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  • Atsetonemichesky syndrome
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  • Atsetonemichesky syndrome

    Atsetonemichesky syndrome - diagnosis and incomprehensibleso terrible, especially if it is set to your child. But do not panic. It scares the only unknown. With our help, you will be able to understand all and most importantly, learn how to fight the disease and overcome it.

    Atsetonemichesky syndrome - a set of symptoms,arising from the increase in blood acetone bodies (products of fat metabolism). Acetone (ketone) of the body is very toxic. That is why they are dangerous to the child's body. The reason for the development of the child atsetonemicheskih crises could be even wrong food the mother during pregnancy, as well as strong toxicosis. By acetonemia more prone kids skinny and tall, but forward-looking peers in mental and intellectual development. May provoke an attack overeating, unusual food, viral infections, stress. Do not miss the disease!

    Signs atsetonemicheskogo crisis:

    • uncontrolled vomiting, which gets stronger when you try to a child to drink or eat;
    • Atsetonemichesky syndrome assistance and preventionthe baby is pale, but schёchkah unhealthy blush;
    • child complains of persistent or paroxysmal abdominal pain, vomits;
    • observed palpitations or uneven heart beat, heart tones can be relaxed;
    • often the child body temperature rises to 37, 5 - 38, 5 ° C or above;
    • the liver is increased by a couple of centimeters, it can last a few days;
    • toddler worried perevozbuzhdёnnym seems, then, on the contrary, becomes weak, drowsy and lethargic;
    • the child vomit, urine, breath air has the smell of acetone.

    Atsetonemichesky syndrome beginning of its developmentindependently determine hard. Yes, and masquerade as the syndrome can many serious diseases, such as diabetes, poisoning, acute pancreatitis. Therefore, any violations of the child's well-being for the diagnosis, seek medical advice.

    How to help your child at home

    Firstly, it is necessary to clean the intestines whenenemas (one teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water). But only if the baby unsteadily tummy and a chair. Typically, the temperature reduces enema. Observing the age dosages, let the child chelators (sorbogel, enterosgel, smectite, etc.) and antispasmodic (Drotaverinum, no-spa, etc.). Most importantly, to prevent dehydration. Between bouts of vomiting offer the child a teaspoon of fluid on every five minutes, not less than one and a half liters a day. It is better that it was a decoction of rose hips, dried fruit, alkaline mineral water with gas released (Luzhanska, Glade Kvasova, naphtha, Borjomi, etc.). It is necessary to prepare, and about a liter of rehydration solution (rehydron), let the child drink his mouthful. Observe confinement to bed now crumbs need a rest. If your child has not only fed breast milk, do not feed him 6 - 12 hours. And if he feels hungry before, do not give him meat, fatty foods, broths. In this case, preferably cereals, vegetable food, but fresh fruits and vegetables you want to restrict. A few days later, when the condition improves, gradually introduce other products, turning to the usual diet.

    Prevention atsetonemichesky syndrome

    Kids are prone to the development of atsetonemicheskogosyndrome, must adhere to a special diet. They can not get an excess of emotions (both positive and negative), it is undesirable for a long time in the sun, cool. It is very important procedures to help harmonize the nervous system and metabolism: constant, but moderate exercise, water therapy, exposure to fresh air. It is better to limit the time that a child spends in front of a TV and computer. A night's sleep should last at least 8 hours. As a rule, the first attacks occur in children of 2-3 years, become more frequent to 7 years, and by the age of 12 of acetone and do not remember.

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