Pneumonia at the child: how to be?


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    What you need to know the mother about the inflammation of the lungs (that is, pneumonia) in children? Well, first, that it is just so it does not arise. It is always guilty of microbes, most often - bacteria. At all small pneumonia may arise after delivery when the newborn «Heathed water». But such cases still in the maternity hospital are tracked and treated pediatricians.

    Pneumonia at the child: how to be?On a latched track

    Sometimes, after ARZ, then there are colds, the child may have inflammation of the lungs. This is one of the most frequent complications of ARZ. Do not think that «Frequent complication» means that each second cold ends pneumonia. Not at all. But if a child is long tetheratris and cough, then the first thing to think about is about calling a doctor so that he listened to the lungs and excluded or confirmed pneumonia. And in the event that the probability of pneumonia is high - prescribed an antibiotic.

    Pneumonia occurs when bacteria are brewing bacteria in the body of a child who is weakened by the fight against viruses. Just like viruses, they fall into the child's body through the nose and mouth, reach bronchi, causing bronchitis, descend lower and... Begins inflammation of the lungs.

    And what... At the first symptoms of the cold worry and worry, not pneumonia is?.. No. While the first days of the disease go, even if there is a cough, and even more so - snot, even if the temperature is above 38 degrees, think about pneumonia early.

    But on the 3-4 day of the disease with coughing and high temperatures, you need to call a doctor, because the third symptom of pneumonia is a specific change in sound when «Listening to the lungs». Hear it can only doctor. The doctor also, if he considers it necessary, can catch a chest to identify the same change of sound, and can send a child to the chest x-ray to see if there are signs of pneumonia.

    If all the pneumonia...

    So, let's say, the parents are not lucky, and the doctor diagnosed pneumonia. Do not despair. Modern drugs are easy enough to cope with this victim. However, these medicines are nothing but the antibiotics are not accepted by many parents. But here it is not anywhere. Bacteria do not kill anything else. And if Viral Orza can be calmly treated with grandmother's recipes and folk remedies, then with pneumonia, this number does not pass. The longer the antibiotic is not appointed, the more difficult and the lung inflammation will have to be treated longer.

    The antibiotic is appointed no less than 5 days, usually for 7-10 days. It is impossible to interrupt the treatment with an antibiotic in any case - it is necessary to drink all course. Even if the child for 2-3 days of antibiotic therapy has become much better. It only says that the antibiotic is chosen correctly and the treatment is successful... But you need to drink a medicine. It is necessary exactly so many days as a doctor appointed. Otherwise, everything can go to the Nammark.

    If on the third day of acceptance of the antibiotic temperature continues to hold above 38, then you need to call a doctor again. Since this is one of the signs that the chosen antibiotic does not act on the bacterium that caused the disease. In this case, the doctor cancels one antibiotic and replaces it with another.

    Provide options

    Sometimes, the doctor decides to appoint an antibiotic for 3-4 days of the ARZ, if the temperature is above 38 and the cough continues, even if not «Heard» Pneumonia through the phoneneoscope. That is, appoint an antibiotic for the prevention of pneumonia.

    In this case, you can not blame the doctor either in excessive reinsurance, nor in excessive antibiotics. Pneumonia develops fast enough, and in a weakened virus of the body, bacteria, without meeting resistance, can multiply overnight, per day.

    What if today the doctor listened and did not hear pneumonia, and tomorrow she appeared? And doctors and not to listen. And while his parents call him until the doctor comes while Dad goes to the pharmacy and buy an antibiotic... Pneumonia will flourish a lush color. So it turns out that sometimes «It is worth strangle it in the embryo». For this purpose, the doctor antibiotic is sometimes prescribed.

    Additional measures

    In parallel with the antibiotic, to avoid side effects from its application, the doctor may prescribe an antifungal drug, usually nystatin, and another drug containing bifi and lactobacilli, which are called probiotics and which are now a large selection in pharmacies, and an anti-allergic drug to reduce inflammation and warnings. Allergic reaction to antibiotic.

    Such an approach makes the treatment of pneumonia safe, fast enough and effective.

    Of course, the doctor will appoint even expectorant drugs and inhalations. It is very important in order for the spution to be cleaned, and fasterly excreted from the body killed and semi-axis microbes, which means that the child recovered faster.

    This is how terrible pneumonia turns into a controlled disease that can be effectively treated.

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