How much sleep should a child


Features sleep in children of different ages

How much sleep should a child
Newborn kids most of the
of their time in sleep. But there is one feature: three baby sleeps
little more than a newborn. So do not worry if your
child suddenly became more sleep. This does not mean that he is ill or
overtired. Lethargy caused by the characteristics of growth and development, but not

At the same time very young children day
sometimes up to four "quiet hours." But closer to the year, the child begins to sleep two
times a day: day and night. As the child grows, shrinking
during his day-dreams. Thus, a two-year child enough sleep per night
about 12 hours.

Many parents neglect children's day
bedtime. It is not right. In the middle of the day a child must have a rest. If the kid
refuses to sleep, you need to at least put him and read aloud a book, so that he
I rested. Without an afternoon nap in the afternoon baby overwork, nervous,
He refuses to eat. How should
baby sleep during the day, depending on how active he spent the first
half a day. If your baby is not tired and slept well at night, he only needs an hour

Cancelling quiet time can be for children aged 5-7
years, but not before. Child aged 6-7 years already as sleep begins
adult, that is 8-9 hours. However, after studying mladsheklassnikov rest will
the only benefit.

baby to sleep longer

Sleep - the best doctor, and bed rest
It helps the body recover faster. During his illness the child needs
sleep more and move less, but forced to keep him in bed is not necessary.

Walking in the cold, under the rain or in the heat
should also be compensated full sleep in the crib, and not on the hands or

Parents are always worth remembering that
sensitivity and endurance of the child differ from those opportunities
adult. Tiny should take a nap after active games, walking and
other physical activities.

And finally, sleep helps to recover
the nervous system, so the extra hour of sleep a child needs after
emotional turmoil. It should be understood that the trip to the zoo, the arrival of the beloved
aunt, or the opportunity to sit in the present KAMAZ for the child - too big
emotional load.

Age sleep chart to help parents
the right to organize children's day, that the child is enough enough sleep and
I felt good.

How much sleep should a child (see table)


1 mo.

3 months.

6 months.

9 months.

12-18 months.

2 years

3 years


8 hr. 30 min.

10 h.

11 hours.

11 hours.

11 hr. 15 min.

11 hours.

10 h 30 min.


7 hours.

5 hours.

3 hr. 15 min.

3 h.

2 h 15 min.

1 h 30 min.

1 hr. 30 min.

Time to sleep

15 hr. 30 min.

15 hours.

14 hr. 15 min.

14 h.

13 hr. 30 min.

12 hr. 30 min.

12 h.

waking time

8 h 30 min.

9 h.

9 hr. 45 min.

10 h.

10 hr. 30 min.

11 hr. 30 min.

12 h.

The question arises: how to calculate, I slept there
child one hour and fifteen minutes? Table healthy sleeping baby
based on average data, so the time specified with the minutes. On
it should be guided but not strictly comply with up to five minutes. All the same time as the child sleeps very

Lack of sleep in children

Lack of sleep kids have heavier
the consequences, rather than the whims and tears. Recent studies have shown that
chronic sleep deprivation in childhood cause asthma, diabetes, mental
disorders and obesity later in life. The lack or poor quality of sleep
result in slower growth processes.

You have to understand that kids are not enough sleep
due to the negligence of parents. Just not all mothers are aware of how much month-old baby to sleep,
as well as a yearling. And the fact that the child climbed into bed on time, not
It means that he immediately falls asleep. In addition, the child may wake up many times over
night, especially if it is something disturbing: prickly blanket, pajamas hot, light from

How to organize a child's bed

How much sleep should a child
As recently revealed, newborn
the child can not bring in svezheotremontirovannuyu room. The wallpaper glue,
paint, laminate contains harmful substances for children's lungs. these substances
increased risk of allergy in children, asthma and respiratory diseases.

The temperature in the child's bedroom should be
be in the range 17-22 ° C and air humidity around 50%. at
the need to have to use humidifiers. To better child
fell asleep, as well as rehabilitation facilities, can be used aromatic oils. On
children 2-3 drops is enough. Flavored and purified air, and also give
calming effect of oil of lavender, fir, chamomile, peppermint, pine. also in
the room should be kept clean: to air on a daily basis, wipe the dust once
a week to wash the floor.

When the baby sleeps, all light sources,
even weak, should be turned off. Even the light from the phone screen is capable of
disrupt the hormonal system. And if adults are free to earn a
insomnia, night sitting at the computer, the kids sleep should be high-grade.
Therefore, no fixtures, luminous wallpaper and toys over the bed. New
garlands at night should be turned off, too.

Children older than two months should not sleep
together with their parents. As recently discovered, scientists, co-sleeping with parents
or sleeping on the couch increases the risk of sudden infant death, why
you need to teach a child to sleep in
one crib. You should also explain to the child that the bed is designed
only for sleep, and play and chat it should not be.

Cot baby can stand at the window if
it does not provide drafts and tightly closed blinds or curtains. Children should
sleep on a flat, firm, hard surface, so the mattress should be selected
meticulously. The pillow should be low, and under the sheets must be laid tight
oilcloth, so it does not rustle when moving the baby and retain moisture.

Children's skin is sensitive, so
make sure the blanket and bed sheet are soft and do not cause the child discomfort.
Pajamas should be spacious, and very young children better loose
swaddled to sleep in the child does not
I wake yourself random movements.

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