How to treat chickenpox. Is it possible to protect the baby from infection?


  • how
    treat chickenpox in a child?
  • Vaccination against chickenpox:
    to do or not?
  • Non-specific prevention of chickenpox

  • How to treat chickenpox. Is it possible to protect the baby from infection?
    Chickenpox or chicken
    Smallpox is considered to be an easy childhood disease. Indeed, varicella virus
    pox primarily affects children, causing their symptoms are minor
    intoxication and the appearance of a typical vesicular rash, which permitted
    2-3 days and does not leave behind any trace. However, this does not
    It means that the parents baby can sit on the fence. increase
    fever and itchy rash deliver the baby a lot of discomfort.
    Combing bubbles and ripping formed in their place fraught with crusts
    purulent complications and scarring, so you need to treat chickenpox.

    treat chickenpox in a child?

    With the advent of the first
    chickenpox symptoms resemble the common cold, sick child
    needs a home mode, full power is gentle on the basis of vegetables, fruits
    and dairy products.

    In most cases of chickenpox in children is accompanied by a moderate
    fever, time coincident with the first
    elements of skin rashes. At temperatures above 38.50 With recommended
    antipyretics application based on paracetamol or ibuprofen. at
    It should not reduce the temperature to normal values, moderate hyperthermia
    It helps fight infection.

    For the typical chickenpox rash on the skin and mucous membranes, which have
    kind of red spots and bubbles. After opening at the site of bubbles formed
    brown. The bubbles and crust is necessary several times a day to lubricate the solution
    brilliant green, Castellani liquid or lotion "Calamine". to a
    wounds on the spot burst bubbles did not get an infection during treatment of chickenpox in children
    necessary to eliminate skin contact with water and change underwear every day baby

    The baby is not combed itchy places you can lubricate them with glycerin,
    alcohol or a weak solution of vinegar, use allergy
    drugs inside.

    With this disease like chicken pox in children, the treatment does not imply
    the use of antibiotics, they are powerless against viral infection and
    appointed only in case of pyoderma. To accelerate the recovery may
    antiviral drugs, for example, "Acyclovir", "vidarabine" or "Viferon" but
    they must appoint a doctor. In the presence of immune disorders possible
    appointment leukinferon shortens the period of rash and accelerates

    Vaccination against chickenpox:
    to do or not?

    Once ill with chickenpox, a person acquires proof lifelong
    immunity. Children suffer the disease is fairly easy, although the absence of complications
    no one can guarantee. On the other hand, chickenpox occurs in adults
    much harder. What to do?

    Buy immunity against chicken pox can be another way
    - Today there are vaccinations
    chickenpox. In the US and Europe use them for a long time, we have rules vaccination
    being developed.

    Immunity to varicella is formed on 21-28 day after
    vaccination and lasts for 20 years.

    Chickenpox can be done for children older than one year. They provide protection
    healthy children and babies that are in contact with a sick chickenpox,
    when to vaccinate in the first 48-72 hours after a meeting with the infection.
    Especially advisable to vaccinate children if they visit children
    pre-school, if they are to entering school.

    Non-specific prevention of chickenpox

    Chickenpox - a highly contagious disease, viruses
    easily spread by air currents and are transmitted from a sick person
    healthy. The walls are not a barrier for them, they are easy to overcome distance,
    They move from one place to another, from one floor to another and affect the whole
    groups. Therefore, to protect against infection by conventional
    anti means impossible.

    General preventive measures involve
    timely isolation of sick children with chickenpox for a period of 9 days from start
    disease, the introduction of quarantine measures in children's groups for a period of
    21 day. If the day of communication with the patient chickenpox installed exactly uncoupling
    children carried on the incubation period of 11 to 21 days. If in
    children's group revealed repeated cases, separation is not

    Given the low stability of the chickenpox virus to conditions
    the external environment, no disinfection is carried out not in the focus of infection. dispensary
    monitoring of children recover from non-existent.

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