Acquired heart defects in children


  • Acquired heart defects - how
    time to notice the signs of the disease?
  • complications
    Congenital Heart Defects
  • how
    treat congenital heart defects?

  • Acquired heart defects in children
    heart defects
    babies and
    children may be congenital or acquired. The parents are very upset,
    when the doctor discovers irregularities in the work of the heart have their baby, but to despair
    it is not necessary - the possibility of pediatric cardiology allow complex today
    medical manipulations with minimal risk to the health of the child.

    Acquired heart defects - how
    time to notice the signs of the disease?

    heart defects
    or newborn
    older child may be a long time does not appear. birth defects
    heart and vascular abnormalities in the detected cardiologists usually in the first
    hours after birth. But the disease can be acquired for a long time not to have
    if symptoms persist, so be very attentive to the behavior of their children,
    if you notice any unusual behavior crumbs immediately ask for help
    to experts.

    The most common symptoms of heart disease are:

    • Shortness of breath that occurs after crying during
      suckling kid or any activity.
    • Listening to the noise in the heart.
    • The swelling of the veins in the neck.
    • Cyanosis facial skin.
    • Tendency to edema.
    • Cough.
    • Heartbeat.
    • Reduced activity of the child, fast

    acquired defects
    characterized by lesions of valvular usually mitral
    (Bivalve), located between the left ventricle and left atrium.
    Stenosis and mitral insufficiency - the most common of congenital
    heart defects.

    Congenital Heart Defects

    Acquired heart defects may be of a complicated character. Complications include:

    • Heart failure.
    • Pneumonia.
    • limb swelling.
    • Failures in heart rhythm.
    • Heart attack.

    When just beginning to
    shaped heart disease, symptoms
    disease may be absent, and only regular preventive checkups
    pediatrician allow timely suspicious. Be very careful,
    if the child is often sick angina, as acquired heart defects in 70%
    cases develop on the background of infective endocarditis.

    treat congenital heart defects?

    How to treat congenital heart defects?
    The main and most effective
    way to treat heart disease is surgery. Therapeutic methods
    use, usually before the preparation for surgery, for
    improve the well-being of the child and prevention of complications.

    Since most of the acquired
    defects occur with chronic tonsillitis and rheumatic fever, parents should
    pay particular attention to the strengthening of the child's immune system, the timely
    treatment of ENT pathologies and prevention of infectious and viral diseases.

    Try to protect your baby from
    stress and excessive exercise. Power of the child shall be
    the most natural, containing all the necessary vitamins and minerals.
    Follow the advice of the doctor, do not miss the visit to the cardiologist and
    assigned treatments. It will quickly overcome the disease and restore
    toddler to an active lifestyle.

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