Cerebral Palsy: social adaptation. Part 2


  • Getting an education
  • Learning at home
  • Education in boarding
  • We can do without professionals?
  • Jobs and Careers
  • Laws of success

  • Cerebral Palsy: social adaptation. Part 2

    Getting an education

    Unfortunately, not all secondary schools are willing to accept
    a child with cerebral palsy. But the experimental classes, where, together with the usual
    students enrolled and children with disabilities, still exists.

    they meet in private schools, where the number of students is much
    less than in the mass, and where the teacher is easier to choose a plan
    training tailored to the individual characteristics of each child.

    If the motor disturbances baby so pronounced that it is not
    allow it to move independently and master the skills
    self-service, it is worth thinking about studying at home or at a boarding school.

    Learning at home

    Learning at home has advantages and disadvantages.
    Of course, in the usual, familiar obctanovke child feels
    confidence and security. A teacher's individual work with the child
    It allows you to give it the maximum attention and carefully monitored
    the process of assimilation of the material.

    However, it is impossible to comprehend the full
    human relations, while only in the family, or reading books.
    Education alone with a teacher deprives a sick child
    necessary communication with peers. Under these conditions, the process
    socialization slows down considerably, and many of the problems in
    relationships with others and remain unresolved.

    Education in boarding

    This method of education allows you to fix the problem
    social exclusion. The boarding child not only receives general
    knowledge, but also taught life skills, and experienced specialists are
    measures aimed at vocational guidance. timely
    pathologists help, medical, exercise instructors can not only
    eliminate many disorders caused by the disease, but also prepares
    baby for a meeting with the outside world.

    I would like to cite the words of one of the graduates of this
    boarding. Currently, a talented programmer, director
    a successful advertising firm.

    Once in an interview he said:

    "I am very
    thank parents for what they put me in a boarding school. Exactly
    there I learned independence. If they did not, I do not
    I had to the fact that I have now!".

    However, parents should not tune in to what to teach their kid
    all the tricks of life can only experienced teachers. than before
    initiated corrective actions, the easier the process will be held
    adjustment to reality. A basic skills
    Self should try to instill in the child even before the
    school age.

    We can do without professionals?

    Some moms and dads prefer to educate their children with cerebral palsy
    home, alone. However, the child can be a real help to provide
    only if the collaboration of different specialists.

    Many rehabilitation centers are specially equipped
    gyms, relaxationCerebral Palsy: social adaptation. Part 2tional rooms, pools and course
    in these institutions it provides not only general subjects but also
    additional classesand IAimed at correcting and perfecting
    psychomotor development, speech therapy and psychological assistance,
    the restoredtion of motor functions. And besides - daily
    medical control.

    Jobs and Careers

    People with a mild form of cerebral palsy can master many professions. it
    especially the profession of mental work: eco-

    Misty Jr.
    medical personnel, teachers (not teachers of lower grades,
    requiring calligraphy).

    For people with moderate
    ICP more appropriate specialty, allowing to work at home, - ethe
    programmers, journalists, freelancers and even (with the preservation of motion
    Hand) seamstress. In severe cases, employment is not possible.

    Laws of success

    If mom and dad want to bring up their child full
    personality, the most adapted to the social existence,
    in spite of serious illness, they need to learn two golden rules of effective work:

    • Every child has
      individual range of available options, with careful study
      which you can choose the most adequate share of the load.

    • good
      result can be achieved only in the case based on the edge
      possible, and not to look back on past defeats. The key to success - it
      systematic, patient and focused work.

    But most importantly, they need to know and feel the child - something that
    huge and not always friendly world there is a small island where he
    can always feel secure, loved and desired. A
    the desire to achieve something in life only appears when
    little man believe that he is able to change its position in the

    Moms and dads should always remember that each child is required to
    becomes an adult. And on the decisions taken by us today will depend
    tomorrow's victories and defeats of our children.

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