Enterobiasis or pinworm infection of


  • pointed parasites
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  • pointed parasites

    Enterobiasis or pinworm infection of

    Enterobiasis - a disease caused by smallparasitic worms - pinworms. In pinworms length does not exceed 1 cm. Typically, one end of the worm is pointed (hence the name is) and another rounded. The color of the parasites may be different from or whitish yellow to dark or even black.

    Live pinworms may crawl or squirm. Pinworms are nocturnal: it was the night the females go into the rectum and the skin around the anus, causing discomfort and itching, lay eggs in the folds of the skin and die.

    As infected pinworms?

    Infection occurs through dirty hands orcontaminated items. The child, combing or touching the skin of the perineum, contaminate hands with eggs of worms. Infection can also occur when contaminated hands from bed or underwear where the eggs come from the patient's body. The transfer of pinworm eggs proved the role of flies and cockroaches. The possibility of reinfection through the anus when mature to the larval stage individuals are moving from the skin into the intestine.

    How does enterobiosis?

    The period from infection to onset of symptoms atenterobioze is 12 - 14 days. This is the time during which pinworms reach sexual maturity age. The main symptoms of the disease - itching or discomfort in the anus, redness of the skin around the anus or perineum especially after stool, the increased interest of the child to his genitals, masturbation.

    The girls, in addition, pinworms may creep intogenital tract, causing inflammation and infectious diseases (vulvovaginitis, urethritis, thrush). The child becomes excitable in the evening, very moody, long time can not sleep at night, sleeping restlessly - often wakes up, cries out in his sleep, crying, tossing on the bed (while maintaining normal naps). If the worms in the gut a little, these symptoms may be observed every day. But when the number of parasites increases - discomfort and described symptoms can become permanent.

    Furthermore, pinworm, like any other centerchronic infection can cause disruption of normal bowel (abdominal pain, flatulence - bloating, constipation or diarrhea, neperevarivanie food, etc.), allergic reactions, toxicity (lethargy, fatigue, irritability, creaking teeth) lead to dysbacteriosis intestine.

    How to diagnose Enterobiasis?

    Diagnosis Enterobiasis is no doubt, iffound pinworms. They can be seen in the evening or at night in the anus or in the folds of the skin or bedding. Sometimes you can see the worms in the stool (usually indicative of their large number).

    Scraping on enterobiosis - research fordetection of pinworm eggs (smear with folds of skin around the anus or gluing adhesive cellophane tape) can not "find" of the disease, if the day before was not laying. Therefore, such an analysis is necessary to pass in the morning, not washing away the baby, it was after a night when he could not sleep, restless sleep.

    With a negative result, it is desirable to repeatscraping several times for 1-2 weeks, because even with all the recommendations is a significant chance to detect eggs of worms in the analysis. If serious suspicion of enterobiosis, can be treated, even if pinworms or eggs are not found.

    How to get rid of pinworms?

    Treatment enterobioze a child should be carried outall members of the family. The course of therapy is repeated at 14 and 28 days. We'll have to also spend hygienic measures: boil for half an hour and ironed on both sides of all bed linen and private, spend at home wet cleaning, using detergents, especially pay attention to the dressing room, hallway and door handles, wash with soap and all the toys, vacuum the carpets. After 2 weeks, the whole complex of disinfection is repeated.

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