Treatment of heel spurs

In the past century, heel spurs worn statusa rare disease. Her appearance, doctors believed the sad result of injuries. Today the situation has radically changed: plantar fasciitis - that is "sore" called official medicine - found almost more often than sprains and fractures together.

Why the "spur"?

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point defeat is in the heel area,more precisely, the heel bone. On its surface is formed shiloobrazny bone build-up with a pointed tip. Outwardly, he really looks like a steel spike on the back side of the boot, which goad horse. His curved outer edge build-up facing the toes of the foot. This new "bone" literally bites into the soft tissue of the heel, which is why there appears the inflammatory focus, greatly complicating the patient's movement.

Fasciitis - not an independent disease, but a symptomanother disease. Such foot problems are more common among women: almost 80% of all sufferers - the fair sex, living in the cities! You will spur may at any age, sometimes immediately on both feet.

Causes of the heel bone deformation

feet, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, foot, foot care, fasciitis

  1. With the help of medication. The arsenal of medical ointments, gels and other drugs in relieving inflammation of the affected area. For example, hydrocortisone drugs, novocaine, potassium iodide. Pain disappears on average after two weeks. There are other, less popular methods of treating spurs - injections in the heel. The procedure is very painful and therefore in great demand not use it.
  2. With the help of physiotherapy sessions electrophoresis, Shockwave, laser, magnetotherapy.
  3. With the help of regular exercise physiotherapy, exercises which are aimed at the normalization of blood circulation in the lower extremities.
  4. With the help of massage therapy.
  5. Furthermore, it is desirable to useorthopedic insoles and heel cushions. Pleasure is not cheap, but no doubt effective: it evenly distributes the load on the whole foot, reducing the pain.
  6. Very rarely, when none of the treatmentsthe doctor does not recognize effective as the solution to the problem offered to the patient surgery. This option is justified only when all the tried treatments really were powerless. MirSovetov notes that the operation, alas, does not put an end to the fight for tripping, but only eliminate some of the symptoms of heel spurs.

How to treat spur traditional medicine

feet, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, foot, foot care, fasciitis

  1. Onion peel pour vinegar in a ratio of 1 to 1,cover with a tight lid and the dishes leave for two weeks. Resulting in that time a lot of layer 1 cm Apply to the affected area, cover with plastic wrap and put on wool socks. The compress should be left for 8 hours. The procedure can be repeated every day not more than 6 times in a row.
  2. A small amount of chicken bile (40-50 g)mix it with vodka (20 grams) and shampoo (5 g). To start a good steam out feet in hot water, then attach to the heel of the patient several times folded linen cloth soaked in the prepared mixture, cover with a tight top with cellophane and put on warm socks. Compress left overnight.
  3. Ripe walnuts grind to a statepulp and apply the mixture to the affected area only, but also to the entire foot. Administration is the top cover with parchment paper, securing it with a plaster. The medicine should be left on all night.

Pre disastrous decision - to cure legusing some "granny's" recipes. If there are any positive results, the patient will see them only a few months. Ideally, treatment of folk remedies should be used as a complement to the main, conservative therapy.

In order to not hurt the heel

feet, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, foot, foot care, fasciitis

The specifics of this disease is that it is better to warn him a hundred times, than once to try to heal:

  • wear comfortable shoes, give up pins and shoes with beautiful but uncomfortable narrow noses;
  • if possible, do not overload the foot refrain from long routes without special training, avoid heavy sports, on which the foot muscles are in constant tension;
  • If you have flat feet, use special orthopedic insoles;
  • take care of the spine from injury and congestion;
  • once a week spend the evening at his feet: make a bath with the addition of sea salt or your favorite essential oils, followed by a massage cream gently massage the feet;
  • engaged in the general health promotion.

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