Diet for children with obesity: a sea of ​​love and a little patience


  • If born is born...
  • Nutrition of children in obesity aged 1-3 years
  • Diet for children with obesity over the age of 3

  • Nutrition of children in obesity. What to feed the baby?Puffy rosy cheeks, handles and legs in the hats — Parents are touched by a faded crumb and often do not notice when light fullness turns into a disease. Nevertheless, overweight provokes the development of exchange disorders, creates an excessive load on the cardiovascular, the musculoskeletal and endocrine system of the child, violates its development and leads to diseases. The fat child becomes the object of ridicule, is experiencing chronic stress and grows as complex, unsure of himself. If you notice that the baby began to add too quickly in weight, it's time to take action. Treatment of obesity in children requires patience from parents.

    If born is born...

    You had a baby weighing more than 5 kg and he quickly gains weight? In order not to bring to the illness in such cases, it is important from the first days of life to competently approach the nutrition of children, when obesity will have to take more stringent measures. Already now you should limit the baby in food. You should not give it milk to the first requirement, it may be satisfied with the usual water, decoction of rosehip or apple. The total amount of food 2-month babies should be no more than 1/5 of its weight.

    As a first fading child, a vegetable puree with a minimum content of potatoes is suitable. Despite the fact that the children love porridge, they should not be present on the table more often than 1 time per day, and the semolina and rice is not recommended to give. Safety varieties of berries and fruits are preferred for cooking juice, possibly in a mixture with vegetables, such as carrots, cabbage, beets.

    The daily volume of the child's food 2-4 months is already approaching 1/6 of the mass of its body, in 4-6 months it is 1/7, at 6-9 months — 1/8, at 9-12 months — 1/9 weight kid.

    Nutrition of children in obesity aged 1-3 years

    Balanced diet for children with obesityDiet for children with obesity aged 1 to 3 years is adjusted depending on the stage of the disease. With a light degree of obesity, healthy food is shown, clear mode of food intake, elimination of overeating. In more severe cases, it is necessary to limit the calorie content of the diet due to simple sugars and animal fats.

    Do not count the child to sweet food, as you can less often buy buns, cookies, candy. Let sweets on his table be fruits and berries, and instead of flour products in his diet dominate vegetables.

    The kid should receive a sufficient amount of protein, in the form of meat to 80 g and cottage cheese up to 50 g per day. Milk and fermented milk products are useful for children and should be present in the diet of 500-600 ml per day, the only limitation — fatty products, it should be minimal.

    Teach the child to take food does not rush, in a relaxed atmosphere, without distracted by toys and watching a telecast, so it will eat less and faster.

    The daily meal between the ages of 1 to 3 years should be 450 g, not including, of course, juices and drink.

    Diet for children with obesity over the age of 3

    Proper pitment of children in obesity is necessaryTreatment of children with obesity primarily includes dietherapy supplemented by exercise. With 1-2 degrees of obesity, weight correction is possible without a separation from the house, but if the weight of the child is twice the norm, the treatment is shown in the hospital.

    The main condition of diet and therapy in children — Satisfying the needs of the growing organism in plastic material, that is, in proteins. Meat and dairy products must necessarily be present in the diet of the kid. Preference should be given to beef, veal, rabbit, chicken. Recommended various fish, eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, fermented dairy products.

    Refractory animal fats, margarine should be withdrawn from child nutrition. Creamy oil should not be a mandatory additive in porridge or vegetable puree. Salads should be filled with vegetable oil, strictly controlling its number.

    «Fast food» and sweet carbonated drinks not for children, and even more so not for children with overweight. Sweets, confectionery, pasta, snob, bread of top grade flour are limited, but the products from whole grain flour are welcome.

    Of course, the body of the kid to produce energy is needed carbohydrates, but let it be useful carbohydrates from vegetables, savory fruits and berries. And potatoes, bananas, grapes should be used limited. It is recommended to enter dried fruits into nutrition, they contain a lot of fiber, pectin, have a beneficial effect on intestinal peristalsis and remove excess liquid.

    In order not to excite an excessive baby's appetite to refuse the use of seasonings, do not boil the welded meat broths, do not apply sharp, spicy and smoked snacks. Preferred product processing should be a pair of steaming, boiling and baking. Gradually minimize the amount of cook salt, it delays the liquid and provokes swelling.

    Power must be 5-6 one-time, fractional. The last meal is no later than 3 hours before sleep.

    In conclusion, I would like to add that the cause of obesity in children is most often family-shaped traditions. So if you want your child to be healthy, start with yourself and your habits.

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