• Symptoms of chickenpox
  • Help and treatment
  • Treatment and Care

  • After the suffering disease in childhood in humans
    Immunity is preserved for life. Slowing, the alarm causes that
    the fact that a person did not have time to pass the windmill in childhood.
    Since adult windmill proceeds much harder, including with
    Father outcome.Chickenpox

    Moreover, research and observation of epidemiologists
    It is suggested that the incidence of chickenpox among adults is growing
    from year to year. A special danger of wind gas is present for
    Pregnant women: Fruit may be affected by herpetic infection.
    Based on such data, in many European countries in the case of
    the emergence of a windmill in kindergarten is not superimposed by quarantine to
    All children have sobbed it in a timely manner.

    Symptoms of chickenpox

    The windmill virus amazes the skin of the child, forming on
    It is characteristic. First, these are small red specks by
    all the body and literally after a few hours they turn into
    Bubbles filled with transparent liquid. But this stage passes
    fast – Already on the second day, the bubble begins to be covered with a crust. Days
    After 7-8 crusts dried and disappear. Typically traces of stay
    windmills on the skin do not remain.

    As for the general condition, all of it
    maybe different gravity. Repeat what is most hardly transferred
    Adult windmill. There is a general weakness, loss of appetite,
    Increases body temperature.

    Help and treatment

    If not all when increasing the body temperature
    cause «ambulance», then with skin rashes, it is still worth seeking
    Professional medical help. Since rashes can be
    cause and other diseases. Only a doctor will be able to deliver the right
    diagnosis and prescribing treatment.

    Treatment and Care

    There is no specific treatment from chickenpox.
    Recall once again that this virus infection and the body should simply
    overcome, overcome and work out lifetime immunity. During
    Diseases It is necessary to conduct only symptomatic treatment:

    • Lower body temperature. Doing so
      preferably by any antipyretic except aspirin, since it is in
      The windmill time doctors do not recommend using this drug
      (negative impact on the liver). As an antipyretic can be given
      Abundant warm drink, you can with honey, with lemon.
    • Follow the baby so that it does not comb
      Sweeping on the skin. From this there may be traces, which are not
      Return never. Since the rashes are all the same and not
      The likelihood of combing is excluded. It is necessary to follow the child's hygiene –
      cut him nails, keep clean, change daily and
      linens. And it is better to distract the child with games so that it is not
      paid attention to itch. To facilitate usually the doctor prescribes
      Soothing drugs.
    • The room where the child is located, should not be stuffy, since it becys itching with sweating.

    Separate conversation regarding shuttering
    Pain. As a rule, the windmill is recognized and associated not with red
    bubbles, and green spots: parents are thoroughly cleaned
    Every spot with alcohol solution of diamond greenery. But nic
    Therapeutic effect is this madization does not have. Bubbles in a crust
    converted on the skin themselves and drying with alcohol solutions
    They do not affect them.

    The only moment on which affects
    Highly artistic work greens – This is a definition of contagious
    child. The child ceases to be contagious to those surrounding exactly after 5
    days after the appearance of the last spindles on the skin. And since moms immediately
    notice that there are no new rashes because it is for making more
    nothing from this day and you can start a countdown to complete recovery.

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