acute abdomen syndrome in children


acute abdomen syndrome in childrenChild Illness - always an ordeal forparents. Suffering baby unbearable for the loving adult. Sometimes, in such moments, we commit reckless acts, we try removing the pain pills as soon as possible, while ought to do something else entirely. Acute abdomen in children - the cause extreme pain, cause for serious concern and action of parents. What does the concept of "acute abdomen syndrome in children"? What signs indicate a critical situation in the abdomen? What to do and how to help your child?

Causes of acute abdomen in children

Acute abdomen - a set of symptoms, appearancewhich is caused by acute surgical diseases of the abdominal cavity. Allow the situation in many cases it is possible only through urgent surgical intervention.

The most common cause of acute abdomen in children are inflammatory diseases of the abdominal cavity:

  • acute appendicitis,
  • acute pancreatitis,
  • acute cholecystitis,
  • acute diverticulitis,
  • perforated gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers,
  • ileus,
  • renal colic,
  • necrotizing enterocolitis, and others.

Signs of acute abdomen

  • A sharp pain in the abdomen, which may have a different localization and intensity.
  • Symptoms of peritoneal irritation, manifested local tenderness to palpation of the abdomen and tension anterior abdominal wall.
  • Expressed in varying degrees of intoxication symptoms (fever, nausea, vomiting, and others).

The emergence of pain in diseases of internalorgans due to ischemia, i.e. deterioration of blood supply and tissue anoxia, muscle spasm and dilation wall bodies, as well as their inflammation.

Pain in the upper abdomen on the right is typicalliver disease, gall bladder and bile duct, duodenal ulcer disease, right kidney, pancreas and colon. In diseases of the bile ducts and gall bladder pain can be given under the shoulder blade, in the right shoulder, collarbone and neck. In renal colic pain extends down along the ureter.

Pain in the left upper abdomen occurs when stomach diseases, pancreas, left kidney, spleen.

Pain in the lower abdomen on the right - a signappendicitis or bottom of the colon diseases, it may appear in the defeat of the right kidney and reproductive organs. If pain occurs at the bottom left, you should consider the sigmoid, left kidney disease and sexual problems.

Signs of acute abdomenIt should be remembered that the localization of the pain is not alwaysarrangement corresponds to the location body. It can concentrate on the other side, spill around the abdomen, and then concentrate to a certain area.

For appendicitis is characterized by the occurrence of pain in the epigastric and umbilical areas later lowered into the right iliac region.

Abdominal pain is not always indicative of the presence of "a syndrome of acute abdomen", it can be a manifestation of the disease vnebryushnyh bodies, such as the defeat of the spine or muscles.

By the nature of abdominal pain and cramping aretonic. Cramps occur when strong contractions of muscles of hollow internal organs. For the inflammation typical of gradually growing dull pain. Cramping pain, for example, occurs in acute appendicitis and due to the contraction of the muscles of the appendix at the blockage of its lumen. Constant pain of appendicitis occurs later, when the appendix becomes inflamed.

"Stabbing pain" often occurs whenperforation or perforation of a hollow organ, that is, when it is a breakthrough or intraperitoneal bleeding. It can be a symptom of blockage of the lumen of the blood vessel and the development of myocardial body. Abrupt onset of pain is typically well as colic.

What if I have a syndrome of "acute abdomen" in a child?

First of all, you should immediately call the brigade "first aid". At the "acute abdomen" hospitalization in a surgical ward.

Alternatively, one can considerindependent delivery of the child to the nearest medical facility. Transportation of the patient is held in position half - lying, with a slightly bent at the knees and feet roll in the popliteal area. By the abdomen can make an ice pack, hot compress is strictly prohibited. Do not give your child pain medicine, this "smazhet" clinical picture and complicate diagnosis.

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