Games for children with hyperactivity syndrome


  • "Spot the difference"
  • "Tender foot"
  • "Brownian motion"
  • "pass the ball"
  • "Prohibited the movement"
  • "Kite"

  • "

    Spot the difference"

    develop the ability to focus on details.

    The child draws any simple picture (cat, house, etc.) And transmits
    it an adult, and he turns away. Adult dorisovyvaet more
    and returns the image parts. The child must be noted that the changed
    in the figure. Then, an adult and a child can turn the tables.

    The game can be performed with a group of children. In this case, the children in turn
    draw on the chalkboard a picture and turn away (with the possibility
    movement is not restricted). Adult dorisovyvaet few details.
    Children looked at the picture, you must say what changes have occurred.


    Tender foot"

    Games for children with hyperactivity syndrome
    relieve tension, muscle clamps, reduce aggression, build
    sensory perception, to harmonize the relationship between the child and

    Adult 6-7 picks up small objects of different textures: a piece
    fur, brush, glass bottle, beads, wool and so on. d. All of this is laid out
    on the table. The child is invited to bare arm to the elbow; educator
    He explains that the hand will walk "animal" and touch
    gentle paws. It is necessary to blindly guess which "animal"
    touches the hand - to guess the object. Touch should be stroking,

    Game Option "animal" will touch the cheek, knee,
    palm. You can swap places with the child.


    Brownian motion"

    develop the ability to allocate attention.

    All the children stand in a circle. Leading rolled into the center of the circle one by one
    tennis balls. Babies communicate rules of the game: the balls must not stop
    and roll out of the circle, they can push the hand or foot.
    If the participants are successfully meeting the rules of the game, leading roll in additional
    the number of balls. The meaning of the game - to set the team record for most
    balls in a circle.


    pass the ball"

    remove excessive motor activity.

    Sitting on stools or standing in a circle, trying to play as soon as possible
    pass the ball without dropping it, a neighbor. It can be as much as a fast pace
    throw the ball to each other, or pass it on his back in a circle
    and removing his hands behind his back. To complicate exercise can be asking children
    play with your eyes closed, or use multiple game


    Prohibited the movement"

    a game with clear rules organizing, disciplining children, rallies
    game that develops the speed of reaction and causes a healthy emotional

    Children stand face to the lead. Under music from the beginning of each cycle, they
    Repeat the movement, which shows the host. Then, one is chosen
    a movement that can not be performed. Whoever repeats a prohibited
    movement out of the game.

    Instead of showing the movement can be called aloud the numbers. games members
    repeat all the good numbers, but one of the forbidden, for example, "five" figures. When the children hear it, they will have to clap
    hands (or wander on the spot).



    develop attention, reaction time, ability to follow instructions
    adult, teach skills to interact with the children.

    The provider puts a cap chicken and says that all children - "chickens"
    - Live with her mother-hen in the hen house. Coop can be designated
    soft blocks or chairs. Then the "chicken" with the "chickens"
    walking (walking about the room). As soon as the teacher says: "Vulture"
    (Pre-children held a conversation, during which he explained,
    who is a kite and why chickens should be avoided), all children
    run back into the "chicken coop." After that, the teacher chooses
    another "chicken" in the number of children playing. The game is repeated.

    In conclusion, the teacher invites all children to get out of the "chicken coop"
    and walk softly waving his arms like wings, dance together,
    jump. You can have the children look for "chicken", which
    I lost. Children with teacher looking for a pre-hidden toy
    - Fluffy chicken. Kids with teacher considered a toy,
    stroked her regret and carry into place.

    In order to develop motor skills can complicate the game follows
    manner. In order to get into the house, chicken coop, children should not just
    shoot in which is it, and crawl under reechku at a height of 60-70

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