Boric acid - a drug for adults


Boric acid - a drug for adults
acid, many associated with children's otitis. However, in light of recent
Studies have recognized it dangerous for children under 15 years. Article answer
questions what and who is to use boric acid.

acid. Applications in medical practice

weak acid has antimicrobial activity. When applied topically helps to get rid of lice. Limit its use is explained by the ability of boric
acid is well absorbed through the mucous membranes and damaged skin. But
even a little scratch - it is already damaged. After absorption into the blood boric
acid begins to be deposited in various organs. Bor, which is released
when her cleavage - a strong poison. Displayed boric acid excreted by the kidneys
So slow. It turns out that long-term use boric acid
It accumulates in the body in significant quantities. And we have in the body is formed
poison tank. In the kidneys of children still not formed. Therefore, the drug
easily retained in their organism. It turns out that, even dripping boric acid
ear, we are the grass child.

modern medicine boric acid is rarely used. On doctor's advice
2% aqueous solution of boric acid can be used to treat conjunctivitis.
3% aqueous solution is used for weeping eczema and dermatitis. boric alcohol
0.5% -3% concentration treated ear inflammation (otitis media). 10% glycerol solution was used
for the treatment of inflammation of the vagina (vaginitis). In the fight against lice will 5%
boric ointment.


children, use of boric acid drugs can not be people with diseased kidneys. After all
accumulation of the drug excreted through these bodies. And if they
do not work in full force, boric acid is retained in the body.

must not
assign this drug to pregnant women and nursing mothers. Even a single
the use of boric acid future mothers can lead to pathological
embryo development. In no case can not be "old-fashioned" handle nipples
boric acid before feeding. At the time when this procedure mom
performed everywhere, poisoning deaths among boric acid
babies were not uncommon.

acid in the fight against unwelcome

Boric acid - a drug for adults
that boric acid is a strong poison, actively used in combat
cockroaches and ants. And, perhaps, this is the best use for her
present day. Method can not deny the effectiveness of, but if the house has
animals or children, it is better not to use it. Representations of authors of articles on
Security boric acid for humans and animals than not justified.

acid against cockroaches

cockroaches can try this method. Whisk the eggs with the powder of the
boric acid and form balls. Dry them and place in favorite
"Pleasure ground" cockroaches. With that in mind, it is a poison, working with powder only

you do not have powder, but there is a boric acid solution, it is necessary to boil the eggs.
We obtain from them the yolks, add boric acid and roll off from the resulting mixture
balloons. Dry them and decompose them in the same way. Again, do not forget
personal protective equipment.

Boric acid
and ants

ants more attractive mixture of boric acid with honey and sugar. 200 ml
water dissolve 1 teaspoon of the drug, 3 teaspoons of sugar, 1-2 teaspoons
honey. Mix well and pour into small containers. For this purpose
fit the lid on cans and bottles. We place the bait in the way of the ant
tracks and wait for the result.

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