How to protect your eyes from the monitor the impact of

Any device for the display of visualinformation harmful to the human eye. Imagine our modern life is now impossible without a TV or computer. There is only one way out - as much as possible to protect your eyes from the hazards posed by the computer monitor and the TV screen.

How to protect your eyes from the monitor the impact of
These days, probably, everyone knows thatany device for displaying visual information harmful to the human eye. But whatever you say, and imagine our modern life is now impossible without a TV or computer. There is only one way out - as much as possible to protect your eyes from the hazards posed by the computer monitor and the TV screen. our site will try to explain the basic principles of the protection of the influence on him of the monitor.

How to protect your eyes from the monitor the impact of

  1. First, make a choice in favor of TFT-monitoror plasma display, if you are still using a conventional CRT-monitor or CRT TVs. The fact that conventional monitors and TVs flashing every second. It is easy to see when the TV show included a computer, remember? Therefore it is better to use high frequency monitor (s refresh rate of at least 75 Hz, and a grain size of not more than 0.28 mm) and plasma display panels, they are much less stress on the eyes.
  2. Secondly, try to make the imageas clear. Fortunately now all modern TVs and monitors have a special function definition adjustment. To the TV screen was not interference, do not take their own money and set quality external antenna or satellite dish. And with constant and frequent use of the computer is necessary to choose a graphics card, do not distort the real picture. Also pay attention to the Monitor VGA-cable, that it can be a source of additional interference.

Those who spend a lot of time at the computeryou can recommend setting a higher brightness for viewing pictures and videos and lower for working with texts. But remember - the human eye perceives only the average brightness of the screen image, so setting it too high or low is still useless. So the rule of increasing or decreasing the brightness should be applied within reasonable limits and only relative to the average brightness of the image. Among other things, our site recommends wiping the monitor screen more often, it is a layer of dust or dirt that may be one of the reasons for poor-quality images.

  • Third, working on the computer at night,be sure to include artificial lighting, it is best fluorescent lamp, whose light is as close to estesstvenno daylight. This is especially true if you have a lot, and often work with a keyboard as with poor light your eyes have to constantly strain to make out the necessary characters. Use only readable fonts. If you are not clear, do not hurt your eyes, simply increase the point size.
  • An additional lighting fullyIt applies to TV viewing in the dark. Include some scattered light - floor lamp, wall lamp. But just take a look to his light is not reflected on the screen. Just behind it is necessary to watch the afternoon, a sunny day. If the sun's rays fall on the screen, then zaveste window curtain or even tulle.

  • Fourth, choose the right distancemonitor. It should not be less than 45 cm, and your eyes should be approximately at the level of the upper edge of the monitor. Besides the slope of monitor should be such that its lower part was closer to you than the top.
  • TV is not recommended for less thantwo to three meters from the screen. The closer you have the screen, the more strain your eyes to focus the transmitted image. And certainly overcame the TV in the sitting position. In no case did not go to the side, back, etc. Different distance and eye level to tilt the screen significantly impair vision.

  • Fifthly, use special protective glasses withlenses, optical filters. But do not believe those sellers who say their goggles fit absolutely everyone. These glasses are selected ophthalmologist only individually in accordance with the special procedures of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, respectively, they may not cost 200-300 rubles, and be of the same type. After all, as you know, your health is better not to save.
  • Sixth, from time to time it is necessary to diverthis view of foreign objects in the room, and every hour to make a break for five to ten minutes. The fact is that when we watch TV or work at the computer, our eyes blink six times less than in normal conditions. It is fraught with drying of the cornea as the eye much less washed tear fluid.
  • Therefore, during the break, our site encouragesdo small exercises for your eyes. Stand at the window, look into the distance, and then quickly focus your eyes on the tip of the nose. And so ten times. Then blinked rapidly for 20-30 seconds. Another exercise is to: dramatically "throw" look up - left - down - right. Just repeat 10-15 times. Then give your eyes a rest, look at the clouds on the horizon. Close your eyes, feel the muscles relax the eye and retina.

  • Well, the last. Start taking vitamin A. He is responsible for the eye sensitivity to bright light and sharp change of image. Maybe you notice that when you leave the winter on the street - from the abundance of sparkling snow you start to blink from severe cramps in her eyes. The second symptom - tearing eyes from the oncoming wind. If you present these symptoms a lack of vitamin A in the body, then it's time you look in the pharmacy. Only use the instructions in the manual, since excess vitamin is also no good does not.
  • That's it. We have examined all the basic simple rules that will help you a long time to keep your eyes healthy and nutritious.

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