Children measles


  • How do you get infected with measles
  • What are the first symptoms of measles
  • What are the complications of measles
  • How is measles prevention

  • Measles - a viral disease that is most often takes place in
    acute and accompanied by fever, intoxication, catarrhal
    (Runny nose, cough, wheezing in the lungs) and enanthema (rash on the body).
    The causative agent of the disease is Polynosa rnorbillorum virus that
    paramikrovirusov belongs to the family, genus Morbi IN virus,
    also includes viruses skperoziruyuschego subacute panencephalitis,
    multiple sclerosis, rinderpest and dogs.

    This virus belongs to the species of RNA and rapidly losing
    its activity under the influence of ultraviolet rays and disinfectants

    How do you get infected with measles

    Infected with measles virus very easily, the main route of transmission
    airborne disease. After talking with an infected person
    disease occurs in 98% of cases. A household items and contacts with third
    individuals, the virus is transmitted. Most
    Children are susceptible to the disease, but the virus has no age limit and
    under appropriate conditions, can get sick each.

    Resistant to measles virus: children up to 1 year, if the mother
    ill with measles or been vaccinated against it, they will save the so-called
    transplacental immunity; children and adults who recover from measles (immunity
    is life) and people who have passed vaccination. The remaining exposed
    risk of infection, even if just visited the room where 2 hours
    before it was sick.

    The virus enters the body through mucous membranes
    (Respiratory tract, conjunctiva), multiplies, gets into the lymph vessels,
    and from there into the bloodstream. The virus spreads throughout the body, affects the skin
    integuments, body organs during penetration of the virus in the nervous system may
    the development of meningitis, encephalitis and meningoencephalitis.

    What are the first symptoms of measles

    Children measles
    Signs of the disease do not appear immediately, the incubation period
    illness lasts 9-11 days (at this time the virus entered the body hard
    develops, there are no signs of the disease).

    The first sign of acute onset is high
    the temperature to 38-39 ° C. Then there are:
    fatigue, dry cough, sore throat, runny nose, and photophobia may occur

    On the second day of the disease third body temperature is lowered,
    mucosa of the mouth is bright red with specks (a sure sign of measles)
    It manifested on the skin rash maculopapular nature (resembles
    nodules or elevation without watery contents, pink). First
    all rash appears behind auricles, then in the center of the face, for
    day covers the face, neck, upper chest, and once in a day, covers
    virtually all of the body surface. After a few hours surrounded by red papules
    area, and in another time, all merged to form red patches of irregular shape
    a papule in the center. The rash lasts for several days and then fades in the same
    sequences that arose.

    The disease can occur in various forms (light,
    Moderate, severe), can have a typical and atypical course. that
    identify the disease occurring in an atypical form of latent needs to be done
    blood test.

    What are the complications of measles

    Typically 8-10 day of disease normal body temperature,
    a 10-15 day completely extinguished rash. If weeks after disease symptoms
    not fade, requires another check-up, the presence of complications, patient
    may be admitted to hospital.

    In 30% of cases of measles lead to complications, which most
    are children under 5 years of age and persons over 20 years. Complications from the disease is very
    dangerous pneumonia may occur more often, and other bacterial otitis
    infection. Severe complications may develop blindness, deafness and
    mental retardation.

    If you find some signs of the disease should be
    immediately call a doctor, the patient lay in bed, at a high temperature
    body can antipyretics dates (aspirin and paracetamol). No way
    case be given antibiotics to the patient, they do not act on the measles virus, and
    may complicate the patient's condition. Rash also does not need to be lubricated.

    For the patient should set the power mode to give more
    warm drinks (non-acidic juices, tea, juice), but the fatty broth is better not to give.
    The main food should be soft, gentle, spicy, salty, sour and peppered

    How is measles prevention

    In order to prevent and to generate active immunity
    Measles is made routine vaccination. Live measles vaccine (ZHKV)
    is introduced to children, according to the vaccination schedule, as well as adults.

    In identifying the source of infection, the source of infection to be
    insulation at the time of the disease, all persons in contact with them to be divisive
    with other children for 17 days, and in organizations where the outbreak was discovered (child
    garden, school) are carried out routine inspections in order to identify other

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