Torticollis in newborns

Congenital muscular pathology of the neck, whichforcing a newborn baby all the time to keep his head turned to one side, called torticollis. The disease, firmly fixing neck crumbs in one position, and can be acquired after birth.

And although it does not bring first deviationyour child pain, parents need to sound the alarm as soon as possible: then torticollis causes asymmetric distortion face, curvature of the spine and disorders in the psyche. Advanced forms of the disease is much more difficult to cure than the start.

Varieties torticollis

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Medical practice classifies the disease into 3 forms:

  1. Misleading torticollis. With that, the muscle structure of the system is not broken, his head still unnaturally sloped to one side. Blame muscle hypertonicity. This is the most favorable in terms of correcting the shape torticollis, as it can be treated by a neurologist.
  2. Congenital torticollis. It is an orthopedic disorder. The disease is detected at the moment of birth, since it is accompanied by an external defect - the curvature of the neck. Congenital torticollis is divided into two types: muscle and bone. When illness muscle origin of the baby's head is tilted to one side and his face turned in the same direction. The reason for this lies in the type of torticollis malformation of the sternum clavicular and mastoid muscles. Bone appearance of the disease occurs on the basis of pathology of fetal skeleton. As a result, after the birth of a child can not turn his head to the side where the curved neck vertebrae.
  3. Acquired torticollis. The disease manifests itself in the same way as the congenital form, the only difference is that it can be detected in a child of any age. The causes of this form of the disease are as follows:
  • malformation of certain muscles;
  • the effects of the strong and extensive burns;
  • long stay of the head in an unnatural position;
  • impairment or loss of hearing / vision.

Causes of neck strain

torticollis, torticollis treatment, muscles, newborn, neck

After the birth of crumbs of his parents who had heard aboutvarious pathologies in newborns, meticulously considered heir, trying to understand him if he's okay. Unfortunately, the lack of obvious signs of disease does not prove that the child is absolutely healthy. The curvature of the neck on the basis of pathology in the development of muscles becomes apparent after an average of 2 weeks after the baby's born.

What signs should alert? Head crumbs during wakefulness and sleep "looks" in one direction - to the left or right, and the blades are at different levels, as one of them is raised. The sternoclavicular-mastoid complex is one of the muscle begins to "dry out" - to shrink in size. This deformation can be felt: fingers stumble on a marked thickening, located under the skin. By the way, from torticollis newborn boy suffered several times more often than girls. And inexplicably dominated by pan and tilt head to the right side.

The biggest risk infants who were in utero at position breech presentation - Their pediatricians visiting more often kids. Early detection of the problem, followed by the correct treatment of torticollis is the key to a full recovery, and disability of speech even is not. After 14-20 days after the birth of crumbs doctor, feeling his neck, already able to establish the anomaly by palpation of a muscle. As already noted, the first time torticollis does not cause discomfort to the newborn disease. However, at a later date grudnichok be capricious and cry if attempt to put his head in a natural position as an abnormally shortened muscle is already making itself felt pain.

Diagnosis of the disease is carried out by means of X-ray examination: the picture is sure to display the deformed arm.

Torticollis in newborns: methods of correction

Treatment usually begins when a child is 2 weeks - during this period often find torticollis. list all methods of treatment of diseases of the cervical muscles:

    torticollis, torticollis treatment, muscles, newborn, neck

  1. The most effective "medicine" from newborns is torticollis massage. First, it performs an experienced andlater the basics and rules of therapeutic and prophylactic massage masters and mom crumbs. The most important requirement for a massage - regularity. Only positive results can be expected under this condition.
  2. Second after the massage the most effectiveremedy for torticollis find gymnastics. Engage with your baby can be both under the control of the pediatrician in the clinic and at home by yourself. It also can not be lazy: regular execution of simple exercises above all. Basic gymnastic exercise medical complex - cautious turns the child's head in different directions. They operate within 7-10 minutes to 4 times a week.
  3. Not often, but still practiced swimming. Water - the best "pill" from the frigid muscle tension. In the treatment of torticollis important event is the overall strengthening of the child's back, and then let you get lessons in the pool.
  4. electrophoresis - Useful physiotherapy procedure which facilitates an abundant flow of blood to the sore muscles.
  5. The child must be given the opportunity to understand thata position in which he has his head due to torticollis, unnatural. The problem, of course, very difficult, but doable. To this end, parents should try to teach your baby to sleep on-donut cushion. A more radical method of rigid fixation of the affected neck is wearing a special plaster corset in the form of a collar. The device helps to stretch the shortened muscle and give the neck and head right position.

If the active treatment, which lastsless than 2 years, the results fall short of expectations, the doctor will suggest the child's parents to consider the possibility of surgery in which doctors will give the affected muscle of the right shape.

By surgery torticollis problem is solved only in exceptional cases, because the conservative methods of treatment, as a rule, to recover enough.

Preventing torticollis

torticollis, torticollis treatment, muscles, newborn, neck

Simple rules will help you to train the neck of the baby to problems with the muscles (and, as a consequence of acquired torticollis) could not occur in principle.

  1. To this end during the games with the child put the bright objects and toys that the one or the other side of the baby.
  2. Leaning over the crumbs, talk to him,Sing him a song and move your body to the left and to the right - so you'll be encouraged to keep track of your small movements of eyes and using a head turn.
  3. The baby crib Lay affectedside of the neck to the wall. Toddler certainly interested in sounds coming from the room (my mother's voice, the phone rings, canaries trill), and the little explorer will try to turn his head to the interested sound source, thereby training the neck.
  4. Every day do baby massage. No matter what purpose you knead crumb neck - therapeutic or prophylactic - most importantly, do not be lazy and do it regularly. Only in this case you bring your baby's health undeniable benefits.

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