Application Duphalac

When you need to "soft" release of the intestines, peopleoften resort to laxatives different origin. Someone remembers the traditional methods, while others prefer to use proven laxative medication. These drugs include Duphalac.

The active drug substance -lactulose. This light powder, readily soluble in water. Syrup contains no dyes or flavors. It is a viscous liquid of a yellowish hue with sweet flavor.

Produced in a single dosage form - as a syrup.

In Duphalac 100 ml contains:

  • lactulose;
  • purified water.

The drug is packaged in a plastic container accordinghundred, two hundred and five hundred milliliters. Together with syrup in glass packaging has graduated. For a single application in a pharmacy selling small packets of laxatives (fifteen milliliters). One cardboard box contains ten such bags.

How does

Duphalac, constipation, bowel, colon cleansing, cleansing the body, laxative

The main effect of the drug is aimed at softening the stool and stimulate intestinal contractions. In addition, Duphalac helps to alleviate the patient's condition at poisoning.

Used Duphalac the following diseases:

Laxative prescribed for frequent or chronic constipation. Duphalac may appoint hemorrhoids before surgery in the rectum, in cases of suspected Syndrome putrid dyspepsia.

The drug is not absorbed into the bloodstream and is split intointestine. If a one-time dose of syrup seventy milliliters, then Duphalac completely metabolized. At higher doses - a medicine goes unchanged.

About contraindications

Duphalac, constipation, bowel, colon cleansing, cleansing the body, laxative

As mentioned earlier, the syrup has a sweet taste so recommended to take the medicine at its discretion: can be diluted with water to make a syrup or without dilution.

The daily dose of medication should be divided into two steps and use the measuring cup.

If you are appointed as the medication once a day, you should decide on the time and take the medicine every day at the same time - for example, every morning after breakfast.

Duphalac dosage must appoint a physician,based on the individual characteristics of the organism. For the treatment of constipation adult appoint the initial reception from fifteen to forty-five milliliters, subsequent - from ten to twenty-five milliliters. Regular laxative effect can be expected after two days of syrup, then the dose can be reduced. If the desired effect has not occurred in two days, it is necessary to increase the dosage.

In diseases of the liver (hepatic precoma)you first need to take a laxative for thirty-forty-five milliliters three times a day, and then the dose of laxative is adjusted depending on the result.

In some cases (severe bowel disease) Duphalac can not take by mouth, as well as an enema: seven hundred milliliters of warm water taken three hundred milliliters of medication.

When treating salmonellosis in two weeksDuphalac dosage is fifteen milliliters three times a day. Then seven days followed by a break and resuming reception of syrup at the same dosage, but with increasing frequency receiving up to five times per day.

Duphalac children

Duphalac, constipation, bowel, colon cleansing, cleansing the body, laxative

Laxatives are allowed to accept patients of all age groups. Safe and syrup for children. Contraindications to receiving is obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract and galactosemia.

How to make syrup for children:

  1. Babies under one year - two and a half milliliter.
  2. Children from one to five years - five milliliters.
  3. Children from five to ten years - ten milliliters.

Correct dosage of medication may only doctor. Our website recommends not to increase their own dose of laxative medicines.

Babies may be given undiluted or diluted syrup medication ordinary water.

In extreme cases Duphalac appoint and neonatal, but not before a nursing mother offered to adjust your diet and watch the baby. If the method does not help - the drug is prescribed.

Children often bottle-exposed infantsconstipation, so pediatricians often prescribe Duphalac. Many parents worry that a newborn will not be able later to empty yourself - with lactulose syrup is not addictive.

The use of laxatives during pregnancy

Duphalac, constipation, bowel, colon cleansing, cleansing the body, laxative

Often a pregnant woman suffers constipation, and correcting the power does not help, then doctors prescribe Duphalac reception. The syrup is completely safe and will not harm the health of the unborn child.

Lactulose acts on the body of a pregnantwomen thus: helps soften the stool, increase them and gently helps to free the intestine. Chronic administration of syrup clears the body of minerals and salts, and even has beneficial effects on pregnancy.

Among the obvious advantages Duphalac can distinguish the main thing - the ability to take medicine during breastfeeding. Syrup has no negative impact on the grudnichka.

Duphalac considered universal laxative, is not addictive, it is possible to give both children and adults, the main thing - follow the instructions of the attending physician. Be healthy!

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