The rash on the face of the newborn


The rash on the face of the newborn
Newborn skin is very delicate and susceptible to
irritations. Eruptions on the face in infants - not uncommon. Rash
different from normal skin color, appearance and quality. often it
accompanied by itching and redness of the skin. The skin rash baby
manifested blisters, patches, papules and blisters. Eruptions can not be held
threat as is the case with "mi" - white spots on the skin of infants that
held a few days later.

Causes a rash on the face of the newborn child can:

  • genetic disorders;
  • allergic reaction;
  • failure to comply with the diet by the mother during
    Pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • various infections;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • violation of the gastrointestinal tract activity;
  • ambient temperature.

Most of the eruptions newborn is safe, but
better to be safe and to visit your pediatrician.

facial rash in infants

  1. If your baby's cheeks appeared
    pustules pink or reddish color, then you are dealing with cephalic
    neonatal pustulosis, or neonatal acne. This rash is not a threat and
    It passes on their own, usually after the age of three months. Acne requires
    special treatment and it is the result of hormonal formation of children
  2. If you have a newborn disorders
    of the gastrointestinal tract abnormalities in the nervous system, or
    Allergies can develop diathesis. Outwardly, he puts a fine red rash,
    the ability to spread on the body and cause skin oozing.
  3. Sebaceous cysts are common among
    babies. Their appearance is due to the delay of the excretory function of sebaceous
    glands. Locations of main distribution of white and yellow papules - cheeks, chin
    and forehead. Eruptions can pass on the trunk and limbs. They appear in
    the first month of life, and for his own self-tested.
  4. The rash around the mouth area with the further spread
    in the body called Ritter disease. It is characterized by bubbles with cloudy
    exudate. This is a rare disease and requires the intervention of a pediatrician.
  5. Yellowish flakes in the ears and
    head can be a sign of seborrheic dermatitis. Their appearance is connected with
    hormonal formation body of the child. Get rid of the peeling help
    rubbing oil into the affected areas of the skin.
  6. The rash on the face of the newbornA red or pink scaly rash
    cheeks and chin indicates newborn food allergy. These
    consequences can result improper maternal nutrition during pregnancy and
    lactation. Much attention should be paid to the choice of foods and the time it starts
    application, and it is better to consult on this matter with the pediatrician.
  7. Among allergic diseases is
    highlight atopic dermatitis. It begins with the formation of swelling on the forehead and
    cheeks. In the future, it spreads throughout the body in the form of scaly
    redness, developing into vesicles. Atopic dermatitis requires consultation
    pediatrician. Basically experts selected for its treatment antihistamines
    money for the baby.
  8. Sudamen, manifested by small pink
    pimples, appear when overheating grudnichka and dressing him in too warm
    clothes. In the fight against sudamen help powders and other cosmetics
    podsushivayuschee funds, and special bath with chamomile and succession.
  9. Infectious lesions of newborns
    often accompanied by a rash on the face. For example, measles (characterized by rash on white
    mucous membrane of the cheeks, behind the ears, on the forehead, face, with a further extension to the
    neck and whole body) and rubella (pinkish spots appear first on the face and then
    apply to the body and limbs). Faced with an infection, do not forget
    consult your pediatrician for well-planned treatment.

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