Lice in the child: parents' actions


  • Plan A self treatment
  • Plan B: processing bathing and delousing establishment
  • Plan B: machining at home

  • Who among us has not experienced the problem of head lice? It seems that these people there are not so many. Because lice - not a sign of uncleanliness. They may appear in the head the most well-groomed children. The main thing - do not allow them to settle there permanently. So, what do the parents have been found in your child's head lice disease? - We offer three options.

    Plan A self treatment

    • Buy at the pharmacy any means for the treatment of lice (pediculosis).
    • Treat the scalp of the child means in strict accordance with the instructions supplied.
    • Wash the baby with baby soap or shampoo. Boys can be cropped haircut.
    • Remove mechanically (select handsor comb out common scallop) dead insects and nits. To remove the nits must be wet strands of hair in a solution prepared from equal amounts of water and 9% vinegar. Rinse your hair with warm water.
    • Put on clean clothes and baby clothes.
    • Wash linens and things the child apart from other things, they iron the iron using steam.
    • Inspect and, if necessary, treat all family members. Do not forget about yourself.
    • Tell your doctor about the situation (nurse) of the institution, who visits your child, for complex protivopedikuleznyh events.

    Repeat examinations of the child and the whole family through the 7, 14, 21 days and carry out, if necessary, re-processing to complete extermination of insects and nits.

    Plan B: processing bathing and delousing establishment

    If you can not carry out treatmentown or want to get professional help, contact any bathing and delousing establishment of the city center of disinfection, and you are sure to help. Processing in bathing and delousing establishment is free of charge.

    Pre-verify by phone to get directions to the bathing and delousing establishment and convenient for you during processing.

    Plan B: machining at home

    Held in the case of having your child skin, allergic diseases, as well as if a child age - up to 5 years.
    • Lice in the child: parents' actions Comb out live insects frequent comb preferably in the bathroom and rinse with hot water.
    • Treat the hair strands carefully, without touchingthe skin of the child's head, half diluted with water 9% vinegar and remove nits from the hair with your hands or a comb. On comb you can impose wool soaked with the same solution to improve peeling nits.
    • Wash the head and body of the child or children's soap and shampoo.
    • Wash underwear and bedding and things the child apart from other things, iron and iron the stripping.
    • Inspect and identify insects, treat all family members. For the treatment of adult family members protivopedikulёznye use tools that can be purchased in the pharmacy network.

    Repeat examinations of the child and the whole family7, 14, 21 days and perform, if necessary, re-processing. In the case of insects and nits, the repeated treatment until their complete extermination.

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