Horse treats cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and prostatitis!


  • How and what heals the horse
  • I - at the top
  • Horse instead of the pill?
  • Kings - patrons hippotherapy

  • AT Essentially, hippotherapy is nothing but a form of
    physiotherapy (physical therapy), where as a tool for rehabilitation
    horse advocates. You can call it a unique simulator alive.

    How and what heals the horse

    Hippotherapy is truly universal. It allows both children and adults cope with diseases such asHorse treats cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and prostatitis!

    • violation of posture;
    • the first stage of osteoarthritis of joints;
    • chronic prostatitis;
    • cerebral palsy;
    • multiple sclerosis;
    • neuroses;
    • mental retardation;
    • condition after stroke;
    • some gynecological diseases;
    • prevention of prostate adenoma;
    • disaster condition.

    how it is possible to achieve results that are sometimes not under
    force official medicine? Scientists have found that the horse passes
    rider for a moment about a hundred vibrational impulses. Complex movements
    horse's back muscles massaged his legs and small bodies of the human pelvis.
    The rhythmic rocking useful for those who have lost their skills away.

    order abroad designed for special treatment program
    riding to combat obesity and cellulite. Moreover, since
    half horse-temperature two degrees higher than the temperature
    man, it turns a kind of "massage with heated". Long
    It proved that at the time of riding at full strength beginning to work
    lungs, blood, muscle; the brain is enriched with oxygen. through
    this effect even developed special programs for rehabilitation
    patients who had heart attacks and strokes.

    a horse stimulates the development of fine motor skills, promotes
    complex formation of precise movements. There is a comparison: "Horse
    Riding like a painting four paintings at the same time: the rider is forced by
    turn to move both arms and legs. " This important effect
    hippotherapy can not be achieved by any other motor
    treatments (!).

    I - at the top

    improve the physical condition, communication with the horse and riding
    It allows you to de-stress. The behavior of the horse quite predictable.
    Hence, it gives a sense of stability, and this feeling - the basis for
    removing fears in children.

    It provides for the development of self-worth and power, when a patient with
    Disabled rid of Wheelchair
    chairs or crutches and able to move on a powerful animal,
    to manage it. In addition, the position of riding a horse is
    winning: "I'm at the top, and they are at the bottom." Therefore, it is the horse
    used to increase the self-lifting of people and depression.

    Health Organization has long recognized that hippotherapy
    really makes life easier and disabled children and their parents.
    Because that is probably the only type of treatment when
    the patient can not even guess that is treated and, therefore, not
    She resists, but rather wants to engage and communicate with the horse. Children
    immediately see another animal (dog, and the parents do not always
    interrogated, and then the whole horse!) and horse riding becomes a game.
    Play with your favorite animal, as it were, at the same time, among other things, to undergo treatment
    - No tension, continuous positive emotions.

    Horse instead of the pill?

    most importantly, that this method - nemedikametozny, it has no side
    effects, unlike many expensive drugs.

    Of course,
    it is not a panacea for all ills. One hippotherapy can not solve all
    problems at once. It requires a complex treatment. Moreover, when
    illiterate approach, it can hurt.

    Now about the contraindications:

    • inexplicable animal fear of the child;
    • allergic to wool;
    • violation of the integrity of human skin;
    • acute inflammatory infections.

    Anyway, before hippotherapy do need
    consult a physician. Sadly sometimes hear stories about Horse treats cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and prostatitis!Tom,
    that doctors sometimes do not even know about this method.

    Kings - patrons hippotherapy

    in the 5th century BC Hippocrates advised to ride melancholic,
    because it frees one from the "dark thoughts" and causes "thoughts
    cheerful and clear. " A Caucasian mountaineers riding treat many

    Former Danish champion in dressage
    polio. She's paralyzed legs, and weak hands. Across
    nine years, she again became the winner of the competition on the dressage
    Olympic Games in Helsinki. This feat has inspired thousands of patients
    people, and all over the world were created sections of therapeutic riding.
    In 1953 in Denmark, "four-legged therapists" appear in the first Center
    riding for children with disabilities.

    Now 45
    European and North American countries have established therapeutic riding centers
    drive. Moreover, in the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK, this method
    It is under the patronage of the royal family. Only in Poland
    created about 30 such establishments.

    In our
    country this method appeared only in the early nineties and at 20 years
    later than in the West. It took just one decade, we have no
    What is not inferior to foreign counterparts.

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