Windmill during pregnancy


Windmill during pregnancy
Chickenpox, or windmill refers to the discharge of children's
infections characterized by a slight flow. Indeed, children are quite easy
Turn the windmill complications
are rarely observed, but in the body of an adult, the virus behaves where
More aggressive. Especially dangerous windmill during pregnancy. What exactly, let's try.

About chickenpox

Chicken pox — This is a highly disconnected infectious disease,
The causative agent is Virus Viocella
zoster. From person to person, infection is transmitted by air-droplet — With an infectious laugh, conversation, cough, sneezing, not excluded contact
windmill pathogen path.
During pregnancy the virus can penetrate the transplascentary from the mother to
the fetus that sometimes leads to very sad consequences.

After transferred
Windmills formed a steady immunity, cases of re-illness
excluded, so the risk group includes only pregnant women who did not hurt
windmill and not vaccinated from her during life.

According to
statistical data, pregnant women who do not have immunity to virus violace
Zoster, make up 5% of the total number of women awaiting children. If
take into account that the pregnancy itself is always accompanied by a decrease
immunity, the risk of developing severe infection forms is very large.

Than dangerous windmill during pregnancy?

  1. W
    20% of pregnant windmill is complicated by pneumonia, especially frequent inflammation
    Lungs develop when infection in late pregnancy. Pneumonia
    wears first viral, then bacterial character, quickly leads to
    respiratory failure, which in 45% of cases ends
    Father outcome. For comparison, on average, mortality from the population
    windmill pneumonia is 20%. Timely treatment and appointment
    Specific drugs reduces the risk of female death up to 10-11%.
  2. Contact with windmill in the early stages of the embryo development can end for a woman
    spontaneous miscarriage and underdeveloped pregnancy.
  3. Quarter
    patients with windmill mothers pass the virus to their child during
    intrauterine development. In 8% of cases, infection leads to
    negative consequences. Pregnancy is either interrupted or in a child
    There are vices of the intrauterine development arise, 3-8% of children are diagnosed
    Fetal windmill syndrome.
  4. If contact with windmill and
    infection occurred on the eve of childbirth, then in the body of women do not have time
    Protective antibodies are formed, and therefore the child does not have time to get
    Anti-Mother's Anti-Mother Immunity. The virus enters the child through the placenta
    and contact in the process of childbirth, which leads to the development of neonatal
    Windmage with mortality up to 21%.

Than dangerous windmill mother for

Windmill during pregnancy
In 2% of cases when infected with a woman with windmill in the first
pregnancy weeks not destined to be born at all — pregnancy
Interrupted spontaneously.

If a woman waiting for a child gets sick in the windmill
First trimester of pregnancy, intrauterine fetal infection in 5-2%
Cases leads to the formation of coarse malformations: atrophy
Limbs, fingers and legs, underdevelopment of chest, closure,
Atrophy of the brain, eye pathology, the appearance of scars on the skin, development in
further convulsive and paralytic syndrome. At a minimum, observed
Intrauterine hypotrophy and muscle weakness.

When infected to the twentieth week of pregnancy frequency
Windmill vices reaches 2%, and if a meeting with a virus occurred
After the twenty-fifth week, the probability of deformities is reduced to zero, but on
The foreground is neonatal windshn. The disease is manifested by B
The first ten days of the newborn life. The most severe windmill occasions
children if the mother has become infected in the last five days of pregnancy and in the first two
day after childbirth. No windmill is dangerous, its complications are much more unpleasant: a third of babies
dies despite all the efforts of doctors.

How to protect your mother and child from the windmill and its complications?

  • All women who did not hurt windmill and
    Plan a pregnancy, showing vaccinations. Three months after vaccination
    You can already be pregnant.
  • When contacting with a windmill with all pregnant women who do not have immunity against
    chickenpox, recommended passive prevention, that is, the introduction
    Immunoglobulin, which prevents the development of the disease in 48% of cases.
  • If a woman gets sick with a wind inspiration on the period
    Thirty-seven weeks of pregnancy and more, the drug extension is shown
    pregnancy at least three or four so that the child input from
    Mothers formed in its organism of antibodies.
  • In all cases of wind sieves in pregnant
    The state of the fetus should be clearly monitored during the ultrasound, if necessary,
    Amnecocentsis is held, cordocentsis. Fetal infection detection is not
    indication for interrupting pregnancy, but this is a reason for appointing treatment.
  • If there is a woman's rash
    The authorities are the question of the cesarean section.
  • A child who appeared on the light of infected
    Mother's windmill, a specific immunoglobulin is immediately found and carried out
    Preventive exchange rate of antiviral drugs.

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