the gases want to get from the intestines, then it should not interfere with this. If you have a chronic inflammation in the rectum, then 20 minutes before introducing it proctoscope will be treated with a solution of local anesthetic drug.

Carrying sigmoidoscopy

intestines, intestinal diseases, inspection, proctology, sigmoidoscopy

It is undergoing tests in the clinic orhospital, its duration - approximately 20 minutes. First you need to remove all clothing from the waist down. Typically, the patient shall be issued a special one-off shorts made for the study. The most convenient way to carry out all manipulations on a high couch, when the patient is in a knee-elbow position. If the patient is on the left side, then under his left thigh enclose cushion or small pillow sizes. The doctor gently removes the right buttock to the side, examining the anus. This is followed by palpation (examination with the fingers proctologist) the anus and rectum. It recommended at this moment to breathe through the mouth, quietly and deeply. After removing the proctologist finger mark whether the feces are present, allocation (pus, mucus or blood-tinged). The tube of the endoscope with an obturator inserted therein smeared with vaseline or a gel slowly introduced 5 cm into the anus. Then the obturator is replaced by the eyepiece, then the device again continues its slow movement on the rectum. When he passes the anal valve, it is necessary to natuzhitsya, as occurs in bowel movement. To bowel folds dealt, there is a supply of air in the digestive apparatus. If further examination prevent fecal matter, the eyepiece will be removed, and his place will replace the cotton swab necessary to clean the intestinal lumen. Interfering mucus, blood is removed using electric pump. If you need to remove the growths polypous then injected coagulation loop. When the inspection is completed, all the samples of biological material taken (from inflammatory sites or tumors), the device gradually pulled out. The biomaterial is preserved in a special way, it is placed in the appropriate container. To avoid falling blood pressure, a few minutes the patient is better to lie down on his back. Some time after the treatment of intestinal gases will be released. warns that if a biopsy was taken, the feces in the first days will be visible blood veins, do not be afraid of this.

Skilful endoscopist actions do not cause painpatient. The discomfort may occur, but it is connected with the fact that while in the intestine there is air procedures. Pain and if there are, then the tolerant, do not require the introduction of anesthetics. Under anesthesia, the survey only do young children.

This procedure is contraindicated?

intestines, intestinal diseases, inspection, proctology, sigmoidoscopy

Proctologists consider rektoroskopiyu simple,almost not harmful to the procedure, if it carries out specialist with the necessary skills and abilities. List of absolute contraindications to this method do not. But there are some situations where you should not start it:

  1. Severe narrowing of the anal canal.
  2. Severe bleeding that threaten the patient's life.
  3. Acute inflammation, walking in the abdomen and the anal canal.
  4. Acute abscess, the presence of an acute fracture of the anus.

Afraid described inspection is not necessary, althoughpresent some discomfort during the procedure. The performed sigmoidoscopy allows you to diagnose the early stages of a number of pathological changes in the rectum and sigmoid (more precisely, one of its one-third).

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