Diseases of the nervous system in children


Diseases of the nervous system in children
The nervous system of children
immaturity different. Newborns spend most of the day in a dream,
just wake up from feeling hunger or discomfort. But as they grow older
child's nervous system is undergoing a number of changes, the relevant
age. But as a result of congenital or acquired anomalies can occur in children disorders
nervous system that often goes unnoticed for parents.

Therefore, doctors recommend
regularly show children under 3 years of age by qualified neurologists,
to conduct a series of surveys and in case of detection of any abnormalities, immediately
start active treatment. Many violations
nervous system in children are dangerous to health and threaten social
activity in the future baby. But with early diagnosis, many are easily
amenable to correction.

Common disorders of the nervous system in children:

  • Stuttering
    neurotic character;
  • Nerve
  • neuroses;
  • Neurotic
  • Anorexia
    and bulimia neurogenic type;
  • Neurotic
  • violation
    stroke, combined with cervical spine injuries
    (Birth trauma).

The most common neurological disorder in
newborns occur against a background of trauma during childbirth or Caesarean section, various
infectious lesions. But when skilled care and early examination of the nervous system in children, they
recover, with no deviations in the future.

In later life causes
the appearance of neurological abnormalities may be stress, some chronic
disease, injury and damage. For innervation of blood vessels, muscles and internal
authorities, to ensure the work of the respiratory center, the spinal cord meets the autonomic nervous system in children.
The functioning of its subcortical structures is due to the cortex of the
hemispheres of the brain.

In children, the vegetative parts of the nervous
the system is quite difficult arranged. When a birth injury or
the development of pathologies often takes a lot of time and without the diagnosis
treatment. But to date the disease the higher nervous activity easily
diagnosable, it is only to be vigilant and not to protect children from
preventive communication with doctors.

nervous system in childhood

Diseases of the nervous system in children

To identify the pathologies of the nervous system
Children are often prescribed a number of studies, including:

  • lumbar
    (Spinal) puncture: a study used to obtain
    cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in inflammatory diseases of the nervous
  • radiodiagnosis
    Skull (craniography) and the various parts of the spine (spondylography);
  • a computer
  • Magnetic resonance
  • electroencephalography;
  • neurosonography;
  • Positron tomography emissioinuyu;
  • Rheoencephalography.

Comprehensive survey of the different parts of the nervous system in children and can quickly
painlessly identify common pathology. Timely diagnosis and
early treatment - ensure that the child receives medical care maximum
of the possible. This increases the chances for a full recovery, and reduces
the likelihood of complications, including the total or partial loss
motor and adaptive capabilities, mental retardation -
the most common.

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