Symptoms and treatment of neurosis

When was the last time fully rested? Fully - that means without haste, without thinking about the fact that the report you will find a not-wait, that in this month's coveted buy again not enough money. Running for three weeks on holiday beds or thoughtlessly spent vacation at the beach does not count.

We are hostages of the current rhythm of life. To meet the modern way of "work = to live in dignity", a person must be a qualified professional with a bunch of additional knowledge and skills. And there is still a family home - they, too, we will certainly have something. Quality of life with each passing day it becomes more expensive to comply with it, proper rest, many procrastinate.

At risk - planet Earth

Symptoms and treatment of neurosis

The human body - sturdy and reliablesystem. He "just" you and the prolonged absence of leave, and the inability to properly relax after a hard day's work, and is not cured in time of illness. But be prepared for the fact that the voltage kopivsheesya months or even years, one will break out in the form of neurosis.

The term "neurosis" in 1776 suggested that the Scottishphysician William Cullen. Under the implied neurosis psychogenic caused by the nervous system disturbances arising as a result of its over-voltage due to the different kinds of stressful situations. Able to this, as a rule, subject to the pessimists, people with fine mental organization and unstable nervous system - all those who resist the blows of fate can not and falls to his knees. And the men on the testimony of the ubiquitous statistics suffer neuroses 3 times more often than women. But if you carefully examine the causes of neurosis, it can be concluded that the disease is subject to almost every one of us. Thus, the prerequisites for the development of neurosis can be:

  • stressful situations and conflicts (material deprivation, loss of loved ones, injustice, betrayal, or care of the second half of the family);
  • excessive fatigue at work, the performance of work duties at the weekend, the lack of annual leave;
  • hereditary factor;
  • hormonal system failure;
  • sleep defective (5 hours or less), insomnia;
  • incorrect (unbalanced) food, anemia;
  • overweight, lack of healthy sporting loads;
  • chronic illness;
  • alcohol abuse, cigarette smoking, marijuana, and so on. d.

This list shows only the main factorsrisks continue as it can be to infinity. It is worth noting a major role in the formation of social and personal neurosis importance of experience. That is a reaction to a stressful situation will become relevant only when a person will act a specific, important only for his stimulus. Every neurosis - its, but the effects of it for all the same: the disease worsens quality of life, undermines adaptive human capabilities, resulting in reduced efficiency and, consequently, to a decrease in the skills, the forced abandonment of the work, to the destruction of the family. People prone to neurosis, are several times more likely to suffer and die from other diseases.

Be careful - many masks from neurosis

Symptoms and treatment of neurosis

In XX century in unspoilt corners of the Earthconducted research among the tribes, the foundation of everyday life which still remains the primitive communal system. According to anthropologists, our ancestors, just like us, felt by all the whims shattered nervous system. Therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that after so many years of neurosis developed together with the person acquiring new forms and features.

Today there are several classifications of neurosis. The symptoms of neurosis can be manifested in different ways, depending on the classification and forms of the disease:

  1. Neurasthenia - Mental exhaustion. It features increased excitability and fatigue. Inherent inappropriate outbursts of emotion, inability to cope with them. The source of irritation for the neurotic may be cutting the eye light, emotional conversation, music. In addition, the "normal" for neurasthenia are headache, feeling "tight wrap" at the temples, sweating, tachycardia, goiter, difficulty falling asleep. Depending on what kind of emotions mostly controlled mood of the patient, neurasthenia is divided into irascible (short temper, anger, rudeness) and depressive (lethargy, tearfulness).
  2. Hysteria - A more complex level of neurosis, to whichWe tend to mostly women between 20 and 45 years old. A distinctive feature - an extreme self-centeredness (the desire to be in the spotlight), the need to surprise and even shock others, mood swings and attitude. Hysteria provokes "appearance" of the patient's disease, which is actually not. It may be, for example, blindness or partial loss of intact fundus and lens without natykaniya patient on items that he allegedly did not see. This psevdosimptomatika appears based on overheard the doctors, other people's diagnoses, read information about any illness.
  3. Obsessive-compulsive disorder It can be calculated by obschenevroticheskim features. One of the most striking examples - cardiophobia - obsessive concern for the normal functioning of the heart. Patients claim to hear the beating of his heart through the pillow, that from this knock "shakes the bed"; some patients to tremble at the knees scares abnormal (from their perspective) throbbing in the temporal area - they seem to feel it throughout the body. A person suffering from this type of neurosis, phobias may experience some time. As an example, we can recall cancerophobia (fear of cancer) and agoraphobia (intolerance of open spaces).
  4. motor neuroses characterized by tics, stuttering, cramps professional (writer's cramp) and there against the background of poor sleep, fatigue, irritability.
  5. vegetative neurosis - Selective disruption of the internal organs. Most often, patients complain of tachycardia, high blood pressure, problems with breathing and digestion.
  6. Anxiety disorders (anxiety disorder). The main signal of the disease - a veryanxious or scared. Most often it occurs very quickly. The feeling of fear can not leave the patient weeks and even months. The intensity varies from mild neurosis anxiety until this panic. The fear is unfounded - the sick person is not aware of what he is afraid of.
  7. Neurosis expectations It manifested in the inability to perform somedaily activities due to the fact that the patient is afraid of failure. Thus, impotence, which is expressed in the disappearance of erection at the right time, one of the most common forms of this disease.
  8. hypochondriacal neurosis - Is inadequate to its gipervnimaniehealth with a tendency of being at the disease and put a diagnosis. Often hypochondriacs become suspicious people who in childhood instilled an excessive concern about his health. The reason for the obsessive thoughts can be transferred by someone else's own illness or minor discomfort. Patients so vividly imagine the pain that can really experience the tingling, burning in a certain area, chills, although the real preconditions for its emergence there.

Self-confidence - 50% of success in the fight against neurosis

Symptoms and treatment of neurosis

Most often used in the treatment of neurosesindividual and group therapy, vacation resort in order to exclude the patient from the environment that trigger the development of neurosis. An equally important part of the treatment - restorative and psychotropic drugs (antidepressants), phytotherapy. Nor unnecessary suffering to become a neurosis services of a psychologist or psychotherapist to help change their attitude to the problem, will learn to cope with difficulties without compromising the health, will help to believe in themselves.

If any of the above types of neurosesyou have not personally experienced - you tumultuous applause. Progress and time does not stand still - they continually drags us along, making our internal "protein" turn the wheel faster. It is very difficult sometimes to stay calm judicious person! our site will tell you how not to burn in the flame of working days as to scare away forever from itself neuroses and stresses.

Eat not only correct, but also delicious. Sometimes a piece of your favorite chocolate works better than a sedative tablet. But do not forget also about the need for diversity of food on the plate. Sturgeon, salmon, poultry make up for the lack of amino acids in the body, which he actively uses in times of stress. This also add fruits, vegetables and buckwheat as a real fount of useful in situations that provoke the development of neurosis. Do not do without the herbal beverage with honey. Choose what you like: lemon balm, chamomile, hawthorn, valerian, Leonurus. Furthermore, any drug can find soothing collection №2. It is taken for three weeks in 1/3 cup in the morning and evening for half an hour before meals.

Do not forget about multivitamins. Choose complex, which is composed ofB vitamins, lecithin, folic acid. They will help keep your mood in a positive framework. Well established Supradin, Duovit, Anti Theravit.

Provide your body moderate physicalload. During swimming, Nordic walking, biking body is saturated with oxygen, the head of "ventilated" and thoughts are positive and unhurried. We in fact it should be! Also, make it a rule every day to ventilate all rooms of your home, despite the fact that the thermometer shows - "minus" or "plus". Where is easy to breathe, there is no place of nervousness.

Clearly plan out your day. Sometimes, in order to feel good about yourself, you need only to sleep. Go to bed no later than 24.00. After midnight comes the most useful, the deep sleep phase, so necessary for our body to relax.

Be open to everything new, as far as possiblemore often in nature, read and re-read a good book - they know how to treat, giving us the right spiritual food. Think of a hobby, whether it's knitting or cooking, there is nothing nicer than to create something, giving it all my soul.

Do not hide your emotions: I want to cry - cry, need help - be sure to ask. Spend more time with those who are dear to you - children, parents, and the second half. You will not notice how full and rich will become your life. Go with the flow - the inheritance desperate to forget about nervousness, it is necessary in whatever was to move forward!

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