Baby constipation


  • Causes of child constipation
  • Treatment of infantile constipation

  • If a child of the first 3 months of life stool 1-2 times per day
    and less frequently, you must consult your doctor. For children receiving
    lure, constipated stool is considered of less than 1 time per day.

    reducing acts of defecation frequency of constipation in children can be observed
    loss of appetite, abdominal pain. Chronic constipation increases
    stool volume.

    Causes of child constipation

    Constipation can be
    one of the manifestations of the disease are not directly related
    with the pathology of the gastrointestinal tract (such as rickets, hypothyroidism).
    However, in most cases, constipation is caused by problems with
    by the intestine.

    In the process of digestion of the intestinal wall
    wavy cut, pushing content to the outlet - this phenomenon is called motility or intestinal motility.

    There are
    two main options bowel dysmotility:

    • If
      baby chair is very rare, accompanied by bloating, with
      bowel emptying the volume of stool high (as an adult)
      - It can be assumed that his so-called atonic constipation.
      Called atonic constipation associated with insufficient
      contractile activity of the intestines. At the same time, a child may long
      absent the urge to defecate. Compulsory measures (long
      planting in the pot) is generally only exacerbate the situation and fix
      the negative attitude of the child to what is happening.
    • Thick chair
      consisting of a solid smooth pellets (called "sheep feces")
      abdominal pain, and sometimes pain during bowel movements show how
      Typically, a spastic constipation. Spastic constipation are caused by spasms (increased contractile activity) of the intestine.

    some cases, the chair is isolated as a thin stream or ribbon.
    In this situation, the child should consult a surgeon for
    exclusion of organic pathology of the rectum (the restriction,

    Treatment of infantile constipation

    Should I put an enema at
    constipation? Often resort to enemas is not necessary, as this oppressed
    natural urge to defecate and disrupted normal formation
    reflex. However, occasionally you can use, and this means,
    observing all the necessary recommendations.

    Baby constipation
    Volume enema to a child
    up to 1 month is 30 ml for a child 1-3 months - 30-40 ml (the
    a small enema filled not completely), for a child of 3-6 months -
    90 ml, 6-12 months - 120-180 ml. It is important to remember that water enema
    It should not be warm, to room temperature (22-240S) (in warm water
    rapidly dissolve and then easily absorbed into the bloodstream
    accumulated toxic substances in the intestine). If you think
    did not happen a complete bowel cleansing, take your time: usually after
    the first portion, provoked an enema, there is an independent chair.
    Enema should spend large amounts of a doctor, as this may
    cause serious complications.

    In all constipation important that
    baby is getting enough fluid. In atonic constipation good
    Massage helps the anterior abdominal wall in a clockwise direction,
    reupload on his stomach, mild tactile stimulation of the anus. at
    spastic constipation can be used for children with glycerin suppositories.
    Introduce any foreign substances (soap, baby oil, etc.)
    rectum should not.

    Treatment of constipation, especially
    chronic, is impossible without adherence. It is advisable to accustom
    bowel child to one and the same time each day. For
    stimulating bowel movements can give the child a drink of cold water, fruit
    (E.g., apple) juice in a dose of age. These measures should
    to carry out on a daily basis at the same time.

    Without a doctor's prescription
    Medicinal use laxatives is not recommended: they
    may lead to increased gas production and cause unpleasant
    Feel the child.

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