What is a squint


  • Squint is not only a cosmetic defect
  • When the second eye bothers
  • Let's see the child in the eyes
  • You need to go to the doctor

  • Squint is not only a cosmetic defect

    What is a squint
    Squint is a disease caused by improper work of one or several eye muscles, which leads to an irregular position of the eyes. Normally, both eyes focus on one point, but transmit the brain to the brain from their point of view. The brain combines two images, which gives the volume of the image represented by consciousness. Here is a practical explanation. Pull your hand in front of yourself and look at it, alternately closing the one, then another eye. Note that the hand changes its position. Although the images are somewhat different from each other, when vigioing two eyes, the brain interprets them as one.

    Each eye has six muscles that jointly provide eye movement. The brain controls all 12 muscles so that both eyes watched in the right direction. In order for the brain to be able to connect two images into one, it is critical that all muscles work consistently.

    In children, the squint must be found as soon as possible, since children are very easily adapted. If the squint arises, the baby's brain begins to receive two pictures that it cannot match one. The child has a doctrine that his brain quickly responds to the suppression of one image to work with one. In a very short period, the brain causes an irreparable suppression of vision from a kosnaya eye, making it «lazy» or amblechy. Children can also develop a tilt or turn a head to compensate for the squint and get rid of two. In adults with not in childhood, the strabismia is almost always there is a branch: adaptability of an adult brain is limited.

    Different reasons can cause squint. Squint can be congenital, or injury caused by certain diseases, and sometimes eye operations.

    When the second eye bothers

    In children under 6 weeks, squint - a completely natural phenomenon. After reaching this age, both eyes should already look at the side where the child concentrates its attention to. Some children have a squint manifest itself only on one eye, and even then in case of extreme fatigue. In these cases, the squint passes by itself over time, but if you notice it every day, consult your doctor.

    A person with normal vision brain connects images from both eyes and builds three-dimensional pictures of them. But if the child mows his eyes, then the three-dimensional picture does not fold.

    The brain of the child leaves this problem, ignoring the visual image obtained by one of the eyes. Although both eyes work normally, the child receives information only from one eye. He sees everything clearly, but only in two dimensions.

    The problem is that the brain begins to constantly ignore the visual image from one eye, and as a result, this eye will be blind. Children, who have not been treated to 8 years old, are exposed to this danger, and by 10 years one of the eyes becomes irreversible blind.

    Therefore, the squint need to notice on time. Checking on the squint is included in the overall dispensary test of children up to 5 years.

    Let's see the child in the eyes

    What is a squint
    The strabismine of your child can be both striking and practically imperceptible. The squint is in a serious degree to notice very simple: two eyes look in different directions. Although very little children can, having no pathology, to reduce pupils to almost the nose.

    More reliable way - look at the reflection of light in the eyes. If you look into your child's eyes, you can see the reflective glare light from the window or the electric lamp on the rainbow sheath. If they are not visible, give the child such a position so that they appear. Compare the position of reflected glare on both eyes. If the vision is normal, then the glare will be in both eyes one way from the pupil. If they are symmetrically relative to the nose or in any other way, then consult a doctor because it increases the likelihood that your child has squints (although, perhaps, it is not so).

    You need to go to the doctor

    Any suspicion of strabismus should be informed by the doctor.

    Treatment of strabismus depends on the specific case. Sometimes it occurs because one eye in a child sees bad and he needs glasses. In addition, it may be necessary to use another method - you need to close a healthy eye (for example, using glasses with a closed glass) to make another work. This method is valid almost always, although sometimes a child has to wear glasses for months.

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